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06/20/20 07:02 pm
I’m trying to put in a fic in the find a fic forum to but it isn’t letting me post the info about the fic I’m looking for I pretty sure I’m doing it right can you help
06/19/20 05:46 pm
Forum is back up.
06/19/20 04:20 pm
I have been informed that the Find-a-fic forum is down, and I'm working with host to get it back up. Please stand by. Thank you!
05/30/20 11:40 pm
The forum is back up now, sorry. We have been moved to a bigger and better server and things tend to get wonky with moving. If anyone sees anything strange please email me and let me know.
05/26/20 12:11 pm
Find-A-Fictional is not working
04/02/20 01:30 am
I'm finally able to log in again, Pari, so whatsoever happened, a hearty thanks!
03/13/20 07:51 pm
We are moving to a new server, so expect some downtime. Don't panic downtime is normal during this process. Thank you!
03/13/20 06:17 pm
Hey All, having issues with the server. My host is working on this now. So please be patient. Pages are not lost, just 'SCROLL DOWN' :D
07/02/19 10:57 am
Hi! Everyone I'm new here. I just heard about this site from EF. Looking forward to reading great fics!
05/12/19 06:00 am
Anyone have the whole finished story for Dispose the Day? I tried to PM someone and it says I'm not logged in when I am. Oh well. Happy Mother's Day to all!


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Author's Corner

Reviews For Parallel Lives
Reviewer: strikske Signed Date: 03/06/2010 - 08:56 am Title: All's Well That Ends Well

I really liked this storie so much so that I couldn't stop reading and forgot to comment during..

Author's Response: Thank you very much! That's great to hear xx

Reviewer: serinah Anonymous Date: 11/23/2008 - 01:04 pm Title: All's Well That Ends Well

The plot was very good. I rarely have read an AU fic that would have our main characters human, but the story still contained supernatural elements. That you used Tara as the witch, not Willow kept it fresh too. I like your OCs like James and Rich, I like Dru starting the plot but Angel taking the vampire story-line taking over; it was rather unexpected. At the beginning I really thought that Dru would stay as the main villain. At times I felt that Angel's character could have been opened more to the reader, but I realise that as the story was closing in on the climax, that there was simply no room for developing his character. Despite it being a very different story from 'Changing Lives (which is still my favourite), ll in all it was a very enjoyable light reading, just what I needed. Thank you for writing it.

Author's Response: I think adding the element of the supernatural put some people off - they didn't understand why I did it. A plain sequel to CL would have been ok but probably a bit run of the mill - plenty of rock star Spike fics out there. I originally was going to use Oz and Willow but since my hopes lie with being published for original work I decided to develop Rich's character. I gave him Tara as a girlfriend as I thought having two pivotal characters as OC's would be too much. I agree that I didn't expand Angel's character but the story was about Spike and I didn't want to get too bogged down with Angel :) I have loved writing both CL and PL and will probably do a third one in time - hence the appearance of the other dimension James :) Thanks for reading and for letting me know your thoughts :)

Reviewer: serinah Anonymous Date: 11/23/2008 - 01:02 pm Title: All's Well That Ends Well

I finally got myself together and talked myself into reading this fic. I was afraid that it would be something like a Loss of Pride, that though I loved it featured helpless Spike most of the time. I like Spike stronger than that which is my personal preference. Anyway, 'Parallel Lives' surprised me; while serious and angsty at times (which I mostly like very much) was overriden with fun and comedy and at times a bit even 'over the top' (in a good way) humour. (the review refuses to be posted, I'll chop it in half.)

Author's Response: I'm glad that your decided to read it and that you enjoyed it. I had a great time writing it.

Reviewer: serinah Anonymous Date: 11/22/2008 - 10:08 pm Title: Angel

wow, souled angel in this mabel-verse dimension? i'm awed!

Author's Response: He had to be a good guy! :)

Reviewer: serinah Anonymous Date: 11/22/2008 - 10:01 pm Title: Another Development

Is it wrong of me to be aroused when reading this sentence: 'He truly was turning into a demon, a beast' ?

Author's Response: Tee hee! Not wrong at all! *giggles*

Reviewer: Pet Anonymous Date: 09/25/2008 - 01:52 pm Title: All's Well That Ends Well

What a wonderful ending! I really loved this story, and the thing with James was a totally unexpected twist. Can't wait to read more from you!

