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11/28/18 08:48 am
Sorry site was down, thanks for letting me know Chrissel. It's being worked on.
spikes mrs
09/06/18 02:21 am
receive a spam review from zzyytt deleted it but please be aware Pari thanks ...xxx
08/17/18 08:57 am
looks like the Series Category search has a series listed that is restaurants spam -
08/03/18 04:39 am
More spam. Reviewer Jing. Will delete.
07/04/18 05:05 pm
I have added some coding to deter hem from trying to post links. We shall see how it goes
07/04/18 05:01 pm
I have added some coding to deter hem from trying to post links. We shall see how it goes
07/04/18 03:20 pm
Sorry for the spammage, I am looking into a fix. Until I find a solution I can only advise if you see spam just delete it. Again, I am researching a fix, besides removing the reviewing feature
06/27/18 10:25 pm
Is there seriously nothing you can do to stop these spammers , Pari?? Like, how about not allow links on reveiws? This is the only site I have this problem with. soon there will be nothing but spam
04/23/18 04:08 am
I'm back! Have you missed me? Uploading chapters from new fics, starting with Everyone Has Secrets.
04/14/18 04:08 pm
I really wihs Fetching Mad Scientist would come back to do an update. :( after all these years it seems a bit impossible but...


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Author's Corner

Reviewer: waddiwasiwitch Signed Date: 06/20/2013 - 04:33 pm Title: Fourteen

This is really an amazing story. I loved your oc's. The kids were cute.

Author's Response: Thank you. I seem to end up putting way more OCs in future fics than I ever do in within-canon ones. :)

Reviewer: Passion4Spike Signed Date: 12/19/2012 - 07:11 pm Title: Prologue and Chapter One

On the Vampire lair/threshold note: Yes, I see your point on that here. I've struggled with that in my own series because I have them living in the mansion, which was Spike's first and Buffy moved in there, so I've always left it as a 'lair' (thus Angel can come and go at will, much to Spike's displeasure). Thanks for your POV on that - definitely makes sense, if the house is in Buffy's name, then it should be ok ... except if they're married and that means it's half Spike's if they're married in CA! LOL! Thanks for the note back on that! It's fascinating to see how other writers handle different little issues like that.

Author's Response: LOL well, not so sure about CA, but I'd still think that having one human as a co-owner means any vamps that don't have an invitation can't get in. After all, a person who is killed and turned, has to be invited into what used to be his/her own house by one of the humans still living in it. Right? It is interesting to see how other writers handled it. I think I'm pretty consistent with how I do it across my works, but maybe not. Some things I do vary depending on the story and its needs.

Reviewer: Passion4Spike Signed Date: 12/19/2012 - 07:03 pm Title: Fourteen


"Your dad isn’t your average vampire,” Buffy said. "He never was and he never will be."

No kidding!

Lovely story start to finish. Very much enjoyed it. I think there was a sequel to it I saw ... will have to check that out too. Thanks for sharing your talent!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it. I'm quite proud of this fic, even though it is flawed in its premise pretty badly. :) I don't think I've done a sequel though. Not that comes to mind right away.

Reviewer: Passion4Spike Signed Date: 12/19/2012 - 04:33 pm Title: Thirteen

Oh yes, some serious Angelus (and Dru) ass-kicking! Will did really well - a chip off the old block! I would not want to see the bloodied pulp of Angelus that was left for Buffy to stake after a royally brassed off Spike got done with him.

Author's Response: The kids are pretty brave and feisty - but then, how could they not be?

Reviewer: Passion4Spike Signed Date: 12/19/2012 - 03:49 pm Title: Twelve

Oh dear, it was just getting all nice and kinda cozy and then - BAM! of course, knew it was coming. Time to kick some Angelus ass! Love the interaction you've had between them (Buffy and Spike).

On a separate note, one thing I've wondered in stories where they're married but Spike is still a vamp: Is there a threshold on a Vampire Lair? I'm thinking not, so if the house is Spike's (as well as Buffy's) would that be a vampire lair or a house with a threshold to keep the baddies out? Since Spike hadn't been living there before, then I get that it would be fine with the threshold, but now that he is living at the Pratt's house again ...?? I'm sure there's no real answer to that, it's just something that I wonder about. I know, I'm weird. :)

Author's Response: Actually, i've written several fics where Spike (the Vampire) owns or rents a home. He usually ends up putting it in Buffy's name to protect it. In this story, the William Pratt who bought the house with Buffy is dead. I don't think vamp-Spike is considered the owner anymore . It's a good thought, though. I'm going with Buffy's the sole owner and has been for the past six years, so they're good. It's not any more dangerous for them than it was when Spike was living in her basement in season 7. The home belongs to the living human who owns it. Once all the owners are dead, the vamps can come and go at will. It was a good thought, though. One that has to be kept in mind when writing any fics where they are living together in something Spike owns. :)

Reviewer: Passion4Spike Signed Date: 12/19/2012 - 03:23 pm Title: Eleven

I meant to say before that I'm very much loving Xander through this whole story. He's the perfect comic relief and level head. I always liked young-Xander and this Xander is much like that.

Author's Response: Glad you like him. :)

Reviewer: Passion4Spike Signed Date: 12/19/2012 - 02:53 pm Title: Ten

Oooo, very tense. We all know how diabolical Angelus is and how crazy Dru is. Very scary!

