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16 years old with a major Spuffy addiction.

I have been known to make obscure Buffy or Angel references in everyday conversation. Also, I have determined that watching Buffy makes it impossible to correctly speak english, because a
'-y', '-ness', or a '-age' suffix is added to many words.

My favorite genre is generally AU with the vampire/slayer mythology still intact. However, there are several fantasy fics that I have grown attatched to. Gotta love the high school fics.

FYI- writer's block and ideas are my arch If I don't update immediately, don't kill me. I DO have homework and math Nazi teachers to please. I will NEVER leave a WIP unfinished, but updates will probably take awhile.

If you like what you've been reading and wanna know about the crazy kid that writes these stories, check out my home page.

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