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07/02/19 05:57 am
Hi! Everyone I'm new here. I just heard about this site from EF. Looking forward to reading great fics!
05/12/19 01:00 am
Anyone have the whole finished story for Dispose the Day? I tried to PM someone and it says I'm not logged in when I am. Oh well. Happy Mother's Day to all!
03/12/19 10:04 am
Hey everyone. Been a while. Happy BTVS-day
01/28/19 11:15 pm
Another spammer : wwwe
01/06/19 06:02 pm
And it seems back up now, as I'm currently on it and it appears to respond perfectly, Pari.
11/28/18 08:48 am
Sorry site was down, thanks for letting me know Chrissel. It's being worked on.
spikes mrs
09/06/18 02:21 am
receive a spam review from zzyytt deleted it but please be aware Pari thanks ...xxx
08/17/18 08:57 am
looks like the Series Category search has a series listed that is restaurants spam -
08/03/18 04:39 am
More spam. Reviewer Jing. Will delete.
07/04/18 05:05 pm
I have added some coding to deter hem from trying to post links. We shall see how it goes


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Author's Corner

Reviews For A Friend in Need
Reviewer: Passion4Spike Signed Date: 12/13/2012 - 05:38 pm Title: Chapter 4

'salacious curl of his tongue' --- what an awesome phrase! And an awesome image! Yum! Very good interaction between them. You've got that frien-imies thing down very well! Love flirty Spike ... and Buffy not decking him for it. :) Can't wait for the meeting of Captain Cardboard and William the Bloody!

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

Reviewer: magnus374 Signed Date: 12/13/2012 - 03:19 am Title: Chapter 4

That interaction felt so good to read.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. :)

Reviewer: Passion4Spike Signed Date: 12/13/2012 - 12:29 am Title: Chapter 3

Hmmmm ... interesting. Since Buffy and Dawn didn't actually SEE Ben change into Glory, the forgetting spell didn't kick in? Or maybe they'll still forget ... will have to see. And why can't Buffy just come and and tell Riley that no - she doesn't need him! duh! I think he's getting it, though. Can't wait for Spike to come home.

Author's Response: Well, since this is an AU, the forgetting spell isn't playing much of a part. And since Buffy knows (or will soon) that Glory shelters in a human, it's pretty easy to figure out who it is. :)

Reviewer: Passion4Spike Signed Date: 12/13/2012 - 12:16 am Title: Chapter 2

Oh, Buffy! Yay!! You had me all teary-eyed with the phone call, Slaymesoftly! Love that! And Riley going Apeshit - not a real negative. Spike can take care of himself now. Squeee!! Although Buffy probably won't let Spike hurt him ... (drat!). Oh, and always love Clem- you captured him well!

Author's Response: LOL Thanks. I'm glad you're enjoying it so far.

Reviewer: Passion4Spike Signed Date: 12/13/2012 - 12:04 am Title: Prologue and Chapter 1

Oh yes, Buffy - Glory will simply go away and look elsewhere! Uhhh ... not! Hope Clem calls Spike anyway, since Buffy is obviously too stubborn to. C'mon and find a way to save the day, Spike! :)

Author's Response: LOL Buffy's not as dumb as you might think.

Reviewer: Passion4Spike Signed Date: 12/12/2012 - 03:04 pm Title: Prologue and Chapter 1

Can you tell us where to find Even Demons Need Friends ?? Would rather read that first, but I'm not seeing it here... help. :)

Author's Response: Sorry - I didn't realize it wasn't on TSR. You can find it here: http://spuffystuff.org/evendemons.htm Or, you can wait a bit, and I'll put it up here. :)

Reviewer: magnus374 Signed Date: 12/12/2012 - 07:47 am Title: Chapter 3

Nice interaction, and now Spike is coming back.

Author's Response: Yes he is!

Reviewer: Embers and Flame Signed Date: 12/11/2012 - 08:22 pm Title: Chapter 3

Great new chapter. But darn it no Spike. Lol. Maybe next chapter?

Author's Response: Next chapter for sure. :) Coming up later today.

Reviewer: Embers and Flame Signed Date: 12/10/2012 - 11:15 am Title: Chapter 2

Love it. I look forward to reading more. Thank you.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and commenting. :)

Reviewer: ILoveLamp Signed Date: 12/10/2012 - 11:06 am Title: Prologue and Chapter 1

I had to go find the first story, but like this one, I enjoyed the hell outta it.

Nice start to this one.

Author's Response: I hope you enjoy the rest of it. :)

Reviewer: magnus374 Signed Date: 12/09/2012 - 04:06 pm Title: Prologue and Chapter 1

I liked the interaction between Buffy and Clem.

Author's Response: i always felt they might have met earlier. They seemed to be quite friendly by Season 7.

Reviewer: Embers and Flame Signed Date: 12/09/2012 - 11:13 am Title: Prologue and Chapter 1

I'm happy to see another story from you. Please post again soon. Thank you.

Author's Response: Much of the story is already written, so updates should be fairly frequent. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy it. :)