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Reviews by Unbridled Brunette

The Worst Betrayal by twilightchild

Rated: 18 • 160 Reviews Liked
Summary: Takes place after 'Dead Things'. After the fight in the alley, Spike disappears without a trace. A strange demon makes a truce with the Slayer, bringing news of a slave trade that's popped up right under her nose.
Reviewer: Unbridled Brunette Signed Liked
Date: 01/29/2007 Title: Chapter 5: Journey to Chaos

Wonderful, as always. I hope you update soon; this is one of my favorite fics.

Reviewer: Unbridled Brunette Signed Liked
Date: 02/16/2007 Title: Chapter 9: Fear

Wonderful chapter. I'm loving the suspense in this story. Update soon! :)

In the ARMY Now by Im_bloody_English

Rated: NC-17 • 1240 Reviews Liked
Summary: COMPLETEDBuffy joins the military and heads off to Basic Training. The Boot Camp experience can be rough enough to endure, but there’s something, or rather someone that will make her time spent becoming a soldier ten times worse - a Drill Sergeant sent straight from the bowels of hell that takes an instant dislike to her mere presence............. Spike. He’s evil, he’s mean, he hates her but even worse... he lusts for her. This is not a military fic or even a fic about the military. The Army serves only as the backdrop-setting to the story, so don’t shy away from reading. Winner of Best Fantasy at Love’s Last Glimpse Awards, round 19. Spuffy Awards Round 13: Judges Choice; Most Original Plot, Best Fantasy Saga. Readers Choice: Best Fantasy We Missed the Bed Again. Judges hand picked for special acknowledgment. Cradle of Humanity awards: Winner - happy workers awards, runner up - best smut
Reviewer: Unbridled Brunette Signed Liked
Date: 01/28/2007 Title: Chapter 4: To Win the Battle but Not the War

This is such a wonderful fic. :) I love the original plot of Buffy being in the army. Also, your characterization of Spike is wonderful. Like canon Spike, your Spike has his flaws (porn addiction, general meanness toward women) he is still a very likeable character. And his antipathy toward women makes sense, given his broken heart.

I hope to read more soon. You are doing a great job. :)

Author's Response: Squeee, music to my ears that you don't mind the setting for the story, I realize it wouldn't appeal to everyone, bu I tried to infuse it with humor and fun antics. Poor Spike, he really has had a rough time with love. In a way it's not his fault, but it will take Buffy to make him want to change - though I can promise the road will be long with lots of struggling. Love/hate, hate/love, it's the relationship they start with that will evolve whether they expect it to or not, giggles - oh the plans I have. Thank you so much for the wonderful review sweety, smooches.


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Unbridled Brunette Signed Liked
Date: 01/28/2007 Title: None

I cannot tell you how much I love this fic. :)

I'm a sucker for William, anyway, and the way you write him is so in character to what we saw on the show. Your plot is also so original; a lot of times in all human fics William and Buffy are teenagers. I like some of those fics, but I'm glad you decided not to take that route here. The pregnancy plot is also unique and, the way you handled the break-up and make-up, is so sweet. I hope to read more in the future.


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Unbridled Brunette Signed Liked
Date: 08/27/2007 Title: None

Poor Spike. Buffy should have known better than to send him to sit with the other soldiers. It's better to be alone than to be forced on people who don't want you. They'll only end up resenting you for it.

I wish she could allow herself to give him what he needs, and what they both so clearly want. I understand why she doesn't, but I can't help but think that brief happiness would be better than no happiness for these two. This is another wonderful, heart wrenching chapter in a series of wonderful, heart wrenching chapters. Great job. :-)

The Eternal Rocks Beneath by jnharrow

Rated: NC-17 • 280 Reviews Liked
Summary: William Pratt is a bookish young man who has has recently moved from England to Sunnydale. Buffy Summers is failing English. What will William teach her?
Reviewer: Unbridled Brunette Signed Liked
Date: 01/24/2008 Title: Chapter 1: Introduction in a library

You *were* glued to my story? Ouch. I guess that means you aren't anymore. But I digress.

Generally, I avoid high school stories like the plague, but any time William's name crops up I find myself compelled to read. There are so few stories about him. The anger management issue is a unique touch; most writers portray him as a complete victim. It's nice to see that he isn't one here. Interesting start.

Author's Response: I love FtTP! Actually, I should check it now and leave reviews on my second time through. I read it when I was still lurking *hangs head*. I sent you an email which I hope you got.

I'm almost embarrassed to have you look at my story, given the quality of your writing, but thanks for giving it a try.

Reviewer: Unbridled Brunette Signed Liked
Date: 01/25/2008 Title: Chapter 2: Kiss Me Again

I tried to email you back, but for some reason hotmail gave me a delivery failure notification. Anyway, here is my response. :)

I didn't mean to make you feel bad earlier. I'm sorry! I wasn't trying to behave like a prima donna bitch, lol. Actually, I was joking in my review (about the "ouch" I mean), but my smiley graphic didn't show up for some reason, so I guess it came off differently than I intended. A lot of people were turned off and abandoned the story during Part II and then picked back up during Part III, so I understand where you're coming from when you say you took a break from it. But I'm definitely glad you're still reading it. Originally, it was supposed to be a strictly "William" story - complete in one part and ending without his being turned. Obviously, the Muse had other ideas.

Please, please don't be embarrassed to have me read your story. I think it is good. Like I said, I very rarely read high school fics, so it's unusual for me to find one that holds my attention. Yours has. Plus, I'm just a sucker for William. :-)

Author's Response: I used the site to email you, so it probably didn't like that for a reply-to.

I felt so bad. Didn't think you were a prima donna bitch at all. I always intended to read the whole story. I'm going to start from the beginning because my brain is a sieve. I can enjoy it all over again, lol. I wasn't planning to skip the newly turned Spike chapters. I want to read them, I just uh...wanted there to be Spuffy light at the end of the tunnel? I think it's a credit to how well you wrote William that people were so sad to see him turned. I'm glad the story continued past your original ending. :)

Thank you! I'm glad you like it. The only reason I started a high school fic was because of the challenge at Spuffy Fantasy (which I just realized I've failed to update in forever - oops - Livejournal is not my friend). High school is *cough* years back for me.

Thanks for reading :)

Reviewer: Unbridled Brunette Signed Liked
Date: 01/25/2008 Title: Chapter 3: A Little History

"Not a boy!" Buffy shouted, "It's William, he's my tutor!"

Without intending to, Buffy really hit below the belt with that statement. I see that she has her typical foot-in-mouth syndrome in this story. I don't think she ever did get over that on the show, lol.

Nice chapter. :)

Author's Response: No kidding. Buffy is not the queen of tact. Thank you. :)