Author's Response: Hi Pet. Thank you so much for telling me that you loved the story - it was a fun one to write. The James thing has set things up nicely for a third in the series in the future :)

Reviewer: JO Anonymous Date: 09/25/2008 - 12:07 am Title: All's Well That Ends Well

And so it's over , Spike can now live chain free, unless he and buffy are into that kinda thing, tee hee. I don't know about the whole James from another dimension thing though , maybe if he had memories of Spike it would be different ,but this way it's like a consolation prize instead of the gold . I loved reading this story , are u going to post the man fic soon? That's really gonna cause a stir, you'll probably get flamed, better buy flame proof clothing first, ha, ha.

Author's Response: Spike can indeed live without being tied up - at least until I get my hands on him again! LOL! As regards James - the fact that he wasn't their James was kind of the point :) They would have loved their James to come back but he can't - he's dead. This James couldn't have known Spike cos in his dimension he was a vampire who dusted years when James was 17. Got lots of scope for the next story in this series. ----The Man will be posted when it's complete - you'll see it as soon as it is! I'm pretty much flame proof after what I got for Helen! LOL! *hugs*

Reviewer: PhotographyNut Anonymous Date: 09/24/2008 - 10:48 pm Title: All's Well That Ends Well

Totally loved your fic!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing along the way - it's really appreciated. There will be another in this series but not for a little while :) Thanks again.

Reviewer: cordykitten Signed Date: 09/24/2008 - 08:38 pm Title: All's Well That Ends Well

I so can understand Spike's creeps ;)
James was indeed from the other dimension. No wonder he is confused.
Good for James that he can stay; this dimension will be more kinder to him.
Glad to see Spike being happy with Buffy again. Unexpected that he kept some vampire abilities.
Not sure if I should wish for more (a sequel). I would like it, yeah, but another 'Drusilla' (or Angel, going to xx/other after the spuffyness? That wouldn't be fun. Otherwise yes, sequel :)

Author's Response: I so can understand Spike's creeps - you and me both! LOL! I felt mean that I'd killed 'our' James off and so thought that 'a' James deserved a shot at a nice life! If (more likey, when) I do another sequel you'll be safe from any Spike/Dru as she's dust! LOL! Thanks so much for reading and for all of your reviews :)

Reviewer: Braydie Anonymous Date: 09/24/2008 - 08:29 pm Title: All's Well That Ends Well

Brilliant ending. :) I'm not sure how I feel about Spike keeping some of the vampiric powers... but if you decide to continue the storey, I suppose they might be useful... :)

And I hope you do decide to continue, because I love reading about these characters! :)*

Author's Response: Hi Braydie! Thank you so much for saying that the ending was briliant! :) I just thought that the super powers might keep him out of trouble in a future fic. I think that I will write more of ths verse! Thanks so much for reading :)

Reviewer: Melly Anonymous Date: 09/24/2008 - 08:24 pm Title: All's Well That Ends Well

Thanks and congratulations on another wonderful fic! You and your evil plot bunnies really had me worried for a moment with those flashing eyes! Looking forward to reading more adventures in the Mabelverse!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much Melly - delighted that you enjoyed the fic (Sunnyd awards are open for nominations! hint hint! LOL) Just thought a super strenght Spike might be good fun to write in a future Mabelverse fic :) Will miss these characters.

Reviewer: Anonymous Date: 09/24/2008 - 12:54 am Title: Solutions

I have loved this story since the beginning. Although, usually I like a little more Spuffy in the stories that I read. I still have enjoyed it. I don't know what to think about James and him being back. But as of right now I am not liking it. It just seems like you are doing too much. Sometimes, too much isn't always good. I didn't finish reading the first story in this series because I didn't like how you wrote Spike. I couldn't get over him lying to everybody about who he is for so long. But for some reason I started this story and I have liked it. But now with James back which I don't really like. I really don't know what to think of this story anymore. I might continue but I do hope that the focus isn't on James for long. It doesn't seem like enough Spike and Buffy time to me. I want my Spuffy. LOL

Author's Response: Thanks for letting me know that you have enjoyed the story thus far, especially after not liking CL. I don't agree that i'm doing too much by introducing James it's only a small twist. There is only one more chapter so I hope you manage to stay with it and read it :) There is a bit of Spuffy loving in it! LOL! Thanks for reading.

Reviewer: Nicka Anonymous Date: 09/23/2008 - 03:17 pm Title: Solutions

Well theres a twist. Loved it and more please soon.

