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07/02/19 05:57 am
Hi! Everyone I'm new here. I just heard about this site from EF. Looking forward to reading great fics!
05/12/19 01:00 am
Anyone have the whole finished story for Dispose the Day? I tried to PM someone and it says I'm not logged in when I am. Oh well. Happy Mother's Day to all!
03/12/19 10:04 am
Hey everyone. Been a while. Happy BTVS-day
01/28/19 11:15 pm
Another spammer : wwwe
01/06/19 06:02 pm
And it seems back up now, as I'm currently on it and it appears to respond perfectly, Pari.
11/28/18 08:48 am
Sorry site was down, thanks for letting me know Chrissel. It's being worked on.
spikes mrs
09/06/18 02:21 am
receive a spam review from zzyytt deleted it but please be aware Pari thanks ...xxx
08/17/18 08:57 am
looks like the Series Category search has a series listed that is restaurants spam -
08/03/18 04:39 am
More spam. Reviewer Jing. Will delete.
07/04/18 05:05 pm
I have added some coding to deter hem from trying to post links. We shall see how it goes


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Author's Corner

Reviews For More Than Words
Reviewer: ScarlettDuck Signed Date: 11/22/2013 - 03:40 pm Title: 1


Reviewer: Buffy Convert Anonymous Date: 07/19/2009 - 07:21 pm Title: 1

Yes, I liked it - what more can I say when it's so short? : )

Reviewer: gdo Anonymous Date: 07/13/2009 - 10:45 pm Title: 1

hee, love Spike's line after Buffy mentions the smell of demon. The spelling mistakes is distracting but it's a really good short fic.

Reviewer: lori Anonymous Date: 07/12/2009 - 08:59 pm Title: 1

OY MY GOD!!! You're back! I was such a horrible reviewer when you first exited fandom for a break, that I vowed to review, comment and show my appreciation to all my favorite authors whenever I had the chance.

I've always loved your work and was so glad to see you've written very hot smut! What a way to come back--with a literal Buffy bang goes the crypt door and Spike, too (tee hee). I hope that you're back to stay! I've missed your stories and read Blast to the Past from time to time when I need a pick me up.

Author's Response: LOL I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I wouldn't say I'm 'back' yet as I wrote this on a whim but I WILL say, my muse has been sparked. He's chomping at the bit now for some Spuffy lovin' so, its hard to say what he'll do. Who knows, he might have another Spuffy story in him yet. ;-)

Reviewer: BuffyRat Anonymous Date: 07/12/2009 - 01:42 am Title: 1

Lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: And thank you for reviewing. I appreciate it. Glad you enjoyed it.

Reviewer: quirks Anonymous Date: 07/11/2009 - 11:25 pm Title: 1

very hot. ;)

Author's Response: Thank you! Also, thanks for taking the time to review. I appreciate it.

Reviewer: PhotographyNut Anonymous Date: 07/11/2009 - 09:33 pm Title: 1

Loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it!

Reviewer: Brett Anonymous Date: 07/11/2009 - 03:22 pm Title: 1

Oh lovely. A groveling Buffy. What a rare occurrence that is ;)

I think Buffy loves being tortured by Spike.

Great one shot. I hope you write more to share with us sometime.

Author's Response: Who wouldn't love being tortured by Spike? lol I know I would. The muse is still whispering so maybe he'll pull another plot bunny out of his hat. Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: jen Anonymous Date: 07/11/2009 - 02:35 pm Title: 1

Nifty! Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: You're very welcome, Jen. Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: Kimmie Anonymous Date: 07/11/2009 - 01:30 pm Title: 1

Thanks for a dose of Zarrah ... wonderful as always. Now I'm going to go back and reread all of your oldies because I love love love them. Miss your Spuffy goodness but i'm glad that you are in a happy place. =)
(I concur with your beta ... love the Spuffy porn and you are one of the masters!) Hugs you, Kimmie

Author's Response: Thank you, sweetie. I love creating original fiction but visiting my 'old friends' was a blast. Don't judge those 'old' fics too harshly. I've grown as a writer since then. LOL Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: Tara Anonymous Date: 07/11/2009 - 11:12 am Title: 1

Oh my god; what a nice an hot surprise!!! I almost did a double take when I saw your name and new Spuffy. You know, of course, that this will only make us want more....Loved it!!

Author's Response: You couldn't have been nearly as shocked as me! Writing Spuffy again was a trip. It made me remeber 'why' I started writing to begin with. Thanks for the review. I appreciate it!

Reviewer: Pam S Anonymous Date: 07/11/2009 - 07:56 am Title: 1

Enjoyed your "short".. hopefully you will be writing more..

Author's Response: The muse was sparked so who knows! lol Thanks for reviewing. I appreciate it.

Reviewer: cordykitten Signed Date: 07/11/2009 - 04:14 am Title: 1

I checked your account to see if Zarrah is the Zarrah I know. Good to see you on the update list. Wow, since 2005? I didn't know it had been this long already.
Oh this was hot and fun too. Good to see you again.

Author's Response: Thank you, Sweetie and YES...it's me! lol I had tons of fun writing it and I really hope the Spuffy bug don't bite me. I have too many story deadlines to keep now. LOL Thanks for reviewing. I appreciate it!

Reviewer: msspikester Signed Date: 07/11/2009 - 03:52 am Title: 1

What a thrill to see a Zarrah fic again! It was a fantastic story, with the feelings between them full of love and acceptance. Plus, the Poof-bashing is always a plus. Thank you so much - it was wonderful!

Author's Response: hehehe, well, it wouldn't be a 'Zarrah fic' without a little 'poof' bashing, now would it? Thanks for reading and taking the time to review. I appreciate it and I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was a blast to revisit my old friends, Buffy and Spike.