Blind Love by Angelbliss
Summary: Spike Giles, a rich tycoon who had everything going for him, suddenly loses everything all at once after a car accident: his eyesight, his company, and his girlfriend. So how does Buffy Summers, a shy woman who trembles at the sight of men, help Spike find his way through his darkest time and end up finding his true love? Read and find out!
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1. Prologue: A Fairy Tale by Angelbliss

2. Chapter 1: The Meeting by Angelbliss

3. Chapter 2: A New Proposition by Angelbliss

4. Chapter 3: A Dream Come True? ...Obviously Not by Angelbliss

5. Chapter 4: Helping a Friend Out by Angelbliss

6. Chapter 5: The End to a Friendship by Angelbliss

7. Chapter 6: The Accident by Angelbliss

8. Chapter 8: Spike's Nurse by Angelbliss

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Prologue: A Fairy Tale by Angelbliss
Hello all…just some author’s notes: I’m who some of you might recognize as “dot” when I review your fics. hehe. I’ve settled on Angelbliss, as you can see, but has absolutely nothing to do with the Angel character (it comes from my e-mail). I’ve always been an avid spuffy reader but I’ve finally decided to try my hand at writing one. Well technically, this isn’t MY fanfic. I’m borrowing this story from a Chinese movie, one that I totally love. I would give credit except I have no idea what the name of it is. If anyone has any idea, please let me know. It would be much appreciated. I actually started this for an anime series, Sailor Moon, but over time I lost interest in that series. I still want to finish this fanfic though so I’ve switched it to this BtVS.

Standard Disclaimer Applies… However much I wish BtVS (especially Spike!) is mine, it isn’t. So, I’ll just have to settle for borrowing the characters. ::siiiigh::

Prologue: The Past — A fairy tale

A little blond girl laid in bed, enraptured in the story her grandmother was telling her. It was the fairy tale of Cinderella, the girl who claimed blissful happiness with her soul mate and lived happily ever after. Her grandmother was nearing toward the end of the story.

“…And so, her Prince Charming had come to receive her for a bride. He rode towards her from a distance, mounted on a white horse. He—“

“No way! A white horse? Is that really true? How do you know?” the child asked in a her innocent voice, giggling at the strange prospect of a white horse.

“Because Prince Charming always rescues his princess on a white horse. It’s a rule,” her grandfather said in a serious manner but his eyes twinkled in merriment.

“It is true. Then, the prince swept Cinderella off her feet and propped her on the white horse. They rode off into the sunset, never turning back. They loved each other deeply and had many, many children. And so, they lived happily ever after.”

A boy, a couple years older than his sister, pranced into the room. “Everyone knows that story’s not true! There’s no such thing as Prince Charming or Cinderella. So they can’t live happily ever after!”

She started to wail, tears flowing out of her hazel green eyes. “I-Is that true, Grandmama? There’s n-no prince or princess?”

The grandmother gave a reproving look to the boy. “It’s not true. He’s just trying to upset you.”

The grandfather reached for the boy and took out a ping-pong paddle he always kept with him. Come here! I’m going to spank you now, for making your sister cry!” He made the boy lay on his lap, his rear end sticking up. The grandfather started to hit him. They were moderately light smacks, however, for he would never mean to hurt his grandchildren. The boy made sounds of pain, but was only half sincere.

The girl giggled at their silliness as her eyes began to droop. She fought to keep them open. “I’m glad that she’s happy, Grandmama. Will I be a princess too?”

“Of course, sweetie. One day, you’ll find your Prince Charming too. Like I have.” Her grandmother looked at her husband and smiled, love shining in her eyes. He smiled back, as a mutual message conveyed between the two: “I love you.”

The little girl finally gave up. Her eyes closed and she fell asleep with a smile on her face, comforted by the reassurance of her grandmother and grandfather.

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Chapter 1: The Meeting by Angelbliss
Chapter 1: The Present, ten years later — The Meeting

“I want to bet on Lucky. She should win this time…Yes, I know but I have a feeling on this one!” A male voice filled the living room. He was on the phone with one of his so-called buddies, who was a broker.

Buffy Summers sighed and turned back to her grandfather. He was sitting up in bed, for he was unfortunately diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

“Xander? You didn’t have any of the soup last night!” The grandfather said disapprovingly to the girl sitting in front of him.

“I’m Buffy, Grandpa,” Buffy corrected.

“Oh…I knew that. I was just testing you. Buffy, why aren’t you at school?”

She smiled patiently at the elder sitting in front of her. “I’ve graduated from UCLA two years ago. Now I’m working.”

Her brother Xander walked in, a rolled up magazine in his hands. “I’m amazed you still have the patience to deal with Grandpa. He’s been like this for years. Aren’t you tired of it at all?”

She shrugged. “He’s lucid at times. Besides you’re never home. If I didn’t take care of him, who would? Obviously not you!” she shot back but then smiled at her brother. He was three years older than her but he still behaved like a little kid, never grown up.

“Xander, you didn’t have any soup last night! Now I’m going to spank you for being so bad.” The old man took out a used and worn ping-pong paddle.

“Well, this is none of my business! It’s your turn to keep Grandpa company!” Buffy jumped up from the bed.

“Here Grandpa, let me.” He laid across his grandfather’s lap while his grandfather spanked his butt lightly with the paddle.

“You come home late or not at all,” Grandpa chastised. “You’re always locked up the bathroom doing God knows what. You don’t drink the soup your sister makes.”

Xander feigned sounds of pain as he shuffled through a People magazine. “Oww…that hurts…oww,” he said as he turned the page.

Buffy just smiled, having been used to the silly antics between her grandfather and her brother. “I’m going to go see Wesley now.”

“Wait! Let me borrow twenty bucks,” Xander called to his sister.

“You never come home unless it’s to borrow money. How many more jobs do I have to take in order to care for grandpa and you?”

“I don’t know why you have to work so hard. You’re a woman. Just find a rich guy to marry and you can spend your days shopping and doing whatever else women do. Come and see this guy.”

He pointed to the magazine. Two men were displayed on the cover, wearing expensive suits. “What about this guy?”

Buffy made a face at the guy Xander was pointing at. He had on a distasteful yellow suit. No doubt it was costly, but still. Who’d want to buy a suit like that? “Eww, no way. Angel Giles is infamous for his really bad taste. He likes women who wears those low cut dresses, covered in gaudy jewelry, when everyone else thinks they are appalling.”

“Okay, so how about his brother?” He pointed to the man in the dark Armani suit.

“Eh. He’d never go for someone like me.” Buffy sighed at the mere thought. “I gotta go or else I’ll be late!”

“Here, take the magazine. Maybe you’ll see one of the Giles brothers and you can ask them to autograph it for you. Oh, and how about that twenty?”

Buffy rolled her eyes and tossed a hair clip at her brother. “Here. Enjoy.”

“I asked for twenty bucks, not a hair clip!”

“That’s what it cost me!” Buffy said and walked out of the room.

“Just great…I was really in the mood for some of those jelly doughnuts too.”

Moments later, a scream was heard outside their house.

“I’ll be right back, Grandpa. And lemme borrow the paddle.” Xander ran to the front door. There, he saw a young man stood naked from the waist up. It was the next door neighbor, mowing the lawn and he was inching his way closer to the Summers’ lawn.

Off to the side, stood Buffy, still hyperventilating. She wasn’t comfortable with men other than her family. And needles to say, when they were naked, it was much worse!

“Buffy, you okay? Don’t worry, he’s not gonna hurt you. The Xan-man’s here.”

She nodded, her eyes wide, and trembling slightly, she quickly left.

She had just turned twenty a few months ago but she still had no ambition in life. She wasn’t stupid. She was just…content. She was happy where she was in her life and rejoiced at simple pleasures. She was a part time disc jockey, using the money to support her grandfather and the payment on the house. The other times, she would resort to taking odd jobs here and there, never really liking them yet never complaining either.

A cup of coffee, while sitting on the porch, enjoying the view it gave was all she needed to start her day. She took pleasure in the simplicity her life had to offer and she was happy. There wasn’t a care in the world to disturb her. Not a serious one, anyway. There was one thing that affected her, however. It was an illness. Or at least something close to it.

“How’s your grandfather doing lately?” Doctor Wyndham-Price asked. He was an old family friend and Buffy still kept in touch with him.

“It’s still the same. Do you ever think he’ll get better though?”

“I certainly hope he recovers. However, there isn’t an exact cure for Alzheimer’s so it makes it harder to say. All we can do is hope that the medicine he’s taking will keep it at bay as long as it can. As of right now, it’s not too egregious and he’s still coherent most of the time so all we can do is watch him closely .”

Sighing, she nodded. Buffy was expecting this answer. “Well, I better get going. I’ll see you later, Wesley.”

“Wait, Buffy. How’s your condition? Are there any improvements?”


Colorful decorations filled the room. Balloons, streamers, and happy people celebrated Buffy’s birthday. They gathered around the table, singing her the birthday song. Her grandparents were standing beside her, telling her to blow out the eight candles that adorned the chocolate cake.

She blew out the candles and heard clapping. She looked up from the cake and her gaze fell onto a cute boy around her age. He smiled and her breath caught. She suddenly had trouble breathing and she found that she couldn’t say anything however much she wanted to.

*End Flashback*

“No…still the same, unfortunately.”

“I see. Well, I’ve heard about this one patient. It sounds as if she has the same symptoms as you and she’s found a way to lessen the anxiousness. When she’s talking to a guy, she doesn’t meet his eyes. She claims it works for her. Maybe you should try it sometime. See if it works for you too.”

Buffy laughed, if a bit forceful, trying to hide her disappointment. “I’ll have to find a guy to work it on first!”

“Don’t worry, Buffy. You will.” He smiled kindly and patted her on her shoulder.

“One could only hope.” Smiling her goodbye, she walked out of his office and towards the elevator down the hall. Buffy got in, and waited for the doors to close. A soft swish was heard as the doors moved toward each other.

“Hold the elevator please!” A voice called out.
She quickly stuck her hands between the thin slit the doors left, hoping to open the doors before they closed on her hand. Well, there was no luck there. A numbing pain took over in her hand. She shook it vigorously and blew on it to lessen it but needless to say, it did little to help.

“Thank you, miss.” One of the older men said.

She gritted a smile and quickly glanced over to the mob of men who had filled the elevators. She turned to see shockingly platinum blonde hair. Unable to help herself, she looked down to his face to see the bluest eyes ever. Oh God! It was Spike Giles! What was he doing here?!? He was the guy on the cover of People magazine, the very magazine that she was holding not 5 inches away from him. She subtly tried to hide it behind her back.

He smiled his thanks and she started to mildly hyperventilate. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out, she told herself when she immediately looked away.

“Aww look…you scared her,” one guy jokingly said as he noticed her breathing.