Author's Response: It was a twist and a half LOL! won;t make you wait v long :)

Reviewer: Melly Anonymous Date: 09/23/2008 - 11:56 am Title: Solutions

OMG! How do you and your plot bunnies keep coming up with more and more surprises?!?! I'm assuming this is James from the Buffyverse? Thanks for the shocking update! More soon please.

Author's Response: You're not wrong! Glad that you liked it. Only one more part to go :)

Reviewer: JO Anonymous Date: 09/23/2008 - 01:12 am Title: Solutions

James? Oh I can't wait to hear this explanation> I'm glad Spike is back to normal though but I see you couldn't resist putting him in chains again, tsk , tsk , Mabel . I need to know what your up to with the James situation , i'm intrigued.Update soon.

Author's Response: But I love my Spike all chained up! LOL! Glad that I've got you intrigued. Last chapter later today :)

Reviewer: PhotographyNut Anonymous Date: 09/22/2008 - 11:05 pm Title: Solutions

OMG! You sure threw us a curve! Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: You know that i just love doing that! Tee hee! :)

Reviewer: cordykitten Signed Date: 09/22/2008 - 08:56 pm Title: Solutions

Oh the ritual went right :-D Angel should be back now and Spike seems to be alright again. Good news then.
But James... he didn't recognize Rich. So it's one from another dimension? Wonder what that will mean for them now.

Author's Response: Yes all has gone well with the ritual. Poor James is a bit confused though! :) More soon and thanks for taking the time to let me know. :)

Reviewer: Chloe Marsters Signed Date: 09/22/2008 - 07:38 pm Title: Solutions

this chapter was amazing! i really loved it! aaahh a cliffhanger! brilliant to bring james back into it! can't wait to read more!!!

Author's Response: Hey there Chloe! Welcome to your first rev at the Mabelverse! LOL! Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Don't you just love a cliffhanger...? More soon.

Reviewer: Sibb Anonymous Date: 09/22/2008 - 05:35 pm Title: Solutions

Yikes! Now what? You certainly love to put us on those rollercoaster rides :-). Way to keep us on pins and needles.

Author's Response: Tee hee! I love it when I can get an unexpected twist in! Thanks for taking the time to comment :)

Reviewer: spuffy Anonymous Date: 09/22/2008 - 05:10 pm Title: Solutions

i cant belive you!!!
ho my i want... no, i need more!!!!!!

Author's Response: Hi there Spuffy! thought I'd lost you! Glad this one got your attention eh? LOL! More soon :) Thanks for letting me know.

Reviewer: Pet Signed Date: 09/22/2008 - 04:08 pm Title: Solutions

OMG! Ok, I have no words except that I loved it. Need! More! now! :)

Author's Response: Glad that it came as a bit of a surprise! LOL! Thanks so much for letting me know :)

Reviewer: Fiona Anonymous Date: 09/22/2008 - 03:30 pm Title: Solutions

I've read the first story and I've been following this one, I have not been fond of the story of Spike turning vamp like but I've read it. Now James?

Ugh it makes no sense.

Author's Response: Hi Fiona, sorry to hear that you haven't much liked the story. I've had a great time writing it. I wanted to do something that was different and a not all human sequel to an all human fic was what I opted to do. As for James...explanations in next chapter. :)

Reviewer: Trisha B. Anonymous Date: 09/22/2008 - 03:16 pm Title: Solutions

Bey! that was one of the best cliffhangers i've ever seen. you need to update as soon as possible before i explode.

i can't believe James is back and why doesn't he know rich? just asking out loud, i know you can't tell me yet.

p.s. incase you missed it, LOVED this chapter!!

Author's Response: Hi Trisha B, thank you so much for such a lovely review :) Your questions will soon be answered. Thanks again.

Reviewer: Pet Anonymous Date: 09/19/2008 - 05:42 pm Title: Waiting For News

Phew! Thank God Spike's ok! Well, I guess he could've been better, but at least he's still alive. And did I mention before how incredibly happy I am that Buff'y's finally there for him? :) Great update, want more now! *lol*

Author's Response: I couldn't dust a Spike twice in a story! LOL! She is comforting him, that's for sure :) Thanks for letting me know that you liked it:)

Reviewer: Melly Anonymous Date: 09/19/2008 - 02:31 pm Title: Waiting For News

Thanks to you and your plot bunnies for another great update! Those evil little beasties almost have me liking Angel - and I never like Angel!! More soon please.

Author's Response: My plot bunnies are having a ball! LOL! I can like Angel as long as he's not with Buffy! Won't keep you waiting for long :)