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She Is My Sin by Shardallinee

Rated: AO-AdultsOnly • 91 Reviews Liked
Summary: This is set in the period of time, when bored knights were pursuing the witches and heretics for fun (while off the battlefields), when the would-be serial killers were on the loose in plain view to all (hiding behind their status in society), and when innocent victims were burned on stakes for other people’s sins (inquisition). Yes! You guessed it! The 15th century, all-human fanfic. This is the set I placed our Spuffy couple in, for my first ever fanfic. I played with timeline, characters, and meshed some things together in my way.

Spike is hardened knight, known for his reputation as William the Bloody, only in this case, there is no ‘bloody awful poetry’ present but his masterful skills of finding and bringing heretics and witches to ‘justice’… no matter what.
Buffy is no one important, a poor girl living on the brink of the town. One horrible night changed her life from worse to hell and brought her on the dangerous path of a lustful knight that was sent to condemn her to the fire… and they both end with burning in their heart instead.
WARNINGS: Evil Spike, gore situarions, angst, **rape IMPLIED**... if you're not prepared for this, don't read - I don't wanna burn in flames. *wink*