“Did I? I’m sorry, luv” he said to Buffy.

Oh God! That accent! He sounds too good! Okay, Buffy, you can do this! Don't muddle into a pile of goo. Say something! Turning away from his splendid blue eyes, she mumbled, “It’s okay.” Inwardly, she smacked herself.

He didn’t seem to notice her response or her increased labored breathing, however, as the elevator dinged the arrival of the next floor. The doors swished once again and the group of Armani, Ralph Lauren, and Versace suited men walked out.

As soon as they left, Buffy began to breathe easier. She banged her head against the elevator door because she had made a fool out of herself and in front of Spike Giles himself, no less. “Why me?” She wailed, groaning at her luck.

Yes, I know…spanking a grown man is unheard of…but keep in mind that I’m basing it on a Chinese movie and I wanted to keep that scene in to reflect Xander’s silliness.
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Chapter 2: A New Proposition by Angelbliss
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Chapter 2 – A New Proposition

Buffy rode her bike to work like she always
did. So what was different about today? Oh, just about a hundred screaming fans by the entrance gate of the radio station!

A guard let her in after recognizing her familiar face out of the crowd. “Thanks,” she smiled apprehensively and rode on. She finally made out some of the words from the fans.

“Drusilla!! We LOVE you!”

“You’re the best, Drusilla!”

Hands reached through the bars of the metal gate as if they could touch the famed singer.

A sleek black limousine drove in and stopped close to the building. The door opened; a woman with long raven hair exited the van. She turned the face her crowd of admirers.

“Hi everyone! I’m so glad all of you are here today!” With a fake smile and a wave of her hands, she turned back around, walking into the building.

If possible, the throng grew even louder.

“God, they’re so annoying,” she remarked with contempt to her personal assistant.

“What is going on today? Why is there such a huge mob out
there?” Buffy asked the manager of the station.

“Drusilla Hayes is coming in today for an interview on your show,” the stubby little man with a thick mustache, otherwise known as the station producer, replied.

“But I didn’t invite her!” she asked, surprised.

“I know. I did.”

Drusilla walked in, her waist length hair flowing smoothly down her back. Her hips swayed as she walked towards them. Three-inch red high heels adorned her feet. A younger woman walked behind her. A personal assistant, Buffy guessed.

“How are you,” Buffy said, smiling. She didn’t let the celebrity faze her. She held out her hand. “I’m Buffy Summers.”

Drusilla lifted her sunglasses, placing them on top of her head. She clasped her hand in the blond woman in front of her. “Buffy Summers? Buffy of class ’98 at Sunnydale High School? Is that really you?”

“Uhh…yes, that’s me. Do I know you?” A confused Buffy asked. She was sure she would remember meeting a famous star like her.

Drusilla leaned in towards Buffy and whispered, “Don’t you remember me? I was the one who told you how to put a condom on a guy our freshman year.”

“Omigod! Sarah? Is that you?” Buffy exclaimed with
surprise. She could hardly recognize her old friend.

“Shhhh! It’s Drusilla now. Let’s talk later.”

“So, Drusilla…What do you think about those who disparage you?” Buffy asked, on the air.

Drusilla giggled. “I think they’re just bored and have nothing else to say.” She took out a cigarette, lit it, and put it into her mouth. “My true fans know that I don’t smoke, drink, nor do I go to clubs to have sex with random guys.” She inhaled then exhaled, the smoke settling around Buffy before fading.

Buffy held in the urge to cough. “Ahem. I see. Okay, well let’s take a couple of calls from your fans.” She pressed a few buttons. “Hi, you’re on the air with Buffy and Drusilla Hayes!”

“Hey, yeah, I just wanted to say that Drusilla is a total fake who can’t sing! Your songs suck! I can’t believe you got a record deal, you probably-“

Drusilla’s eyes widened in surprise and anger. “Excuse me, bitch! Who the fu-“

Buffy cut in before she’d have a total mess on her hands. “Oookay, we gotta cut to break now. Drusilla Hayes’s new album, Kiss Me is now in stores. This is her latest, ‘Chocolate Kisses.’” She pressed a button and music played in the background. Buffy took off her headphones.

“Don’t mind her, Drusilla.” Seeing as how she was still spitting mad and was ready to claw someone's eye out, Buffy couldn’t think of anything else to say but to change the subject. “I really didn’t recognize you! Your eyes are bigger and your nose is straighter. And the last time I saw you, your chest wasn’t as big!” Buffy said in wonder.

Drusilla giggled. “Hello! That’s what plastic surgery is for! Besides, I’m a celebrity now. I gotta look good!”

“Yeah, never in a million years did I imagine that you would become a singer!”

“And I never imagined you would have your own radio station!” Drusilla replied. She took another puff of her cigarette.

“Well, it actually isn’t mine. I’m just a part time D.J. filing in for someone else.”

The woman who Buffy assumed to be Drusilla’s assistant ran into the room.

“Can’t you see I’m having a conversation here?” Drusilla demanded.

“Your agent says you still owe him two hundred fifty thousand dollars. He said he’ll quit if you didn’t pay him right now,” she said.

“What? Beat him up for me,” Drusilla commanded while flicking nonexistent flint from the sleeve of her dress.

“I’m just your assistant,” the girl responded. “I’m not a hit man, you know! If you want him beat up, then do it yourself!”

“Can you believe she’s talking like this to me? Do you see what I have to put up with?” she asked Buffy. Drusilla turned back to the assistant. “Go home and take some Ginkoba or something, dumb cow!”

“I’m so sick of you talking to me like that! I’m not your slave! I quit!” She yelled and walked out of the room, slamming the door in her wake.

Sighing, Drusilla said, “It’s so hard to find good help these days. Look at her! She thinks she’s something!”

“Well…You were pretty harsh on her…” Buffy said gently so her friend wouldn’t get so upset again.

“Just wait. She’ll be back, begging for her job again. You’ll see. 3-2—”

The door opened once again. In came the ex-assistant.
“Ha…I didn’t even get to 1 and she’s back, already!” Drusilla said triumphantly.

“Go eat shit!” the girl said and took out a plastic baseball bat that she was hiding behind her back. She swung it at Drusilla’s head and left in a huff.

“Ow ow ow OW!! Oh my God, What a bitch! I
can’t believe she hit me!” Drusilla exclaimed. “Thank God I didn’t give her this month’s paycheck yet. Then I really would have been pissed.”

Buffy pressed the tender spot on Drusilla’s head. It was a tad bit swollen and there would probably be a slight bruise but it really wasn’t too bad.

“It’ll be okay after a few days. It’s not that serious,” Buffy said.

“A few days!?! I’m a celebrity you know! I can’t hide my face! I’m suppose to go somewhere with Spike this later tonight! They can’t see me like this!” Drusilla bemoaned. “Why is this happening to me?”

A warning bell sounded faintly in Buffy’s head. Spike? Spike Giles? It couldn’t be! It had to be someone else that Drusilla was going out with. “Here, I’ll help you put on the foundation and makeup. Hopefully it’ll be covered up so it’s not as noticeable.” Buffy took the liquid foundation from Drusilla and poured out a bit. She lightly dabbed it on her forehead. Soon, it could hardly be seen.

“Thanks Buffy!” she said as she examined her head. “Oh, by the way! Now that I fired that bitchy assistant, I need a replacement. You can be it, right?”

Buffy’s eyes widened in surprised. “Me? I don’t know…” she said hesitantly.

“Come on! As a favor to me. I’ll pay you three thousand a month. Deal? Okay good.”

“Well I guess I don’t get much of a choice, do I?”

Drusilla gave her patented smile. “Oh yeah, that’s right! I almost forgot! I fired my driver on the way here. Can you find a replacement for me? Great, thanks!” she said as she walked out of the rest room.

Buffy’s mouth dropped and she sighed. “Some things never change.”

Buffy finally arrived to where Drusilla was standing. In her hands were stuffed animals and flowers from her many fans.

“Sorry I got here so late,” she panted. “There are so many people here and I had a hard time getting through.”

Xander followed closely behind. Buffy had hired him as Drusilla’s driver since she didn’t know who else to ask.

“Okay,” Drusilla replied distractedly. She hardly gave a glance to Buffy. Instead, her eyes were locked to a familiar someone striding her way.

Spike Giles approached Drusilla, dressed in another handsome suit. As always, he looked like a male runway supermodel, perfection in his very essence. His outfit held no wrinkles and not a single strand of hair was out of place.

“Oh, fancy meeting you here, Spike! I didn’t know you were going to be at this premiere!” Drusilla said with fake surprise.

He smiled, and leaned forward to kiss her on both her cheeks. Drusilla backed away for a second. She dumped the teddy bears she held in her hands onto Buffy, who fumbled a bit until she regained her steadiness. Drusilla leaned back in and this time, his lips touched her cheeks softly.

A small group of reporters advanced towards Drusilla and Spike.

“Miss Drusilla! Are you and Mr. Giles going out?” one asked.
Drusilla giggled. “No, we’re just business partners and really good friends. And besides, he would never ask me out!” she replied in fake modestly.

“So she says. But everyone knows I’d take her out in a bloody heartbeat, if only she’d say yes.” Spike looked at her and just smiled, his adoration for her shining in his eyes. The female reporters sighed in unison at his charming reply.

Buffy stood behind Drusilla, confusion muddling her thoughts. Drusilla had said something about them going out but why would they try to play it off?

“May we take a picture of you two?” Another reporter asked.

“Sure,” Drusilla said as she scooted a tad bit closer to Spike.
Bright flashes lighted the room for a moment. Buffy was blinded and almost dropped the armload of flowers and stuffed animals before regaining her sense of balance but of course, nobody cared.

The glamorous coupled walked away, smiles alighting their faces. The flashes continued nonstop for a few more moments before the media moved on to trap their next victims.

Spike’s brother, Angel, frowned unceremoniously. He was peeved at the fact that the reporters had hardly given him a glance. With his arm linked with Faith, his girlfriend, his frown deepened into a grimace. Maybe she wasn’t as sexy as he originally thought. Disgruntled, he fixed his ostentatious orange suit.

“Your brother’s so hot. You think he’d be up for a threesome?” Faith said, licking her lips in anticipation.
“You’re disgusting. Get of my face!” he snapped, his scowl marring his usually handsome face.

She hastily shook her head. “Sorry, Angel, baby. Of course you’re sexier than he is. I’d pick you over him any day,” she said, trying to make up for her earlier mistake. She leaned in to give him a hot kiss.
He scoffed in repulsion. “You look and kiss like a frog. Get a grip. You’re embarrassing me!”

Xander reached his sister’s side. “I told you rich guys are attractive! Uhh…not that I find Spike Giles attractive. Not at all.”

Buffy pointedly ignored him.

