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Stories by mrsdarling

Seasons by mrsdarling

Rated: NC-17 • 55 Reviews Liked
Summary: On the morning before she walks out of your life forever, on the morning before everything you have ever wanted or dreamed about dies...you wake up next to her realizing that she's all you've ever wanted and all you've never had. They were worst enemies, but better lovers. They had everything and nothing in the arms of each other. They knew not what they'd loose and prayed that they would gain. Two people. One morning. One goodbye. A love that lasts a lifetime.

The Captain and The Lady by mrsdarling

Rated: NC-17 • 170 Reviews Liked
Summary: She was a Lady who didn’t follow the rules.
He was a Pirate who had none.
She was born with everything she ever needed.
He was the only one who could give her everything she ever wanted.
Worlds collide when William 'Spike' Rayne and Elizabeth Summers meet. Futures will be forever changed and destinies forever altered.
The only question remaining is;
How could a Lady ever fall in love with a Pirate?

This is the story that tells you how.