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Name's Kristina, from a little town in Washington. I like to listen to music, draw, drive my car, and write. Majorly into Spuffy writing and making graphics. Check out my site for my graphics.

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Stories by BloodyTearsofLife

A Bit of Magic by BloodyTearsofLife

Rated: NC-17 • 18 Reviews Liked
Summary: S2, after Angel had become Angelus. Spike uses some magic to get the Slayer to come to him and things heat up. PW1/2P.

Always There by BloodyTearsofLife

Rated: 15 • 25 Reviews Liked
Summary: This story is canon based, takes place where season five is, but here’s the twist: a new vampire who has half a soul, who comes to Sunnydale to help with Glory. Starts after ‘Out of My Mind’, but Spike never tried to get the chip out, and there is no Harmony.

Just Pretending... by BloodyTearsofLife

Rated: NC-17 • 87 Reviews Liked
Summary: A visit from the social workers and Dawn’s created a nice mess for Buffy to clean up, with the help of Spike of course. Takes place before ‘Tough Love’.Written for Ariel Dawn.

Sunscreen and Sand by BloodyTearsofLife

Rated: NC-17 • 10 Reviews Liked
Summary: What if Spike hadn’t looked for the Gem of Amara back in Season 4? What if he had waited until after he had gotten chipped? A chipped Spike, a recently found Gem of Amara, and a Slayer taking a day off at the beach. What hijinks could sun, sand, and the Slayer get up to with Spike on the beach? Summer S4

Tub Time by BloodyTearsofLife

Rated: 15 • 14 Reviews
Summary: Middle S6. Buffy’s sore from patrol and takes a bath. Spike, in his search to find Buffy, smells her blood and thinks the worst. So he goes and checks up on her. Tub time ensues…