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Never knows what to write in these things. Is a happily married woman, in her early 30's, very early!, that is addicted to all things Vampire related, what can I say, I'm a VampGroupie LOL. Spike is hands down my favorite Buffy Vamp, and while I have written FanFic for my other Vamp Favorite BloodTies, I'm terrified to attempt a Spuffy one, to be more honest I'm not sure that I could write one that would be any good, not after all of the wonderful one's that I've read here and on other sites, is just being a chicken I suppose, CLUCK CLUCK that's me. So any advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated. What else to say...hmm well I ain't a bit shy so if there's anything anyone would like to know, feel free to ask away. ;)

Oh and for now I feel that I have to take my name off of the Beta List, dealing with the 3 stories that are all currently demanding attention, I just don't have the time to devote to it. Not like I'd like to anyways.

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