“Let’s skip out on the premiere,” Drusilla whispered in Spike’s ear with a suggestive tone. “We could go back to my place.”

He smirked and nodded immediately. There was only so much he could stand, seeing her in that tight red dress and come-fuck-me pumps. She knew how red was his favorite color. They turned to Buffy and her brother.

Xander took Spike’s hand and shook it rather excitedly. “Mr. Giles, you have no idea what an honor this is! Me is Xander. I mean Xander is me. I mean, my name is…oh you get the point. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of Ms. Hayes. I’ll be the best driver, you’ll see.” He still hadn’t let go of Spike’s hands.

“Yes, thank you, Xander. I’m sure you will,” Spike said while subtly trying free his hand from Xander’s prying hands.

“What’s wrong with you? You’re so ill-mannered!” Angel remarked to Xander with disgust.

“Why don’t you go ahead and watch the movie? I’ll see you tomorrow at the meeting. And don’t be late!” Spike said to his little brother.

“Duffy-” Spike started to say but stopped himself when he remembered that that wasn’t the blonde’s name. “Err…Muffy, can you tell Xander to wait in front of the cinema?”

Afraid to look at him, she kept her head down, staring at the stuffed animals and flowers in her arms. “Buffy,” she said softly and struggled to breathe normally. It wasn't working, however, and she was short of gasping for breath.

“Oh, sorry, Bunny. And thanks, luv,” Spike said with a smile and walked away, with Drusilla’s arm linked in his.

Even his teeth were perfect, Buffy groaned inwardly. This was juuuust great. “Buffy. My name’s Buffy,” she mumbled. Sighing, her head fell onto the mass of stuffed animals in her arms.

Walking in front of her, Xander sighed. “And I had such high hopes. You’re never going to get with Spike, now that he’s dating Drusilla. Man…I had hoped he would sneak into your room at night and seduce you, too.”

Buffy growled. “Xander, shut up!” she said and kicked him hard on his butt. She sighed and walked off, leaving her brother in an unsightly heap on the ground.

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Chapter 3: A Dream Come True? ...Obviously Not by Angelbliss
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Chapter 3 – A Dream Come True? …Obviously Not

Buffy was in Drusilla’s walk-in closet, hiding behind her hundred of outfits. She was supposed to be reorganizing her closet but she was too distracted to do so.

In the living room, Spike Giles, multi-millionaire extraordinaire, sat casually, watching the tv. Buffy peeked out of the closet and watched him. In his hands was a glass of scotch and he sipped it leisurely. Bored of the commerical, he let his gaze wander around the room. He glanced behind his shoulder for he had a distinct feeling that someone was watching him.

Buffy gasped and jump back into the closet, her hand splayed on her chest. Her heart was beating at an incredible rate.

“What is wrong with me? I’ve never believed in that true love stuff. So why am I feeling this way? I can’t be in love with him…I’ve never even had a real conversation with him! ” she asked herself in disbelief.

Humming slightly off pitch on one of her songs, Drusilla was about to step into the closet.

Buffy walked out of the closet, trying to peek at Spike again.

The two ran into each other, and both yelped.

Drusilla yelped out of surprise.

Buffy, however, yelped out of pain. “Geez, Drusilla, what do you have under there?” she said, pointing at Drusilla’s pink silk robe. She rubbed her chest, trying to soothe the pain. She felt as if two hard objects were knocked into her chest.

Drusilla turned slightly red. “You’re just weak!” she huffed. “I am making some soup in kitchen. Watch it for me, will ya? By the way, drink some milk. It’ll make you stronger.”

She turned and left, undoubtedly to go to Spike.

Buffy frowned. “Stronger?” she repeated to herself. “Then in her case, she definitely doesn’t need any more milk.”

Xander was in the parking lot of Drusilla’s hotel, attempting to park Spike’s Benz. As he was backing out to straighten it, he saw a small white dog in the left side mirror. He got out of the car and to the puppy, hoping to scare him off.

When he barked and refused to move, Xander said aloud, “Well now what am I suppose to do?” He poked at the dog, in hopes of making him annoyed enough to scamper off. “Come on doggie…don’t play dead…I’m gonna keep on poking you! How do you like that?”

The dog whimpered and laid flat on the ground but showed no signs of moving.

A deep growl was emitted from somewhere beside the car and Xander snapped his head up to find out what it was coming from. When he saw a large canine trotting towards him, he knew he was in big trouble.

“Don’t come any closer! I’ll hurt you, doggie, don’t think I won’t! I’m not afraid of you! Sto-ACKKKK!” he screamed as it pounced on him, ready to tear him to pieces.

Drusilla joined Spike on the couch, leaning into him. She glanced to the tv to see what he was watching. “Passions again, Spike? I can’t believe you’re watching this trash.”

“Trash? I’ll have you know, this show has gotten the highest ratings since daytime shows began. And besides, I thought you liked watching it too. Didn’t you watch a whole marathon with me once, before we started going out?” Spike asked.

“I did? Well that was probably because I was trying to get into your pants,” Drusilla giggled. “It worked, didn’t it?”

He laughed and tweaked her nose. “You’re ‘eartless,” he said.

She snapped back. “Don’t touch my nose! Anyway, heartless? I am not! If I was, then I wouldn’t be making soup in the kitchen for you.”

“Soup ehh?” He paused. His hand reached out and caressed her glossy black hair. “Drusilla? If one day I became a poor bloke…if I lost the company and I was dying, what would you do?” His hand moved down to her silk-clad shoulder and started to gently stroke her arm, up and down.

“Spike, don’t talk like that! It’d never happen.” She giggled and moved away when he tickled her neck.

“What if?”

Drusilla tilted her head as she thought of an answer. She grabbed his hand firmly and looked into his deep blue eyes. “I’d encourage and support you. I’d take care of you and be with you through every difficulty in your life.” She smiled and put her head down on his shoulders.

“Really, luv?”

She nodded.

Within the second, he pounced on her, going after her lips. She squealed and pushed him off, running to the bedroom. Spike growled and chased after her. He pounced on her again and pushed her down onto the bed, his hands running over her body as his lips ravaged hers.

Buffy watched all this from behind the closet door. When she saw them moving into the bedroom, her eyes opened in surprise. “Stop!” she whispered to herself. “Stop kissing! Stop stop stop!”

Drusilla pushed him off the bed and jumped up. Quick to follow, Spike did the same and tried to grab her. She jumped onto his back and while he turned back and forth, trying to loosen her. She laughed and bit his earlobe.

“Oh baby, you want to play it rough, do ya?”

They continued their heated pace and Buffy sighed in jealousy as she turned her back to them, refusing to watch anymore. She heard sounds coming from the next room. Moans, grunts, and screams of “More, harder!” She turned bright red. Resigned, she went back to organizing the closet but before she could do much, clothes started to fall from its shelves and objects rained down on Buffy. The closet was quaking so much that she fell backwards, loosing her balance. She grabbed onto a shelf and held on tight, yelping when a heavy box fell on her.

The sun was shining brightly without a cloud in the sky. Buffy unlocked her bike from the bike rack and pushed it along slowly. Lost in thought, she didn’t see the person until it was too late. He was running out of the building, obviously late for something. He ran into her, jolting her from her reverie.

She nearly choked when she realized who it was. Quickly averting her eyes, she gasped for breath. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out, she reminded herself.

“Muffy, I’m so sorry. You okay?”

“My name is Buffy!” she said to him, while still looking away, so it came out as an indiscernible squeak.
“Right,” Spike said as he looked to the parking spot where he parked his car last night. “Betty, where’s my Benz?”

An elderly man came out of the building. Looking at the uniform, he seemed to be the night watch guard. “Hey, have you seen my car?” Spike asked him.

“I heard a car alarm last night. I don’t know whose car it was from but seeing how it’s not here right now, I’d say it was it.”

“What? Are you bloody joking me? It’s your job! You’re supposed to be here to watch the cars!” Spike raised his voice in anger and disbelief.

“Well, I’m an old man. What if it was a car thief? I wouldn’t have been able to protect myself. What if he beat me to death?”

“Wha…What about the guy who drove Drusilla’s car? Where’s the key to her Lexis?”

“Oh yeah,” the old man said. “He left a key for me to give to you.” He handed Spike a key on a ring.

“This isn’t even a whole key! It’s broken in half! What the bloody hell ‘appened to it?” Spike couldn’t believe how his morning was going. It wasn’t even eight o’clock!

“I think he said something about a dog. Not quite sure, couldn’t catch the rest of it. Looked like he was in a lot of pain though.” He shrugged and went back in.

What the heck did Xander do now, Buffy wondered to herself. She’d have to talk to him after work. She shook her head and pushed her bike onwards.

There’s no friggin’ taxi around here either. And it’d take too long to call for one, Spike thought. His head ran through the possible choices. When he turned his head, he saw Drusilla’s assistant and her bike. He ran up to her. “”Ey, Bonnie, right?

Her difficulty breathing came back with a flash. “Buffy. Buffy Summers.”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter. Let me borrow your bike, alright?”

“N-n-no, sorry…I-I have to g-go to work.”

“Work, ehh?” He suddenly grabbed her arm. “Great, let’s ride together, shall we?” he said ignoring her little squeak.

They rode down the busy street, past all the cars stuck in traffic. She leaned back to look at him, unable to believe what was happening. His forehead was glistening with sweat as he pedaled the bike as fast as he could in his designer suit.

I don’t think he’s ridden a bike in ages, Buffy said to herself. But he certainly looks yummy! God he’s so sexy when he sweats. She blushed, and tried to stop her train of thoughts before it could lead her into trouble.

They rode past several taxis and Buffy held her breath when Spike tried to call for one, afraid that it would empty. She sighed in relief when they were all occupied. She held onto him a little bit tighter as she leaned forward to rest her head on his back shoulder. She never realized how warm and good it felt to hold onto someone. Relishing his touch, she closed her eyes and smiled.

She imagined them galloping across the open field on a white horse. He sat in front of her, handling the reins as she wrapped her hands around his waist, her face alight with a brilliant smile. She’d never felt so happy in her life. She felt like a princess and had even found her prince. Her long blonde curls bounced in the wind, gleaming in the sun. Her dress, a beautiful white princess dress, decorated with tiny pearls sewn into it, flounced about her. Spike slowed the horse and got off. He held up his hand, and she grabbed it, her heart fluttering at the sight of his sexy smile. The smile she knew that was just for her. He grabbed her waist and slowly brought her down, letting her body slide against his. She loved the warmth and strength of his muscular body, and savored the feel of it.

They walked in the fields, their hands grasped together. There was no talk, just peaceful, companionable silence as they enjoyed each other’s company. He stopped and held up her hand, only to bend down slightly to kiss it. Her smile never leaving her face, she felt herself melt into a puddle. He straightened and pulled her head in for a kiss. The kiss was the stuff of fairytales, soft and sweet, gentle and delicious. She felt her heart burst in happiness.

