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Fan of BtVS since it started and a fan of Spike since 'School Hard'. Love Spuffy; hate all Bangel/Biley pairings!!!

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His Dirty Little Secret by jamesgirl

Rated: NC-17 • 721 Reviews Liked
Summary: William ‘Spike’ Giles and Buffy Summers are both students at Sunnydale High, but they lead two very different lives. Spike has it all – looks, wealth and popularity. Buffy has nothing – since her parents divorced, she’s been living in the servants’ quarters of the Giles mansion, where her mother earns a meager living as a maid. But beyond these differences, they have a secret relationship – at school, Spike pretends not to know her, but at night he visits her room with growing regularity…
Reviewer: jamesgirl Signed Liked
Date: 03/14/2007 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue/Chapter 1

Sorry about the four chapter 24s - was having probs with my computer and everytime I tried to add the chapter it kept saying 'cannot find server' so i didn't think it had been posted. Sorry to disappoint...thanks as always for the continuing reviews!

My Lady In Waiting by Behind Blue Eyes

Rated: NC-17 • 107 Reviews Liked
Summary: Lady Elizabeth, the only child of Earl and Countess Summers, lived a life enriched with all those in her station are privy to: wealth, education and luxury. All were at her whim. Until one day, per sequester by the King of England, her whole world would change forever. Per order of an enamored King, William Pratt Duke of Suffolk, traveled to procure this rare gem the King now craved. Sir William, a man who indulged in all the riches of court life, continued through his life utilizing angelic features and cunning words. All women succumbed to his charms, until Lady Elizabeth. Upon their first meeting, a battle of wits and words began. Beneath bitter words, lies a burning passion neither can ignore. With her fate sealed by the King’s orders, can each go against other's desires to find their own Happily Ever After?
Reviewer: jamesgirl Signed Liked
Date: 02/15/2010 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter One

Fantastic first chapter! Can't wait for the next update. I assume that the King in the story is Henry VIII, who was childhood friends with the Duke of Suffolk, Charles Brandon. The fact that Elizabeth lives in France is also reminiscent of the origins of Anne Boleyn. I live in England and the Tudors is one of my favourite periods of history (I'm also a big fan of the TV series 'The Tudors' with Jonathan Rhys Meyers). Looking forward to reading more...

Author's Response: First of all, hello from over the pond! Secondly, this time period is one of my favs also. Thirdly, the king is Henry VIII and William is loosely based on Charles Brandon. His lust for women and the finer points in life will be mirrored, but the multiple marriages and children will not. In addition, despite my greatest draw is to the time of Anne Boleyn, I wasn't using her when I wrote Elizabeth's character. Now that I look at them, they do mirror each other in many ways. It was probably my subconcious that did it. Any how, Elizabeth will be of quick wit and intelligent, but she will not be cunning nor driven to be so by her father. Also, religion will play little part in this tale. In saying this, I hope that you will continue to read. I too am a BIG fan of the 'Tudors' and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, is damn sexy. So isn't Henry Cavill, who plays Charles Brandon. They are growl worthy...as of Spike!!!!