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10/23/20 05:52 am
did nocturnal light just disappear for anyone else? like between last week and this week going from accessible to completely defunct?
10/22/20 05:25 am
It’s season 4 during the my will be done spell spike and Buffy claim each other and after the spell I manly remember were willow tries to undo the clam by useing a spell for werewolves it doesn’t
09/29/20 12:22 am
Hello, it’s been a bit
08/17/20 07:22 pm
@babygyrl what are the details of the fic you are looking for?
06/20/20 07:02 pm
I’m trying to put in a fic in the find a fic forum to but it isn’t letting me post the info about the fic I’m looking for I pretty sure I’m doing it right can you help
06/19/20 05:46 pm
Forum is back up.
06/19/20 04:20 pm
I have been informed that the Find-a-fic forum is down, and I'm working with host to get it back up. Please stand by. Thank you!
05/30/20 11:40 pm
The forum is back up now, sorry. We have been moved to a bigger and better server and things tend to get wonky with moving. If anyone sees anything strange please email me and let me know.
05/26/20 12:11 pm
Find-A-Fictional is not working
04/02/20 01:30 am
I'm finally able to log in again, Pari, so whatsoever happened, a hearty thanks!


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Reviewer: rtey Anonymous Date: 03/03/2018 - 06:43 am Title: Dirty Blondes

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Reviewer: Helpful Anonymous Date: 05/22/2015 - 08:44 am Title: Dirty Blonde

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Reviewer: Odon Anonymous Date: 01/13/2015 - 06:23 am Title: The Fog of War

Just looked this up (having assumed it was one of those uncompleted lost classics that litter the internet) and am pleasantly surprised to find you've finished it.  Thank you.

Reviewer: ScarlettDuck Signed Date: 11/27/2014 - 06:48 pm Title: Break a Leg

Hot, but mournful.

Reviewer: Mars Anonymous Date: 03/07/2014 - 08:49 am Title: The Fog of War

Absolutely loved all your stories!shame it's only 3... Since I love your take on the dark times if season 6, I would've loved to devour your "favorites" collection. But there is none. I bet you have some great reading recommendations!


thanks lots for this!

Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous Date: 03/07/2014 - 06:22 am Title: Dirty Blonde

I loved it.

but I don't get the ending. Feeling what?

Reviewer: ScarlettDuck Signed Date: 02/17/2014 - 11:56 pm Title: Dirty Blonde

Dark and gritty.

Reviewer: Buffy Convert Anonymous Date: 10/07/2013 - 06:02 pm Title: Break a Leg

I wrote a review yesterday but my monitor page sliiid. I really liked this story. It seems plausible as regarding the characters on the show. I think Buffy would have had a MUCH happier life Spike had taken that tact w/her!  Also, loooved the sex scenes!!!

Reviewer: Time of Change Anonymous Date: 02/05/2013 - 10:55 pm Title: The Fog of War

Spectacular. I hope you consider continuing this terrific series.

Author's Response: Thank you. For a while there I didn't think I'd ever come back to it, but a nomination of at the Absence of Light Awards really lit a fire under me to get it done.

Reviewer: Amelia Anonymous Date: 12/27/2012 - 03:21 am Title: The Fog of War

I'm crazy for this series and can't wait to read more. Fabulous, tight, sharp writing. Like it breathes.

Author's Response: Thanks for the wonderful compliment.

Reviewer: sue92178 Signed Date: 11/11/2012 - 08:48 am Title: The Fog of War

I've read this, and your previous two, in one glorious sitting. You have a very refreshing take on what is the most complex stage of Buffy and Spike's relationship. I can't wait to see where you take this latest story in the series!

Author's Response: Thank you! I know I left things -ahem- dangling on this one for a long time, but I hope to finish the next (and likely last) story much more promptly.

Reviewer: MaireAilbhe Signed Date: 06/22/2012 - 02:34 am Title: Break a Leg

"licking the envelope to a filthy love letter" has got to be the best description of that wonderful act I've ever heard.

Author's Response: Thanks! I recall that my beta quite liked that line, too.

Reviewer: MaireAilbhe Signed Date: 06/22/2012 - 02:00 am Title: Dirty Blonde

Wow, this was incredible! So perfectly expressed.

Author's Response: Thank you.

Reviewer: Odon Anonymous Date: 03/21/2012 - 10:59 pm Title: Dirty Blonde

Wow. That had some good character stuff for a PWP. Plus I always wondered what kind of bad poetry Spike would write about Buffy.

Author's Response: Thanks.

Reviewer: Soul of the Rose Signed Date: 08/01/2011 - 09:44 am Title: The Fog of War

Your descriptions are *golden*: "He felt savagely real and alive when he got back on the street, slashing and weaving through the slow parade of weekend foot traffic with warm blood on his knuckles. He licked his lips and stroked his hair. Lit the night up with a sinister leer."

And this: "As they closed in on the giant prat, Spike got that odd sensation again — the one he always felt whenever they fought side-by-side. It was as though there were a secret conversation going on between their bodies, carved in particles of air. "

Your Spike characterization was just perfect too. You'd almost swear this was dialogue from the show. I loved the peek inside his head & also his "evil errands."