Her head tilted upwards and she moaned quietly, lost in the sensations of his kiss. Spike looked back and down at her. Seeing her smile, he wondered what she was thinking about. The chit’s pretty, especially when she smiles, he thought to himself. He moved his shoulder a bit, to try and wake her up.

Buffy jolted up, panting for breath, when she realized what she had done.

Spike chuckled. “Didn’t get a good night’s sleep last night, pet? I’m ‘ere.”

She kept her head turned away from his as much as she could, too embarrassed to meet his eyes. Her cheeks were flaming red.

“Sorry, my riding’s pretty bad. I scratched it up a bit back there but I’ll have Drusilla pay for the damages. Thanks ever so for letting me borrow it; you’re a real luv,” he said and walked into the building of Giles and Son, Inc.

Buffy groaned and covered her face with her hands. “Oh God, oh God! He saw me drooling all over him! He must think I’m a total idiot! What am I going to do now?” She whimpered in humiliation, hoping that something would kill her, and soon.

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Chapter 4: Helping a Friend Out by Angelbliss
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Chapter 4: Helping a Friend Out

“So…after careful consideration and analysis using my awesome Xan-man powers, I’ve come to the conclusion that,” Xander paused for effect, “you have a huge crush on Spike Giles.”

Buffy gave him a “duh” glare and went back to banging her head against the table. “Is it that obvious?”

With quick reflexes, he slipped his hand just before her head was going to hit the table again. “Oww. Well, aside from the fact that not everybody has my advanced level of deduction, I’ve got to say it’s pretty much ‘in-your-face’ obvious.”

Moaning, she said, “What should I do?”

“Do? Isn’t that obvious? Steal him from Drusilla!” This time he was the one giving her a “duh” look.

“What? No way. Drusilla is my friend. Friends don’t do that to each other. And besides that, she’s a big star. I’m just a nobody. It’s stupid for me to even think about it.” She said, a forlorn look on her face.

“You can do it if you put your mind to it. Seduce him. Put on a sexy outfit, give him a come-hither look and he’ll be putty in your hands,” he said. “It worked on me.”

As if proving his testimony, a voice sounded from behind his bedroom door. “Xaaaaaaander! I want my orgasms now! You’ve only given me 3 and you promised me at least 5 more. We haven’t even tried the cowgirl-“

“I’m coming Anya!” Xander blushed and dipped his head. “I swear that woman is going to kill me one of these days.” Having said that, he eagerly opened the bedroom door and rushed in.

Buffy sighed, wallowing in her misery. “Even Xander, of all people is getting some. What is this world coming to?”

“Grandad, how did you fall in love with grandma,” Buffy asked when they sat down to eat breakfast the next morning. Maybe she’d be able to get some clues off of him.

“By riding a bike,” he said, as he prodded around his food.

“Really?” Her eyes lit up as she remembered that day on the bicycle with Spike.

“Yeap,” he said. “But actually, I was riding my bike to visit another girl. Now she was a beauty.”

Frowning, Buffy said, “What? That’s not the way it’s supposed to be.”

“She didn’t know I liked her. It was a secret love. Now those were the days.”

With a skeptical look on her face, she asked, “How can unrequited love be good?”

“Well, he doesn’t know you love him at all. Therefore, you’d never get a broken heart. When he’s feels happy, so would you.” He took the

Buffy felt as if the words were taken out of her mouth. “So did you ever go out with that girl? And how did you get with Grandma then?”

“Shh! Your Grandmother has sharp ears,” he said as he pointed to a portrait of her on the dining room wall. “I don’t want her to hear all this.”

“Well I want to know,” Buffy pouted. “We’ll speak really quietly!”

“I’m hungry, I want to eat now.” He picked up his knife and fork.

“Aww Grandpa, come on! Tell me, and then we’ll eat!”

All he did was shovel pancakes in his mouth.

She finally arrived at Drusilla’s apartment complex. As she pushed her bike towards the bike rack, she passed by Spike’s black Benz. Her heart started to beat faster and her palms started sweating.

“Good mornin’ pet,” Spike said when he glanced up at her. He was putting on a steering wheel lock on the car.

“G-good morning,” she stuttered as she averted her gaze, looking anywhere but him.

Spike smiled at her. “’s so much trouble putting this on. But if I don’t, I’m ‘fraid it’ll disappear again. Oh, don’t tell Drusilla ‘m here. I want it to be a surprise.” He was referring to the huge bouquet of beautiful red roses lying in the passenger seat. There had to be at least two dozen roses, with Baby’s Breath surrounding them.

Buffy inwardly melted. Omigod, could he get anymore perfect? “D-do you n-need my help?”

“Nah thanks, Bonnie. Why don’t you go on up. I’ll be there in a mo’.”

She gave a tiny sigh of exasperation before saying “Buffy!” and ran up the steps to enter the building.

When Drusilla didn’t answer the door even after several minutes of knocking, Buffy took out the key to the penthouse suite and opened it herself. “Hello?” She called out. “Dru, you here?”

After hearing no sounds, she walked further into the foyer. When she rounded a corner, and saw something white lying on the floor, she stopped immediately. Using the key to gingerly pick it up so that it wouldn’t touch her hand, she tried to inspect it closer. Buffy gasped in disbelief when she realized it was a pair of briefs.

Just then, the door flung open.

Giggling, Drusilla yelled, “Hey come back and give me my underwear!” and grabbed for the man in front of her.

A man wearing only a towel to cover up his privates. He was tall and muscular, too muscular for Buffy’s tastes. She preferred lean guys, with defined pecs and nice abs. This guy looked like he could suffocate Drusilla with just a hug.

In disgust, she dropped the tighty-whiteys like it was a hot potato.

Drusilla pushed Buffy onto the couch. “What you thought isn’t what you’re seeing.” Her hands fluttered around, grasping for an explanation. She shook her head when she realized that wasn’t right. “I mean, what you’ve seen isn’t what you’re thinking. Buffy, do you understand?”

Buffy stared straight ahead, breathing heavily. She couldn’t believe she had touched that nasty guy’s underwear. “What I think doesn’t matter. I just know that Mr. Giles is downstairs and he’s about to come up.”

Drusilla shrieked and ran to the balcony, trying to see if Spike was still down there.

The guy was putting his briefs on underneath the towel. And he was doing it, right in front of Buffy.

She hyperventilated as he walked closer to her, smirking, since he thought she was in awe of his fabulous physique.

Drusilla shrieked again when she saw Spike entering the building. She ran over to Buffy and said, “You have to help me! I’m your best friend! Please!!!”

With a bit of trouble because of the bouquet he was holding, Spike took out the key to Dru’s suite from his pocket and stuck it in. He opened the door and stepped in. “Dru! Babe, where are you?”

When he heard sounds of whimpers, he looked down. There Buffy was, cowering in the corner. She had her hands on her head and her knees tucked in so that it was touching her chin. He crouched down and asked her, “Where’s Dru?”

She glanced at him for a quick second and said, “Inside.”

“Sweetie! I was just thinking about you! What a nice surprise,” Drusilla said. She had changed her robe from a short sheer one to a long cotton one.

Standing up, Spike walked towards her. “I didn’t know that light was broken,” he said, seeing a guy who was sitting on top of a ladder as he screwed in a light bulb. He had his jeans on but was still naked from the waist up.

“Yeah, he’s just here to fix it. I don’t know how Buffy could find such a disgusting repair guy. Oh, is that for me?” She asked, playing with a piece of Baby’s Breath. “Thank you!”

“You sure you like it, luv? You don’t look particularly happy. I had to miss two meetings just to get this for you and come here,” Spike said, disappointed.

Drusilla grinned. “Do you really want to make me happy? Come into my room,” she purred, and dragged him towards it.

Spike dropped the flowers in her haste. “Wait, wait! I still have to get back for another meeting! There isn’t enough time!”

She ignored his protests. “Forget about the meeting, baby. I want to have some fun,” she said and pushed him into the room.

The last thing Buffy and the guy heard was a masculine voice saying, “Don’t bite my ear!” before the door slammed shut.

“Well, great. What am I going to do? I haven’t gotten my money yet!”

“I-I-I don’t know,” Buffy stuttered.

“What? Pay me the money that she owes!”

Buffy just stood there, incapacitated by his daunting presence. He growled and stomped out, leaving her standing alone. She looked down at the floor, feeling wretched. She had helped Drusilla cheat on Spike. And on a man-whore, no less. Spike really loved her and still she cheats on him? If only he’d notice me, she thought with hopeless longing. I’d never treat him like that.

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Chapter 5: The End to a Friendship by Angelbliss
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Chapter 5: The End to a Friendship

“Come in,” Spike said when someone knocked on the door to his office.

“Mr. Giles, someone brought this in for you,” his secretary said to him and placed a small potted plant on his mahogany desk.

His eyebrow lifted in surprise. “Thanks pet,” he said as she left the office. Now who could this be from? he wondered to himself. Reaching over, he grabbed the note and read it aloud.

“How can I ever say I’m sorry
I don’t even know how to begin
I know what I did was a mistake

I just want to apologize
There are tears in my eyes
I’m sorry”*

From someone who regrets much

Spike smiled and leaned back in his black leather chair. Since when did Drusilla start writing poems? She must have felt really bad for making him miss his meeting the other day.

The door flung open to show his da, stepmum, and stepbrother. Rupert Giles was the president of the Giles and Son Inc.; he built it from the ground up. It started off small but quickly expanded to the large corporation it was today. Although this company was his baby, he still made time to be with his family however busy he was. He was a strict and disciplined man, one who didn’t allow for any excuses or weakness but no one could deny he did his best to be a good father.

After Spike’s mum Mary, died of cancer years ago, Jenny Calendar married his da and together they had Angelus. She had been working a few years as his secretary, which was how they met. Spike knew though, that his da never cheated on his mum; it was just the type of man he was. He was faithful in every aspect and he loved his wife to her last dying breath. After a few years, Jenny opened his eyes to the outside world again and eased away his grief.

Angel came into the world a year after they married. She indulged his every whim, no matter how much Rupert had disliked and discouraged it. Needless to say, he became spoiled and petulant when things didn’t go his way. For this reason, he was often impatient and irritated with his younger son. How was he to make himself successful if all he could do was whine about his problems?

With Spike however, the only word to describe Jenny’s interaction with him was muted dislike. She didn’t care for his presence yet she put up with it because she didn’t have a choice but to. As a teenager, he was baffled and hurt by her apathy but Spike had long gotten use to her treatment. He treated her with civility, as did she with him when she had to, and that was enough for the both of them.

Rupert pushed Angel into the office, his wife following close behind.

