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My Elizabeth by Puddinhead Rated: NC-17 Liked [Reviews - 298]
Summary: A 2011 Buffy back in 1880 along with William Pratt. After an ocean voyage and a stop in New York City, our couple sets off across the American West.

There are showdowns, riots, murder and olde tyme bathing suits. The story is also chock full of history and you'll learn all the 'hip slang' from these wacky Victorians in no time. It also features a few real historical figures, but no spoilers. I'll only say that it is NOT Genghis Khan and Amelia Earhart. Put that thought right out of your mind.

Though this is a sequel to "Yours, William," it also works as a stand alone. I had to take down "Yours" as I'm rewriting as an original. You can email me about this if you want info.
Won Round 25 of the Sunny-D Awards for Best Alternative Universe. Won Round 26 for Best Drama, Best Original Character, Best Original Character Pairing, Best Unfinished. Thanks!

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[Report This] Published: 09/13/2011 Updated: 08/24/2012
Summary: What would happen if Twilight characters came to Sunnydale during the musical episode? Parody. Don't worry!
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[Report This] Published: 04/03/2011 Updated: 04/03/2011
Summary: This tale is about Andrew Wells teaching William Pratt how to be Spike. It takes place in Season 2 and will be quite short. Though it takes place in the universe of "Yours, William" it can be read as a stand alone.

It was created in response to a bid at the Elysian Fields auction - which is still going on and is for a great cause. You can find here:
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[Report This] Published: 03/09/2013 Updated: 03/17/2013
Summary: This story features a Season 7 Spike and Buffy in a Victorian tale brought about by a Christmas wish. As you might remember, the holidays were grim in Buffy's final season. Spike was chained up beneath the school being tortured by the First Evil. Buffy had just met the ubervamp and was feeling a little overwhelmed. In short, things were pretty shitty for both of them and so I thought up a tale of Christmas cheer (and beer!). Though it is not a story about my William and Elizabeth characters, you might run into a few familiar faces. That’s all I’m sayin’ about that!
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[Report This] Published: 12/14/2013 Updated: 11/08/2014