Very interesting premise, can't wait to see where you go with this. Please keep writing. I could read this series forever.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I really loved these characters on the show (and particularly their witty repartee). It has been a lot of fun writing this series so far.

Reviewer: Soul of the Rose Signed Date: 08/01/2011 - 09:11 am Title: Dirty Blonde

*Applauds* Oh, BRAVO. That was brilliantly written & so full of the real world & its truth & pain that it stole my breath. This is far more angsty than I normally like my fic but it's just too well done not to enjoy & appreciate. You should very seriously be published. You have a gift for story telling, doll. Truly.

Author's Response: Thanks so much. :)

Reviewer: Soul of the Rose Signed Date: 08/01/2011 - 08:47 am Title: Break a Leg

This was really beautiful. One of the most well-written fics I've ever read. I got lost in the narrative & the world you were creating. You really put us inside Buffy's head & help us feel & understand what she's going through. I bled for Spike trying so hard to get through to her. Extremely well done. I look forward to the rest of the series.

Author's Response: Thanks so much.

Reviewer: Smathyral Anonymous Date: 05/19/2011 - 07:22 am Title: Dirty Blonde

Holy crap I love this!!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: Iamme Anonymous Date: 05/02/2011 - 04:01 am Title: The Fog of War

Great job! Loooove it so far, keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you, Iamme!

Reviewer: The Enemy of Reality Signed Date: 05/02/2011 - 02:47 am Title: The Fog of War

Oh, that anonymous review was from me. Didn't notice I had been logged out. LOVE thi story!!! Had to say it again. ;)

Author's Response: Thanks again, Enemy of Reality!

Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous Date: 05/02/2011 - 02:44 am Title: The Fog of War

Very interesting, very unexpected development! I wonder if the candle thingy Spike touched in the basement is to blame for the night's anomalies. Also, the term 'Magic Bollocks' made me laugh! *gg* I love how the whirlwind of emotions in the chapter... there were lines that made me smile and those that tugged at my heart for how sad they are. Amazing Spike voice! And equally fantastic portrayal of their relationship. I can't help but be excited to read more! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I think that the best part of the show was the way it could swing so smoothly between different emotions and tones, and that goes for Buffy and Spike's relationship as well, you know? I was definitely going for that, so it really makes me thrilled that you picked up on it!

Reviewer: Minx DeLovely Anonymous Date: 04/29/2011 - 12:24 pm Title: The Fog of War

That was one of the best use of song lyrics in a story I've read. Really enjoying the surrealism in this installment of the story.

Author's Response: Thank you, Minx! Those lyrics just seemed oddly perfect, you know?

Reviewer: BuffyRat Anonymous Date: 04/29/2011 - 04:41 am Title: The Fog of War

Well that is an interesting turn. Glad they are forced to work together, even though I don't quite know where they've ended up. I love his tiny bit of contempt, to think that it would be enough for her to dream of saving him after he was gone. Selfless and selfish at the same time. But he didn't dust, and now they have to figure it out together. Pretty cool, that. Update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks, BuffyRat.

Reviewer: Del Anonymous Date: 04/23/2011 - 06:50 am Title: The Fog of War

FTR, I love the dream sequences. In this one and the last one in the series.

Favorite lines:

"People had always put on these sorts of shows, he knew. The only difference was, the stones used to be real."

"“Oh, but you are my business,” Xander said. “I’m in the monster biz. Remember? And, hey look! A monster washing dark stains out of stuff.”

“It’s mud, you git.”

“What a relief! Muddy bed sheets. Because that’s way less weird and disturbing…”

Spike shoved past him and began feeding quarters into the machines. “And here I’m wondering, ‘What kind of nancy goes ‘round narrating the contents of another bloke’s washing?’” He shot Xander a bitter sneer. “For instance, you don’t see me talkin’ about how every stitch you wear smells like Johnson & Johnson baby powder.”

Xander laughed, but deliciously nervous. “You… you can’t,” he stammered. His eyes shot wide. “You can smell that?”"

Hah. This whole section is awesome.

"“Evil!” After a moment, the boy’s outrage melted to a disgusted scowl. “Holy crap… even your laundry is evil.”

Spike dumped out the last sticky drops of blue goo, and then casually tossed the bottle over a shoulder. He punched the little buttons to get things going.

“Well, duh,” he said."

Fabulous! Evil!Laundry. Lmao.

Also? Buffy's rubbing off on him with the "Well, duh".

"For a few moments, Spike toyed with the idea of flashing some fang. Instead, he just sneered the word yeah, and gave the bloke a look like he was composed of lovely steaks. He recoiled a bit, the curl fading from his lips, and gave him the sodding straw."

Spike's still got it. Kinda, at least.

"“Errands? Vampire errands?”

He shot her an indignant look. “Yeah, well some thoughtless bird sodded up my sheets last night,” he growled.

“You’re doing laundry?”

“Why the bloody hell does everyone say it like that?” he snapped. “Yes I’m doing laundry. What, you think magic elves do my wash? Or, my legion of maids and butlers?”"

Hehe. Spike doing laundry does make one's head want to implode a bit. But, then, of course, he must at some point.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, Del! Those were some of my favorite lines to write, too. Yes, I imagine even the evil undead must suffer though the occasion spin cycle. :)

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