Spike quickly stuffed the note in his pocket and stood up, wondering what was going on.

Angel stood in front of Spike’s desk, with his head hanging. He had his gaze on the ground, not daring to look up.

“Now that your older brother’s here, tell me. Did he allow you to transfer so much money out of the company’s funds?” Rupert said, his voice rising with every word.

“Honey, do you really have to scold your son in such a way? He’s a big boy now.” Jenny said pleadingly, her hand on Angel’s arm to soothe him.

Rupert glared at her. “Exactly. He’s still a boy! You always spoil him!”

Jenny didn’t deny a word, but instead looked away almost in a guilty fashion.

“He spent almost three million dollars last month to buy a necklace for one of those actress-girlfriends of his. Did you approve of it? Did you even know about it?” Rupert asked.

Spike’s eyebrows lifted for a second before it smoothed away. He glanced over to Angel, surprise evident in his eyes. Angel looked back at him, pleading to help him out.

“Umm, yeah Da. I approved of his spending. You know how it is. You want us to start taking care of business for you. We have to keep our clients happy, and keep our good name in the media. We have to keep up with our image,” said Spike.

Rupert frowned in disappointment but his anger softened, knowing that Spike was right. “You’re always helping him.” He glared at Angel again before leaving the room.

Angel looked up and said “Old prick” to his father’s back.

Walking around his desk, Spike reached his brother. “Don’t say that, Angelus. He’s only worried about you.”

Angel scoffed and muttered “whatever” under his breath.

“Your dad might be worried about him but you really don’t give a damn, right?” Jenny said.

“What? Of course I care,” Spike rebutted. “Angel’s my brother!”

“Oh whatever. Stop with that act already. You’re happy that your father’s angry at him,” Jenny said harshly. She was pissed at this incidence and needed to let it out somehow.

Spike looked to his brother, silently asking if he agreed with her. Angel looked back at him sullenly, not contradicting a word that Jenny was saying.

Sighing, Spike said, “Think what you like. Now please leave, I ‘ave work to do.” He walked back around his desk and sat down.

With a “humph” Jenny took Angel’s arm again and left the office.

He shook his head, annoyed at them and at the fact that his concentration was shot for the day.

Although Drusilla and Buffy were both sitting at the table in Dru’s penthouse, they were doing two completely different things. Buffy was signing fan mail in Dru’s name while Dru was having fun looking at a porn magazine.

“Omigod, look at the size of that dick!” she exclaimed happily with a cigarette in her hand. She glanced over at Buffy. “Geez, what’s taking you so long? You’ve been at it for like over an hour.”

Buffy pouted. “There’s over a thousand of these,” she said as she finished another one. It’d certainly get done a lot faster if *someone* would help, Buffy thought to herself. She stopped for a minute to shake her hand to relieve some of the tension.

“Man, I’d like some of that. Look how long it is. And how thick!” Dru said lustily. She flipped through a few more pages and could feel herself getting even wetter.

“Umm Dru, you’re really scaring me with that look on your face.”

“Please, girl. This is the 21st century. Guys aren’t the only ones who think about sex anymore. Here, taking this home and study it. Maybe it’ll come in handy for you some day,” Dru said to her as she put the magazine down in front of Buffy.

Flushing, she tried not to look at the pictures and instead put it to the side. She did not want to become anything like Dru.

When the door opened and Spike called out “Dru, you home?” her eyes widened in shock. “Shit shit shit!” Panicking, she looked around for a decent place where she could put out her cigarette. After a few seconds of frantic searching, she found the perfect place. She stuck it in Buffy’s mouth and then put the magazine in her hands.

And that’s what Spike saw when he reached the dining room where the lights were on. Buffy with a cigarette in her mouth and a magazine filled with buff naked men and their erect penises held up. He cocked an eyebrow and smirked. Never in a million years did he think that Miss Muffy, with her innocent little face and her endearing stutter would be a closet-looker-of-porn.

Buffy flushed like a bright red tomato when she realized what it must look like.

Drusilla popped right in front of him and asked, “Baby! What are you doing here?”

He smiled and tweaked her nose to which she jumped back and said, “Don’t touch my nose!”

“When did you start writing poems?” He asked.
With a puzzled look on her face, Dru replied, “Poems?”

“Yeah, something that goes like ‘How can I ever say I’m sorry/
I don’t even know how to begin/ I know what I did was a mistake/
I just want to apologize/ There are tears in my eyes/ I’m sorry.’ You don’t need to apologize for that day, pet, after all I enjoyed that time with you much more than I would have at the meeting,” Spike said and curled his tongue while giving her a sexy look.

Ohhhhh crap, Buffy thought. He wasn’t supposed to bring it here! Now Drusilla’s going to kill me.

“Oh yeah, that one…Just got inspired for a quick moment and wanted to do something nice for you, darling,” she said and draped her arms around his neck.

He brought the potted plant from behind his back and set it on the table. “The flowers are nice too, luv.” He put his now free hands around her waist and they shared a heavy kiss.

When he was finally out of breath, he pulled away and asked, “Oh, where’s my guitar?”

“It’s over there on top of the cabinet.”

When Spike left to get it, Drusilla turned back to Buffy. After seeing the evil look in Dru’s eyes, Buffy quickly put down the magazine and took the cigarette out of her mouth. She got up from her seat and said, “Well, I gotta get going.”

“Not so fast. What the hell was that? Are you trying to get with *my* boyfriend? I’m a friggin superstar. And you’re a nobody. Got that?” said Drusilla, spitefully.

“It was in the cabinet, not on top,” Spike said as he walked toward them, not noticing the tension between the two.

Buffy ran forward, eager to escape Drusilla’s presence. “Let me get the door for you, Mr. Giles.”

“Thanks, ducks. Please, call me Spike. Mr. Giles makes me feel old.” He smiled and turned to Dru and gave her a kiss. “And I’ll see you later, luv.”

Buffy quickly tried to leave as well but Drusilla stood in her way. “Since you’ve helped me for a week, I’ll pay you a thousand. But then I want you out of my face and Spike’s as well. I don’t want to see you following him around like some little puppy.”

Buffy felt the sting of tears in her eyes and pushed it back, refusing to cry in front of Drusilla. “I don’t want the money,” she said. “I want the plant.”

Drusilla picked it up from the table along with the magazine. “Whatever, just take it,” she said as she handed both to her. “And don’t say I never keep my promises.”

Spike moved the clutch to drive and he peeled out of the parking space. When he passed by the entrance of the front lobby and saw Buffy walking out, holding the potted plant, he came to a stop.

“Need a ride, pet?” he asked her.

Buffy’s eyes swung to his and then looked away. She clutched at the plant as if it was her lifeline and shifted uncomfortably.

When she didn’t respond, he asked, “Did Dru ask you to take care of the plant?”

She just nodded, unable to say anything.

“You must really ‘ate talking, don’t you?” He chuckled when she still didn’t say anything, and saw that she looked miserable in his presence. “Well, maybe next time.” He winked and drove off.

Finally able to look up, she watched him drive away and felt worse than ever. Feeling the sting in her eyes again, she rubbed her eyes and went to go get her bike.

*written by Wispywebb, found on

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Chapter 6: The Accident by Angelbliss
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Chapter 6: The Accident

The smoky air filled the place. Stage lights illuminated the band members on the stage as they played their respective instruments in front of a small group of audience. This was at Serendipity’s, a coffeehouse/bar, popular for its relaxing and comfortable milieu. As a good place to meet new people of the opposite sex or just casually hang out with friends, it was always a full house on weekends. It also provided live music at times, adding to its fun atmosphere.

Spike was on stage, drumming the guitar while his soft and husky voice filled the microphone. He was jamming with a few of buddies, who were of various ages. He crooned a song while Oz played the drums, Jack played the keyboard, and Wesley played the bass. Jack and Wesley actually performed there many times over the years but Spike and Oz were recent additions. When they met Spike and Oz and found out they could play instruments as well, they invited them to join their little informal band. Since the owner of Serendipity’s was a close friend of Wesley’s they were welcomed to play when they chose to, at their leisure.

At the same time that night, Buffy was sitting on the back porch, staring off into the sky. Beside her, the potted plant rested on the ground. She was restless and melancholy, as determined by Xander and her grandfather. Seeing her sigh seven times in the last ten minutes couldn’t be a good thing.

“Hmm, this isn’t good. Your sister must be unhappy because of a boy,” her grandfather speculated as he turned to Xander. Maybe he’d know something.

“Shit. Your granddaughter must be pregnant,” Xander rejoined, looking back at his grandfather. Well, he obviously didn’t know anything.

Anya popped up in the middle of them out of nowhere. “I say you are both wrong. It’s because she’s lacking orgasms,” she stated with utter assurance.

“What the…who are you?” asked a bewildered Xander.

“Xander Harris, you better be joking or there’s no more orgasms for you buddy, *ever,*” she replied as she gave him a look, obviously threatening his manhood.

After a few seconds of frenetic thinking, he said, “Oh right, right…Anya, baby, how could I forget you?”

At the end of their casual performance, they smiled to the claps and whistles and left the stage to take a break at a booth. Jack and Oz went to meet with some of their other respective friends. Spike took a shot of whiskey. He made a face as it slid down his throat, burning its way down.

“Glad you could make it tonight, Spike,” Wesley said to him as he drummed on the table, still caught up in the beat of the music playing in his head. “You know, we use to have a friend who could play the guitar with the best of them. He had great talent.”

“Really now? I’ve got to meet him then,” replied Spike as refilled his shot glass.

“Don’t think you’ll get the chance to. He’s got Alzheimer’s,” Wesley said as he took a drink of his beer.

“Oh! I’ve finally remembered her name!” Spike shouted, startling the older man.

“Wha? Who?”

“I’ve always gotten it wrong,” he said, more to himself than to Wesley. He sat back in satisfaction with a grin. “And, what kind of name is Buffy, anyway?” He grabbed his jacket and stood up, tossing a “see you later, mate” to Wesley.

Buffy straightened in surprise, delight alighting her face. “You’ve remembered my name!” She smiled in pleasure. “No, don’t say that, I’m not pretty at all.” She turned her head away abashedly. When reality hit and the dream with Spike wisped away, she sighed in disappointment once again. I’m so foolish, she thought to herself.

The spring warmth began early that morning and brought an almost simple idyllic pleasure to the city life, even if it was bustling with activity. Birds found on the intermittently planted trees chirped with a passion, blending softly into the mirage of sounds of what characterized the city. However, what began as a beautiful day ended horrifically with unexpected turn of events.

Spike and his father waited impatiently for Drusilla’s arrival. Spike and Rupert had a business meeting with Drusilla’s agent, Charles Gunn and at Drusilla’s insistence, the three were going together to meet him.

