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Stories by jennybean

The Attic by jennybean

Rated: AO-AdultsOnly • 1098 Reviews Liked
Summary: After the death of her husband, Joyce is forced to move with her four children back to Sunnydale to live with the parents that disowned her years ago. At Rayne Manor, siblings William and Elizabeth try to protect their family from their evil grandmother Drusilla, while uncovering secrets of the past and creating a few of their own. Loosely based on the book 'Flowers in the Attic.' WARNING: Will eventually deal with incest.

The Rivalry by jennybean

Rated: 18 • 63 Reviews Liked
Summary: It's baseball season again! Buffy is excited to watch the first game of the season between her favorite team, the Boston Red Sox and their longtime rivals, the New York Yankees. What happens when she meets Spike, a very hot guy who just happens to be a Yankees fan?