Author's Response: Scary is good... for a while. :)

Reviewer: Passion4Spike Signed Date: 12/19/2012 - 02:36 pm Title: Nine

Oh yes, there's the Buffy and Spike we know and love. Loved the line about their demons getting reacquainted! Very fitting - and Buffy didn't even object to it! wow! Lovely chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you. :)

Reviewer: Passion4Spike Signed Date: 12/19/2012 - 01:35 am Title: Eight

Started off with happy reunions ...Loved Faith's: “Oh, the Big Bad is back,” she purred, smirking at a glaring Buffy. “We’ll pop that champagne yet.” Then ended with more lovely tears. Everyone hurting sooo much and too proud to just let it go. Lovely chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm so glad you're enjoying it. :)

Reviewer: Passion4Spike Signed Date: 12/19/2012 - 01:21 am Title: Seven

Oh, you two crazy, stubborn kids ... just have a good knock-down-drag-out row and get back to it! :)

Author's Response: There's a lot of stuff to get out of the way first. It's been a long time...

Reviewer: Passion4Spike Signed Date: 12/19/2012 - 01:04 am Title: Six

Oh! Awesome twist! I hadn't expected that. Very tension-filled chapter. And love Spike the protector coming to save his family.

Author's Response: Hope you enjoy the rest of it. :)

Reviewer: Passion4Spike Signed Date: 12/19/2012 - 12:46 am Title: Five

"But he’s the offspring of two stupid people, so you never know..." ROFL!! Oh yes he is! I *love* that Xander's been keeping in touch with Spike. I really thought those two could've been friends, we saw splashes of it, but then they just made Xander a big dope and ruined it.

Author's Response: I've always thought they could be friends. I tend to write them that way more often than not. :)

Reviewer: Passion4Spike Signed Date: 12/19/2012 - 12:35 am Title: Four

Lovely tears throughout this chapter. I'm loving the kids. And love Will's plan to fix things. Hopefully he doesn't get his plan-making skills from his father... :)

Author's Response: LOL good point. Let's hope he's a better planner. :)

Reviewer: Passion4Spike Signed Date: 12/19/2012 - 12:18 am Title: Two

Oh, Buffy - why did you send him away? Of course, the kids need their father - they've needed him for six years. And what is Spike up to ... because, of course, it's him. I do feel badly for Buffy, but she brought it on herself, as she often does. Silly girl.

Author's Response: She did. She's entirely to blame for the situation - and she knows it. Been living with it for years.

Reviewer: Passion4Spike Signed Date: 12/18/2012 - 10:14 pm Title: Prologue and Chapter One

Oh, Buffy ... really? Wow, the prologue had me crying - poor Spike! And yeah, ok, I felt bad for Buffy at the end too, but poor Spike! Looking forward to seeing where this goes ...

Author's Response: Hope you enjoy it. :)

Reviewer: vampsNslayers101 Signed Date: 07/18/2012 - 06:12 am Title: Fourteen

Awesome story, I loved it. Keep up the great work.


Author's Response: :-)

Reviewer: Viciousrejects Anonymous Date: 08/23/2011 - 10:25 am Title: Fourteen

this was THE BEST spuffy fic i have ever read.

Author's Response: Oh my goodness. What a lovely thing to say. Thank you, I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it so much.

Reviewer: Jessy Signed Date: 09/03/2008 - 08:56 pm Title: Fourteen

Beautiful :)
But I don't get her... What she did was terribly wrong. I get Spike forgiving her, better to forgive and enjoy the rest of the time together than to be apart, suffering.. Once more he proved himself better than her.
The kids were great too! Perfect mix of their parents ;) And now they will get to know their father as he truly is, without secrets :D

Author's Response: Thanks for reading. I'm glad you liked it. Yep, Spike is definitely the giver in the this one. :)

Reviewer: BuffyRat Anonymous Date: 02/28/2008 - 03:03 am Title: Fourteen

Loved it. Darn you for keeping me up past my bed time. Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Hee! Sorry? Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. I'm glad you liked it.

Reviewer: BuffyRat Anonymous Date: 02/28/2008 - 02:09 am Title: Nine

Love their little arguments. May take a while, but I imagine they can get a bit of theirs back.

Author's Response: With a bit of luck, they will. Thanks.

Reviewer: BuffyRat Anonymous Date: 02/28/2008 - 01:59 am Title: Eight

“I missed you. Do – did you miss me?”

“Every bloody day,” he replied, without turning around. “Good-night, Buffy.”

How devastating. So much lost time. They always end up coming round, but the time it will take to heal those wounds.

Author's Response: It will. But at least they're talking to each other.

Reviewer: BuffyRat Anonymous Date: 02/28/2008 - 01:25 am Title: Five

“Do you think you can find a subtle way to keep him down here with you? I don’t think he’ll do anything stupid, but...”

“But he’s the offspring of two stupid people, so you never know...”

How very true... :)

Author's Response: LOL - yep, alas.

Reviewer: BuffyRat Anonymous Date: 02/28/2008 - 01:17 am Title: Four

The optimism of youth. Love how they bounce back so fast.

Author's Response: They do. Children are stronger than people think.

Reviewer: BuffyRat Anonymous Date: 02/28/2008 - 01:09 am Title: Three

He'd never leave all the way, for good. Couldn't do that to his Buffy.

Author's Response: We'll see....:)

Reviewer: Mer24 Anonymous Date: 01/01/2008 - 03:23 pm Title: Fourteen

This was the perfect spuffy story for so many reasons. You made this story so believeable. I cried in all the right places and simply adored the ending. This story reminded me just why i fell in love with B/S in the first place. Best fic i've read for a long time.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. What a lovely thing to say. I'm so glad that you liked it.