She was late, as usual. Drusilla rarely ever showed up on time; she seemed to think that it was quite acceptable and fashionable to arrive at least half an hour late. Spike had long accepted this fact—it was deeply instilled in her superstar self for even his gentle reprimands had not deterred her.

Rupert, on the other hand, had no tolerance for such things. After all, time was money and as the president of Giles and Son Inc., he did not have the patience to put up with a spoiled girl’s high handedness.

“Where is that girl of yours?” Rupert glowered at him. “She’s already two hours late!” He sat behind his desk while Spike stood like an errant little boy.

“I know, Da. I sent a driver to pick her up two and a half hours ago,” Spike said.

“I was supposed to meet someone at the golf club at 11 o’clock. And now that’s shot to hell. It’s almost 10:50 now,” Rupert said as he shifted sleeve of his suit aside, showing Spike his watch.

Fortunately, Drusilla showed up at that moment, sporting a new matching Prada outfit and bag. The two heads swiveled towards her.

“Hi Mr. Giles, hi baby,” said Drusilla as she glided towards them.

Spike met her halfway. “Where were you?” Spike asked her quietly under his breath but with irritation seeping through.

She shrugged and said, “What? I can’t meet Charles wearing last week’s clothes! What do you think that would say about me?” She latched on to his arm. “Are we all ready? Charles doesn’t like to be kept waiting, ya know.”

When Rupert turned into a shade of mottled red, Spike quickly intercepted, saving Drusilla from his father’s wrath. “We’re ready, Drusilla, let’s get going. Is the car out there waiting for us?”

“Oh you mean the one that picked me up earlier? I don’t know where it’s at now… the stupid jerk was rushing me when I was shopping for my outfit. So I fired him and he got all huffy. It won’t be a problem, right sweetie? I mean, you can always hire another one.”

Rupert took of his glasses and rubbed it furiously to the point where it was close to cracking. “Well who’s going to drive me to the golf club right now? There’s no way I can find another one this moment, can I?”

“I’ve got my car here, Da. I’ll give you a ride afterwards,” Spike said, hoping to avoid a big dispute.

Rupert glared at Drusilla and left the room shaking his head violently before he did something to his son’s girlfriend that he would regret. With his quick eyes, Spike saw that his father’s hands were fisted tightly. Sighing he turned to Drusilla and said, “Shall we, pet?”

She gave him a brilliant smile. “Yes, sweetie, I’m ready. Oh, I have to tell you about this gorgeous dress I saw but the driver was rushing me and so I couldn’t buy it. It was red, with gauzy lace…”

Spike nodded and tried to keep an interested smile on his face as he closed the door to the office behind him while Drusilla chattered on with no signs of stopping.

Spike drove his Benz with Drusilla sitting on the passenger side and his father sitting behind. The roads were pretty empty, since almost everyone was at work by that time. They pulled up to a light and stopped at the same time a truck pulled up beside them, on the passenger side.

“Look who it is! It’s Drusilla Hayes! Damn, she’s hot!” one guy shouted from the truck, who was sitting in the open trunk. It called the attention of his friends and soon they started waving and shouting.

Drusilla pressed the switch to roll down the window.

“Hey, show us your boobs. We wanna see if you really did get a boob job,” another yelled.

“Excuse me, you little bastards?!? Why don’t you go back to the disgusting planet you came from?” Drusilla retorted, anger flushing her face red.

Rupert leaned forward, telling Spike to close the window.

“I’m not done yelling at them yet, Spike!” She put her hand on his arm, stopping him. “You stupid fuckers! I oughta have Spike teach you guys a lesson!”

“That’s enough Dru. We don’t want this getting into any tabloids,” Spike said.

As soon as the light turned green, Spike stepped on the gas and peeled forward. They obviously didn’t get a clue, for the truck drove up behind them, intending to catch up. They drove for a few minutes with the truck close following behind them. Spike turned onto back road, trying to lose them. It was a small road, with only one lane for each direction. The truck pulled into the other lane when there were no oncoming cars and cut in front. Both vehicles came to a stop when there was a parked car in front of them, with its hazard lights flashing.

“Oh bollocks…this is just not my day,” Spike muttered.

Through the windshield, they saw the guy on the trunk coming towards them. He started thrusting his pelvis in a crude motion, while saying “Come and get it, Drusilla, you know you want it.”

Spike finally had enough. “That fucking pillock doesn’t know when to stop. He’s gonna get what’s coming to him,” he said as he unbuckled his seatbelt.

Rupert stopped him with a hand to his shoulder when Spike was about to open the door to exit the car. “Just drive around them. It’s not worth it.”

With another muttered curse, he drove into the other lane. It was too late when Spike saw the oncoming dumpster truck, driving at full speed. He swerved, trying to escape it but the car slid and crashed into the parked car, the driver’s side getting the brunt of it.

The last thing he heard was Drusilla’s high pitched scream and his father’s gasp before the world went black.

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Chapter 8: Spike's Nurse by Angelbliss
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Chapter 7: Spike’s Nurse

Rushing into the radio station, Buffy almost plowed into her boss. “I’m s-so sorry I’m l-late!” Buffy said, out of breath.

“Yeah, fortunately for you we were able to have Marcia cover your show with her news segment,” he said as he pointed to Marcia in the studio, who was on the air. “Now get prepared, you’re up next.”

Broadcasting in the sound production room, Buffy heard was able to hear Marcia’s news segment. When she heard Spike’s name, she snapped to attention.

“…Spike Giles and his father Rupert Giles, along with famed Drusilla Hayes, who was actually here at our station about a week and a half ago, got into an accident just three hours ago. Reportedly they were driving on the wrong side of the road when a dumpster truck crashed into them, driving at 65 miles per hour. As far as injuries go, Drusilla looks to have gotten off miraculously easy, with just a very slight concussion. However, for both Giles, they are currently in the Intensive Care Unit. We’ll update you as soon as new information comes in. In other news…”

The doctor stood in front of the group of people who were waiting on edge to hear Rupert’s condition. Jenny and Angel stood in front, while a few members of the Board of Trustees of Giles and Son, Inc. were off to the side. “Mr. Giles’s head hit the glass window when the car crashed into the other car. Along with several deep lacerations in his scalp from the shards of glass, there was severe cerebral hemorrhage which we’ve managed to stop but-”

“So that means he’s okay,” Angel interrupted.

“-But, there’s still no certainty.” The doctor continued. “He’s in a coma right now; it may take him a few hours or a few days to wake up…or he may never wake up.”

“And Spike?” Jenny asked.

“The younger Mr. Giles is also in a precarious situation…”

“Why are the bloody lights off? Turn them back on!” Spike was on the bed in his private hospital room, upset and shaken. He woke up with piercing pain in his eyes and instead of making it better, the nurses had the lights off and were trying to placate him in the dark. He didn’t understand anything and refused to calm down, as they were telling him to do. His hands flailed as he tried to get a sense of his surroundings. When he felt an over-bed table but couldn’t see it, he pushed it away in anger. When he felt someone reach out to him, he tried to push him away too. “What the fuck is going on?”

“Spike…Spike, calm down,” he heard a familiar voice say to him. “This is Wesley. Please, stay calm.”

“Wesley?” Spike grabbed on to his shirt and clutched it as if it were his lifeline. “What’s going on? Am I blind?”

“This may be just temporary, Spike,” Wesley said as he slowly pushed him back down onto the bed. “You have a large blood clot in your occipital lobe. We will have to try to take care of it by surgery.”

Spike took a shuddering breath. “You’ve got to ‘elp me, Wes. I can’t become blind…how’s my father? And Dru?”

Wesley sighed, reluctant to tell Spike the news. “Dru’s alright; she has some minor injuries but she’s okay. Your father…he’s in a coma.”

His fists were clenched so tightly that droplets of blood fell onto the bed sheet. Even trying as best he could, he couldn’t stop the teardrops from leaking out of his eyes and falling down his face.

Drusilla closed the door as quickly and quietly as she could when she saw Wesley leaving Spike’s side. She sat down onto the uncomfortable plastic chair placed to the side of the door. When Wesley walked out of the room, she stood up and grabbed his arm. “Mr. Wyndham-Price, how is Spike? Please, be honest with me. Is he going to be blind forever?”

“I think he should have good chance of recovery, Ms. Hayes. However, it’d be wise to keep in mind of the complications that may arise, especially since the surgery will be very difficult,” he cautioned.

“So he’ll be okay?” she asked again.

“Look, he really needs you right now. Stay with him as much as you can and try to comfort him.”

Nodding, Drusilla said, “Of course.” When he walked away, she went to his door intending to go in. Pausing for a few seconds, she turned around and walked away for a few steps before seeing Jenny coming down the hall with Angel following close behind her.

She stopped and waited for them to reach her. “Mrs. Giles, Angel,” she said demurely.

Ignoring her, Jenny just walked by. Angel stopped, turning back. He leered at her and motioned with his head for her to follow.

She smiled and sauntered to him. “So, where’s your girlfriend?”

“Who, Faith? I dumped her weeks ago,” he said and continued to walk.

Drusilla walked alongside him. “I have the most horrible luck. I hurt my hand,” she said with a pout as she held out her uninjured hand for him to see. “And I lost my watch too. A hundred thousand dollars, gone.”

“Just a hundred thousand? I’ll buy you a new one,” Angel replied, stopping their walk.

She smiled coyly. “I won’t accept it. I don’t accept guys’ presents easily, you know. I’m not that kind of girl.”

He just gave her a smirk and walked off, knowing she’d follow.

And follow, she did.

Buffy and Xander was walking into the hospital that evening. “Since Anya works in the hospital, try and find out what room Spike is in for me,” Buffy said to him. “I don’t think the staff would just give out his room number to anyone.”

“Sure, Buff. Leave it me. Anya’s the Head Nurse,” he said.

“Head Nurse?!?” Buffy exclaimed. Wow, that’s impressive, she thought to herself.

When they got to the service desk, Xander said to the nurse, “Yo, I’m lookin’ for-”

“Please hold, sir,” she said, cutting him off when the phone rang.

Xander’s mouth dropped at her rudeness. “Well, fat load of help you are,” he said disgruntled. He wandered off, trying to look for Anya.

When the nurse got off the phone, Buffy said to her, “Excuse me, I’m looking for a Spike Giles. Can you tell me his room number please?”

“I’m sorry, that’s private information; I can’t give that out unless you’re a family member or a close friend,” she replied.

“Oh…I’m his…girlfriend,” Buffy fibbed.

Giving her a suspicious look, she said, “I thought he was going out with Drusilla Hayes.”

Buffy reddened, trying to think of a good answer before she lost her chance of getting the room number. There’s no way she’d go to every floor, knocking on each door. “Yeah, they broke up but they’re still good friends. We just started going out recently,” she said, crossing her finger behind her back.

“Hmm…alright. He’s in room 302,” the nurse said finally.

