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Stories by Pipergirl

Charity Begins At Home by Pipergirl

Rated: NC-17 • 23 Reviews Liked
Summary: William Sinclair is canvassing for a charity when he comes to Buffy’s house. She invites him in, and he gets more than the donation he expected.

Dark Prophecy by Pipergirl

Rated: NC-17 • 365 Reviews Liked
Summary: NOW COMPLETE!! Buffy and Spike must put aside their differences to find a baby whose sacrifice will bring about an apocalypse (yep--another one). This will be an adventure that will test their mettle and help them learn about each other and--most importantly--about themselves. A Slayer who’s afraid of flying, a vampire who’s afraid of... well, he just won’t say, and a few really colourful characters will hopefully keep you entertained. Winner in round 8 of the Vampire's Kisses awards for Sexiest Bite and Judge's Choice! Also, winner of an honourable mention in Morbid Desire's Passionfish's Summer Favourites.

Expanding Her Virtual Horizons by Pipergirl

Rated: NC-17 • 31 Reviews Liked
Summary: Spike ropes Buffy into watching internet porn with him, and the Slayer ends up being turned-on more than she would ever have imagined. But is this get-together just another not-so-quick roll in the hay, or is it the cusp of something bigger?

Harsh Lesson by Pipergirl

Rated: NC-17 • 16 Reviews Liked
Summary: A reworking of the second season episode ‘Surprise’, this story has Angel politely refusing Buffy’s offer of physical love. Angry and confused, she seeks release elsewhere. This is Spuffy, but far from fluffy. I’ve tried to keep the characters very close to canon, so it’s much darker than my usual fics.

In the Comfort of a Loving Embrace by Pipergirl

Rated: NC-17 • 11 Reviews Liked
Summary: The third installment in the Healing Pool/Expanding series, this story sees Buffy and Spike escaping Sunnydale for a few days because of new developments in their lives.

Life's Like That by Pipergirl

Rated: NC-17 • 96 Reviews Liked
Summary: When Buffy discovers that she's pregnant, she finds her whole world has turned upside down. How will she deal with the months leading up to the baby's arrival--cribs, bottles, breast pumps and dreaded maternity clothes? And she'll find out that friends and enemies aren't as they seem...

Memories of Yore by Pipergirl

Rated: U • 9 Reviews
Summary: Spike enlists the aid of a reluctant Angel in playing the role of secret Santa. This leads to tearful (happy and sad) reminiscing by the Scoobies, who are spending their first Christmas apart in a long, long time.

New Dawn by Pipergirl

Rated: NC-17 • 6 Reviews Liked
Summary: This is a post-Chosen/AtS season 5 fic. It's my take on how a Buffy/Spike reunion could (should, damn it!) take place. NC-17 rating for one scene, but overall a romance fic.

The English Patient by Pipergirl

Rated: NC-17 • 54 Reviews Liked
Summary: After making a promise in the heat of the moment, Buffy finds herself stuck at home, on a long weekend, having to play nursemaid to a sick Spike. Overall an NC-17 story, but most chapters are PG.

The Healing Pool by Pipergirl

Rated: NC-17 • 19 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy's got a bad sunburn, and Spike knows just how to cure it.