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I'm 22... live in NY and love everything Spuffy :)

Spuffy fanfiction keeps me happy. Reading and writing it gives me solace in this world and all the craziness around us. I have my own process when it comes to writing. First, I hand write my story in a spiral notebook, and a chapter needs to be at least 18 written pages in order for me to feel that it's long enough. Once I have 18 written pages I type it up and do my editing in Microsoft Word.

Reviews and any feedback are completely welcomed and encouraged, as it truely keeps me going. They get me and my muse all excited and so I write more and then people review more... it's my circle of life, ;) I like to make a point of answering all of my reviews so that my readers know how much I appreciate their feeback. I don't care if my story is five years old, I still would love for you to review it! I check everyday for new reviews and I love responding to them. Upon saying that, however, I won't allow flames. If you don't like the story or my writing or whatever, then just don't read it. All it takes is a click to make me go away, your harsh words will only ruin my day and its completely unecessary.

I'm dabbling in making my own banners, though I'm not great at it. I did make all the banners for my own stories and the ones seen above and below. We'll see how it goes. I may ask for help.

Well thats me... hope you like my stories. ♥ Thanks everyone. :)

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Stories by Eternal Love

Deny by Eternal Love

Rated: 18 • 12 Reviews Liked
Summary: Season 6, somewhere post Normal Again & off canon from there. Buffy continues to push Spike away even as she seeks comfort in him. When he offers to give her money so she doesn’t have to work at the Doublemeat anymore she spits it back in his face, saying all he does is steal and cheat at kitten poker. Then she finds out how he really makes his money, and gets a bit of a reality check at the same time.

Dreams by Eternal Love

Rated: NC-17 • 33 Reviews Liked
Summary: Porn with a smidgen of plot. Season 2. Set immediately after ‘I Only Have Eyes For You.’ Buffy, needing a night to herself, finds a quiet bar where she can drown her sorrows and release a little tension. Little did she know who would be in the same bar, watching her from the shadows, offering a release even if only for one night... Much to his surprise, she accepts, and he gets a little something in return...

Like A Stone by Eternal Love

Rated: 15 • 7 Reviews Liked
Summary: Season 5. Buffy finds out that Riley's been letting ho-bag vampires drink from him and as a result they break up and Riley takes off. After his departure Buffy finds her lonley self actually enjoying the company of a particualrly bleached blonde vamp. Takes place after 'Listening to Fear.' Originally published in 2004. **Revised 9.17.08**

Spark by Eternal Love

Rated: 15 • 12 Reviews Liked
Summary: Set during “Flooded,” the back porch scene between Buffy and Spike. Buffy finally feels that spark she’s been looking for and Spike gets his crumb.

The Distance by Eternal Love

Rated: NC-17 • 63 Reviews Liked
Summary: Best friends since they were little, Buffy Summers and William Giles thought they’d go through everything together, until one night after graduation Buffy up and leaves for LA to work for her dad. After five years Buffy returns after a tragedy and she and her former best friend must come to terms with their relationship, only problem is, things are MUCH steamier between the two. Will this change be good? Or will it prove to be detremental to their entire relationship?

Trick or Treat, Charlie Brown by Eternal Love

Rated: NC-17 • 26 Reviews Liked
Summary: A Spuffy Halloween Fic. Season 6. My version of how ‘All the Way’ should have happened. No ooglie booglies here, Dawn really was sleeping over Janice’s. Buffy decides to watch The Great Pumpkin with Spike and sees a side of him she’d never bothered to see before. REVISED 10.27.09

What Goes Around...Comes Around by Eternal Love

Rated: NC-17 • 117 Reviews Liked
Summary: Revised Summary. AU. Sunnydale High. Buffy- Drop dead gorgeous cheerleader and heart stealer of the entire high school. Spike- New mysterious neighbor and classmate with one hell of a sexy accent. They say opposites attract, right? What trouble will the new Brit stir up in Buffy's previously oh-so-perfect life, and what effect will it have on her precious friends and their social life? Will Buffy grow up and take it like a big girl, or will the remainder of their high school days be riddled with more drama than a bad soap opera? **Nominated at the Cradle of Humanity Awards (Round 2) for Best W.I.P., Best Insiders Tip, and Best Lonely School.**

Working Overtime by Eternal Love

Rated: NC-17 • 14 Reviews Liked
Summary: AU porn with a smidgen of plot. Buffy Summers, a 21 year old part-timer can’t stop lusting after her slightly older, yet devastatingly handsome boss and working for him day after day only serves to fuel her desire for him. When she finds herself locked in the building with him alone one night after work will she take a chance and make a move? Or will she let nerves and her pesky conscious keep her from getting what she really wants… TOTAL SMUT!! :)