She opened the door slightly and peeked in his room. He stood in front of the windows with a white bandage around head. She giggled to herself when she saw the bandage practically blended in with his bleached hair. Thank God he’s alright, she thought. Her legs walked into the room, as if she had no control over them. She knew it was stupid, but she just had to be close to him, even if it was for a second or two. She’d just stay for a bit and leave, without him even knowing it.

“Who is it?” came Spike’s roughened voice.

Buffy gasped and turned, but instead of walking through the doorway, she accidentally closed the ajar door shut.

He turned from the window and walked slowly and cautiously to his bed. Sitting down, he said bitterly, “A blind man’s sense of his surroundings is especially strong.”

“What?” she whispered. “You’re blind?”

“Who are you?”


“Are you a nurse? You must be; I was wondering there hasn’t been a private nurse sent here.
’ave you seen my girlfriend?”

Buffy’s throat caught. She couldn’t believe that this had happened. Her eyes filled with tears and she blinked them back before they could fall.

“Drusilla, my girlfriend?” Spike said impatiently. “I know she’s alright. Why hasn’t she been here to see me? Go find her for me.”

“I…I don’t know,” Buffy said. It was the only thing she could say, with her mind a jumbled mess.

“Don’t tell me you don’t know who Drusilla is. She has an assistant following her around, all the time. Short, petite little blond woman, always dressed in these frumpy clothes,” he said, walking slowly towards her now.

All Buffy could do was smile. He remembers me! she thought excitedly, her heart thumping.

“Oh, what’s your name, ducks?” Spike asked.

He stared straight at her, and Buffy fidgeted, sure that he must have been playing a trick on her.

“My name? My name is…E-Elizabeth,” she replied. Well, at least that wasn’t an outright lie. That was her real name.

“Alrighty. Go on and find Drusilla, now.”

She walked out, slowly closing the door behind her. Xander stood up from the chair, and said, “Heard your Prince Charming’s blind.”

“Did they say if he could be cured?” Buffy asked urgently.

“Not easily,” He replied. “But his step-mother hasn’t even gotten a private nurse for him.”

“Oh, where’s Drusilla? He wants to see her.”

Xander pointed somewhere behind him. “I think she went away with Spike’s brother. Why?”

Buffy, looked away, trying to figure out what she could do. “Don’t tell him, Xander. He thinks I’m his private nurse.”

He grinned and patted her on the arm. “That’s great! You can keep pretending and then if all goes well, he’ll ask you to marry him! He’s so rich! And you’ll be rich once you guys get married!” he said ecstatically. She could practically see the dollar signs in his eyes. “Now get in there, and treat him well! It’ll end up good for the both of us!” He pushed her into the room.

Turning to the door, Spike asked, “Back so soon?”

Crap! Buffy thought to herself. “Uhh, yeah… I couldn’t find Ms. Hayes. But I’m sure she just went to get you some get-well flowers or something and she’ll be back soon,” she said. Walking over to him, she had him lean forward so she could fluff his pillows.

She leaned in towards him, inches away from his face as she peered into his eyes. Maybe Wesley’s right. If we don’t make eye contact then I’ll be okay. She looked down, her gaze attracted to his beautiful lips. They were sooo kissable! she thought. God, what I wouldn’t do for a kiss. A real kiss. She forced herself to look back up into his blank blue eyes before she did something she’d regret. She straightened; clearing her throat, she then asked, “Is that more comfortable, Mr. Giles?”

“Yeah, pet. Why isn’t Drusilla here? Tell me the truth. Is she hurt?” Spike persisted. He didn’t understand, if Dru was fine, then why wasn’t she here with him?

“No, she’s not…she’s just…” Think, Buffy think! Say something believable! “It’s actually her mouth. It’s swollen and her tongue is hurt so she can’t talk right now,” saying the first thing that came to her head. She silently hit her forehead with her hand, she couldn’t believe this crap was coming out of her mouth. And that is believable?!? “I’ll check again whether she’s back or not.”

She quickly walked to the door, but it opened before she got a chance to. Xander came barreling in, bringing flowers and a balloon. As he was about open his mouth to say something, Buffy covered it with her hand.

“Ms. Hayes, you’re back!”

Spike reached out his hand, waiting for Drusilla’s touch.

Xander walked over to him and handed him the flowers. Buffy pulled him away from the bed and was pushing him towards the door when they heard Spike say, “Dru, what’s wrong?”

They turned back. Xander again opened his mouth, probably intending to say something in a high pitched voice when Buffy covered it again.

“Ms. Hayes, you don’t want to hurt your tongue more. Why don’t you go back to your room to rest?” Buffy said.

“Who the bloody hell are you to order people around here,” Spike said to her, angry. “Dru, come here.”

Buffy and Xander looked at each other, eyes wide in panic. She tried to push him to the bed this time but Xander was pulling away. He pushed her towards the bed, hard, so that she lost her balance and her upper body landed on the bed, close to his crotch.

Gahh, this was something she didn’t want to see! She lifted her head up, only to have it be in close proximity to his face. She turned away quickly, trying to escape.

Spike grabbed on to her hand, and held onto it tightly. “I will recover, luv. For you, I will see again. I want to see you in a beautiful wedding dress when I marry you.” He brought his head down and kissed her hand gently.

Buffy’s throat caught again. He really loves her, she thought. Dru’s so lucky.

Spike leaned his head forward, clearly wanting a kiss. Buffy brought her head back, not knowing what to do. In a surge of courage, she kissed him on the lips. Before he could coax her mouth open for a real kiss, she pulled back and ran out of the room.

Spike scrunched his eyebrows together in puzzlement but then he smiled at Drusilla’s demureness.

Buffy leaned back against the walls, her heart pounding again. She brought her hand up to touch her lips, the lips that had touched the lips of Spike! Oh God!

“Heeeyyyy, Buff. Wanna have a smoke?” Xander said to her as he held in front of her an unlit cigarette.

She pushed him aside and walked away.

Spike clumsily came out of the room, his hands touching the walls. “Dru? Luv, you out here?” When his hands patted a person, he pulled them back. “Who are you?”

Xander pitched his voice so that it was deep and professional-like. “Name’s Dr. Harris. What are you doing out of your room?”

“Have you seen Drusilla?” Spike asked.

“Yeah, she’s gone back to her room. Her mouth’s a swollen mess. Now you be good and go back to your bed. Get plenty of rest and water, and all that,” Xander said as he gently pushed him back into the room.

Buffy was still walking down the hall, in a daze, her mind on Spike’s perfect and soft lips.

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Chapter 8: The Things We Do by Angelbliss
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Chapter 8: The Things We Do

Angel stood beside Jenny, who was sitting in Rupert’s leather chair. The masculine office was a luxurious and spacious one, full of elegance and style. Paintings done by Van Gogh and Da Vinici littered the walls, adding to its resplendence.

“I’ve checked our company’s policies. The health insurance that this company offers for our employees does not cover private nurses, or even private rooms. And since Spike is the senior Vice President, it does well that he provides an example for the rest of the employees,” Angel remarked casually to Doyle Emerson, one of the senior members of the Board of Trustees.

Doyle’s expression showed surprise and then one of disgust. “But he’s your brother! How could you do that to him?”

Jenny put down the nail file that she was using. “Mr. Emerson, let me ask you a question. How badly do you want that pension?” she asked, her informal tone barely masking the warning in her words. She smiled, when Doyle sat back, stunned at her threat.

“What? You can’t be serious!” exclaimed Xander. He shook his head.

“Are they really going to move him? He’s going to have to share a room with someone else?” Buffy asked Anya, who could only nod helplessly. “But if he finds out that his family is treating him this way, he will be so hurt.”

“Yeah, and that’s not even the worse of it,” Xander added. “If he finds out that Dru is with Angel now, he’s going to kill himself.”

“Well then we can’t let him find out,” Buffy replied, determination on her face.

“Hel-looooo! Earth to Buffy! It probably costs a thousand a night to keep him in a private room. How are we going to manage that?”

Buffy gave him a puppy dog face, complete with bright wide eyes and a pout.

“What are you giving me that look for?” Xander shielded his eyes with his hands. He refused to look at her even when she tugged at his sleeve. When she was able to pry his hands off, he said with desperation, “No, not that look! You know I can’t say no when you give me that look!”

When Buffy knew that Xander was caving in, she “squee-ed” and jumped on him to give him a big bear hug.

The peacefulness of the afternoon was ruined by the loud barking of dogs. Walkers and joggers on the trail turned their heads in surprise as they heard the numerous barks coming from a single direction.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this!” Xander cried aloud, as the dogs on the leash took him for a joyride. There were just too many dogs and too little of him. No matter how hard he tugged on the leashes he held, they just kept on dragging him forward, all over town. “Buffy owes me BIG for thisssssssss!”

Said Buffy groaned in revulsion. She was scrubbing the grease vats clean after a particularly busy day at the DoubleMeat Palace. Her arms and legs never felt sorer, and her feet ached with a vengeance. It was her third day but even so, there was no break for the newcomer. It was now an hour after the fast food place had closed but she had to stay late to scrub the place clean.

She brushed the sweaty strands of hair out of her eyes and face before returning to a particularly tough spot which stubbornly refused to disintegrate. And joy of all joys, she had to mop the floor before she could leave.

Xander picked up the two dollars left behind by a stingy group of college guys and stuffed it into his pocket. Shaking his head, he took the tipped beer bottles from the table and placed it on his tray. “I can’t believe Buffy is making me do this,” he muttered to himself as bitter thoughts and methods of torture meant for his little sister filled his head. He took a dish rag and swept it over the table, clearing the bits of beer nuts and leftover foodstuff.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” He said with annoyance after a shrill female voice called to him again for the second time, impatient for service. “I’m going to kill her.” It was a pretty close call who he was planning bodily harm to, his sister or the whiny sorority snob who was probably a horrible tipper anyway.

A smelly crude man yelled out to Buffy, “You should be up there, shaking your sweet ass.” He slapped her butt when she walked by him, holding a tray of drinks. It was obvious he had been there a several hours, indicated by not only the slurring of his words, but also the strong smell of cigarettes and alcohol emanating from his clothes.

Buffy growled under her breath and slapped his hand away, ignoring his leering; that was the one thing she refused to do. She wasn’t about to get up on stage and strip for these perverted men, no matter how much more money she would be paid. It was one thing to waitress at a strip bar wearing short shorts and tight belly shirts but it was another to degrade herself on stage. She repeated to herself continuously, this is all for Spike, this is all for Spike.

Walking out of the elevated in a zombie-ish trance, she didn’t notice until a few seconds later that Xander hadn’t walked out with her. When she tiredly turned back, she saw that he was sitting on the floor, his eyes closed and close to snoring.

“Xander! Get up,” she moaned, as she shook his shoulders. “We’re here.”

He groaned. “Leave me alone…I haven’t slept in the last… 72 hours…” he barely finished before he slumped over onto the hospital elevator door, already in fetal position and snoring away.

“Ugh,” she uttered before walking towards Spike’s room, leaving Xander to his dreams in the elevator.
Chapter 9: Just a Favor by Angelbliss
Author's Notes:
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Chapter 9: Just a Favor

She knocked on the door lightly, afraid to disturb him just in case he was sleeping. When silence followed, she quietly opened the door and peeked in. There Spike lay, asleep in the bed. The ugly hospital gown made the pallor of his skin even more palpable. His almost angelic face was twisted in a grimace, apparently unsettled in his sleep. “Dru…Dru come back,” he mutter, tossing in the bed a bit.

Buffy slipped into the room, unable to stay away. Her heart went out to the man in the bed, one who was so close to losing everything in his life and yet was completely aware of it. She pulled up the covers that had slipped down to his waist and smoothed back his curled hair from his forehead, in hopes that her touch would soothe his disturbing dreams.

Startled, she jumped when Spike grabbed her hand, and said, “Dru! You’ve finally come.” He held on to her hand tightly, as afraid some mystical force would unexpectedly pry them apart.

“It’s Buffy…Not Drusilla,” She remarked gently, to ease the disappointment.

“Oh.” He tried to keep the frustration out of his voice but had not completely succeeded. He stretched a bit, and began to sit up.

Buffy reached over immediately and pulled up the pillows so that he could lean back against them, relishing in the close proximity.

“Where have you been? I haven’t seen you these last couple of days.”

She looked down, almost guilt ridden. “I’m sorry…I had personal matters that needed attending,” she said.

“It’s okay. I wasn’t angry, pet. ‘ve just been a bit…lonely, I guess you could say. Don’t ‘ave too many visitor these days.”

“Oh, well it’s probably because of the crappy weather these days,” she said, scrambling for an excuse. “I’m sure they’ll be coming in flocks soon.”

Spike frowned, as if he saw through her lie. “Something doesn’t feel right,” he remarked.

Buffy felt a surge of panic. She tried to laugh it off, except it came out as a high pitched squeak. “Don’t be so paranoid.”

“Luv, I ‘ave a favor to ask of you.”

“What is it?”

“I want you to go to Drusilla’s place and ask her to visit me. Tell her I miss her and that I need her... And while you’re there, grab my guitar for me. I’m so bored, pet, I ‘eed something to fill up my time.” A bittter laugh emitted.

She swallowed and nodded before remembering he couldn’t see her. And it was a good thing too, otherwise she’d be a mass of blubbering mess that couldn’t get her words straight. “Su-sure,” she said as she walked out of the room, her heart clenching tightly.

For the first time of her life, she understood what real jealously felt like. It was a wave of ugly bitterness that washed through her body. She wanted to throw up until she felt numb, scream in anger and the unfairness, and cry until her tear ducts ran dry.

Buffy resolutely told herself she wasn’t going, no matter what he would say. She didn’t want to see the woman that held Spike’s love and affections so tightly. She didn’t have to wonder why Drusilla hadn’t visited after all this time – it was obvious she didn’t return Spike’s devotion and worship. And she didn’t need to ask what Drusilla had been doing to pass her time.

Even as she repeated to herself that Drusilla didn’t deserve to see Spike, she couldn’t help herself. Her feet wouldn’t listen.

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Chapter 10: The Beginning of Something Beautiful by Angelbliss
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Chapter 10: The Beginning of Something Beautiful

She lightly tapped at the door to Drusilla’s penthouse. Maybe if she did it soft enough, Drusilla wouldn’t hear it. After all, it wasn’t her fault if Drusilla was deaf; Buffy did her job by attempting.

The door swung open to reveal Angel clad in only boxers, scratching his chest. He leered at the woman in front of him. She definitely wasn’t a Barbie doll beauty like the many women he knew and her clothes were sadly lacking in its frumpy and outdated state. Well, she certainly had no vanity, that’s for sure. It was sad too, because she definitely had potential. “Hey pretty girl, what can I do for ya?” He said, scrutinizing her from head to toe, as if he was trying to decide if there was something he liked underneath her clothing.

She tried not to tremble in disgust and fear as she stared down at the ground. “Dr-Drusilla knows m-me. Is s-she in?” She barely hid a sigh of relief when Drusilla came out of her bedroom, clad in just an almost sheer pink satin robe.

“Stop trying to flirt with the hired help,” Drusilla said as she pushed Angel out of the door way.

He sighed, his fun taken away. Then he smacked Drusilla’s ass. “Hurry up. I’ll be waiting for you in the shower.” He showed no absolutely embarrassment in his words. Before sauntering off, he turned back and asked, “You sure you don’t want to join us?” he asked Buffy with a smirk. “It could be real fun.”

Drusilla just rolled her eyes and pushed him again towards the bathroom. “You’re looking for me?” Drusilla said loftily as she turned around and left Buffy standing in the doorway.

Buffy had no choice but to follow. “Spike really wants to see you. He misses you so much.” She shoved down the sharp pangs.

The dark haired celebrity grinned. “I knew it. I knew you had feelings for him.”

“He doesn’t know who I am still. He thinks I’m his private nurse.”

Peals of laughter rang throughout Drusilla’s foyer. “You’ve got to be kidding me. You’re pathetic, m’dear.”

Swallowing, Buffy ignored her remark. “He asks for you all the time. Just go visit him... Please.”

Drusilla walked further into the suite, and sat down on the black leather couch. “You saw Angel. You don’t think I’m teaching him how to swim, do you?” She took a cigarette out of the pack and lit it.

“Spike’s in a really bad state right now,” Buffy pleaded again. “You’re his girlfriend. Now’s really the time to be supportive of him.”

Drusilla got up and walked over to where Buffy stood. “Sweetie… In case you didn’t know, let me tell you some things. He’s blind. His brother controls the company. He’s got nothing now. There’s only one choice for me,” she said as she inhaled and blew the smoke in Buffy’s face. “Now if you were smart, you’d go back and tell him the truth. That way, you could be his rebound girl for a while and mend his broken heart.”

Buffy clenched her fists. “I’m not as dreadful as you. I’d never do that.”

Her dark counterpart scoffed as she walked away to the bar, pouring herself a drink from a decanter. “Get it straight. You could be never like me. I’m everything you will never be and I have everything you’d ever dream of. Including Spike.”

She sauntered back to Buffy, her hips swaying back and forth. “Why don’t you grab some lotion or something before you leave,” Drusilla said as she put her arm around Buffy’s shoulder. Her other arm patted Buffy’s cheek. “Blind people use their hands to feel. You might need some freshening up before you go back to Spike.”

Buffy shoved her hand away and walked toward the door, trying to hold her anger in check. She turned back, determination on her face.

“What now?”

“Give me Spike’s guitar.”

“So…they really froze my accounts and took over the company,” Spike said with a bitter chuckle. “And yet, why am I not surprised? And Dru? Where does she stand in this?”

The clearing of a throat and the overwhelming silence that followed gave Spike his answer. His hands clenched; he struggled to remain calm. It didn’t work.

He groped for something around him. Anything. When he finally felt something, he threw it at the wall, panting with rage. The explosion of glass told him what it was that he grabbed.

He sat back in the chair, the tension in his body evident. “But why haven’t they moved me out of the private room?” he asked.

Doyle smiled grimly. “Apparently you have someone paying your bills for you. They refused to tell me who it was though. Seems like your benefactor wants to remain unknown.”

Spike’s eyebrows scrunched in surprise. “Well well well. ’ve got a mysterious angel watching over me,” he remarked bemusedly. “Wonder who it is.”

He paused, taking a breath before continuing. “Doyle, ‘ve got a joint Swiss bank account with my father. He deposited 5 million dollars in there just before the accident. ‘ll give you authorized consent to present to the bank; I want it changed over to my name only. Jenny and Angel don’t know about this account, and I want to keep it that way.”

His trusted friend and employee nodded. “That’s a good idea. Spike, I hope the surgery works out. We need you back in the company.”

Doyle guided Spike back to his room, while on the way, speaking to a nurse about the ‘accident’ in the conference room. They shook hands before Doyle left, leaving him to his troubled musings. Who would do that for me? Spike thought. And why? What do they get out of it?

There were no responses or answers to soothe his chaotic thoughts.

Buffy walked slowly in the hallway, clutching at the guitar case. What am I doing? She questioned herself. I can’t believe I’m doing this.

Before long, she reached Spike’s door. Taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door and opened it when she heard his “come in.”

Spike stood up when he heard the door open.

“Mr.Giles, I brought your guitar,” Buffy said as she walked over to him and placed it in front of him. She lightly took his hand and brought it to the guitar case, shivering slightly as a bolt of heat rushed from the contact. “But umm…Drusilla’s actually… umm…out of the country.”

He chuckled bitterly. “Nice try, luv. You can stop with the lies now.”

Heart racing, she asked, “What do you mean?”

“I know she’s dating Angel. One of my employees told me everything,” Spike said.

Buffy could see the anguish in his eyes. They say the eyes are the windows to one’s soul. He lost his sight, but his soul ached at the betrayal of everyone around him. She kept silent, not knowing what to say, how to comfort him. How do you make the soul-deep agony disappear?

He sat down, trying to regain control. “who’s paying you?”

“Umm…I’m not sure. The hospital, probably.” She took off her heavy brown overcoat and placed it on the table.

“Don’t think they’ll ‘e paying you much longer. But don’t worry, ’ll find some way to pay you
for your services.”

Buffy smiled. “Don’t worry, what are friends for? Would you like some water, Mr. Giles?” Without waiting for an answer, she began to walk over to the counter where the pitchers of water rested.

“Friend?” Spike stood up from his chair again. “You think of me as a friend?”

Her heart pounded as she turned around to face him. Oh crap. Was I not supposed to say that? “I’m sorry, Mr. Giles. I didn’t mean to assume.” She stared down at the ground, her stomach felt like it was lodged in her throat.

“No no, pet. You just surprised me. I didn’t think ‘d ‘ave friends at a time like this,” he said, the bitterness evident again. “’specially not such a pretty girl like you.”

Buffy croaked out a laugh. “You’re too kind, Mr. Giles. I’m not pretty,” she replied, her hands fluttering around her face. She leaned in close to him, as if trying to determine what exactly he saw. Or wasn’t supposed to see, anyway.

“Your heart is kind and you are compassionate. That constitutes as ‘rue beauty, luv.. ’nd it’s my turn to give you a gift,” Spike said as he walked over to the table where his guitar was placed.

Buffy melted into a puddle of goo, a smile dazzling her face.

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NOT A CHAPTER by Angelbliss
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