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06/20/20 07:02 pm
I’m trying to put in a fic in the find a fic forum to but it isn’t letting me post the info about the fic I’m looking for I pretty sure I’m doing it right can you help
06/19/20 05:46 pm
Forum is back up.
06/19/20 04:20 pm
I have been informed that the Find-a-fic forum is down, and I'm working with host to get it back up. Please stand by. Thank you!
05/30/20 11:40 pm
The forum is back up now, sorry. We have been moved to a bigger and better server and things tend to get wonky with moving. If anyone sees anything strange please email me and let me know.
05/26/20 12:11 pm
Find-A-Fictional is not working
04/02/20 01:30 am
I'm finally able to log in again, Pari, so whatsoever happened, a hearty thanks!
03/13/20 07:51 pm
We are moving to a new server, so expect some downtime. Don't panic downtime is normal during this process. Thank you!
03/13/20 06:17 pm
Hey All, having issues with the server. My host is working on this now. So please be patient. Pages are not lost, just 'SCROLL DOWN' :D
07/02/19 10:57 am
Hi! Everyone I'm new here. I just heard about this site from EF. Looking forward to reading great fics!
05/12/19 06:00 am
Anyone have the whole finished story for Dispose the Day? I tried to PM someone and it says I'm not logged in when I am. Oh well. Happy Mother's Day to all!


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Reviews For Stake Your Claim
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Reviewer: Love to Bite Signed Date: 04/17/2014 - 03:18 am Title: Chapter 28 & Epilogue: '1939'

This was a beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing it. I was delighted and tearful by the end of it. It's 8 years later and I only hope you are still getting the reviews for ti.

Reviewer: ScarlettDuck Signed Date: 11/22/2013 - 08:29 pm Title: Chapter 28 & Epilogue: '1939'

Very, very sweet.

Reviewer: ScarlettDuck Signed Date: 11/22/2013 - 08:29 pm Title: Chapter 28 & Epilogue: '1939'

Very, very sweet.

Reviewer: ScarlettDuck Signed Date: 11/20/2013 - 02:38 am Title: Chapter 14: Part II 'Thoughtless & Selfish'

Still loving the story, but thought I'd point out some anachronisms: in the last chapter, Buffy took meat out of the freezer for dinner, but I'm not certain the technology existed for that. And Spike called Riley "captain cardboard" in this chapter, but I'm pretty sure cardboard hadn't been invented yet. Though I'm not 100% sure on either of those... something to research, maybe!

Reviewer: ScarlettDuck Signed Date: 11/19/2013 - 07:45 pm Title: Chapter 6: Part II 'Long Haul Guys'

This chapter is a reposting of chapter 9, part 6 "Let's Make a Deal."

Reviewer: ScarlettDuck Signed Date: 11/19/2013 - 07:42 pm Title: Chapter 6: 'Let's Make a Deal'

Oh, just love the romantic and forward-planning Spike. ::swoon::

Reviewer: ScarlettDuck Signed Date: 11/19/2013 - 07:37 pm Title: Chapter 5: Part II

Story is cute so far, but needs a good beta. You have such a wonderful talent for storytelling and it would be so nice to read this with the syntax, and especially the word usage fixed; there are a number of words used incorrectly, the worst of these is using "then" (indicating time) instead of "than" (indicating a comparison).

Reviewer: ROSE Signed Date: 10/31/2012 - 05:35 pm Title: Chapter 9: 'Mail From Home'

I feel that i have to point out that if Buffy and Spike continue on course to what i hope is a happy union down then line. Both Connor and Dawn would be come Brother and Sister in Law and if they continue on the suspected path the story is leading...they may not be related by blood but if Buffy and Spike and children and Dawn and Connor have children then they'd be both newfew/aunt and cousins to one another....

Reviewer: rkm Anonymous Date: 02/15/2010 - 07:10 am Title: Chapter 28 & Epilogue: '1939'

this is truly one of the finest historical spuffy tales i've read on any site - lots of laughter, lots of tears, lots of tenderness and passion and family. enjoyed every moment!

Reviewer: Lady Kaos Anonymous Date: 10/26/2008 - 08:41 am Title: Chapter 28 & Epilogue: '1939'

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this story. I usually wait to read fics until they are finished as I don't have the patience to wait for updates. The chapters with deaths just brought me to tears especially the last chappy and epilogue. But I think my favorite part were the interactions between our favorite couple, the loving teasing, the love, and even the anger seemed real. So thank you for writing this.


Reviewer: Olinka Anonymous Date: 10/09/2008 - 03:37 am Title: Chapter 28 & Epilogue: '1939'

I love it, I wholeheartedly loved it, from the very first word to the last one. The historic scenery is grand and very realistic; people behave the same way, according to the views of the epoch. It's beautiful and very true. That's what real life is all about - happiness, loss and love that connects everything in one living being.
Thank you so much for letting Spike and Buffy die almost at the same time. In a way, it was a happy end.

Reviewer: Olinka Anonymous Date: 10/08/2008 - 07:14 pm Title: Chapter 11: Part II 'Second Chances'

Usually I absolutely hate delivery scenes, but this one wasn't too bad

Reviewer: Sara Anonymous Date: 09/07/2008 - 07:18 pm Title: Chapter 15: 'Angst, Amends and More Angst'

OMG I love this story so much. I'm so hocked, this chapter and past chapters have been so well written. I could feel for poor Dawn, Conner, and Spike at the end. But spike wont let his 'girl' go down with out a fight!!! Poor spikey!

Hopefully all is well with Buffy? But seeing as their is more chapters in this story I'd says he'd going to be just fine right?

Reviewer: smlcspike Signed Date: 07/04/2007 - 09:16 am Title: Chapter 28 & Epilogue: '1939'

OH it was sad when he died, but I liked how you had her die a few days later, and the end with the horses, and Buffy and Spike from years ago riding off to be together at the cabin.

I hope they do get the book done and her journal was a good idea.

It was a happy and sad story.

I loved it.

Reviewer: smlcspike Anonymous Date: 07/04/2007 - 12:59 am Title: Chapter 27: '1917'

Ok that is just to many will's and then willow too. It is sad that everyone is dieing.

Reviewer: smlcspike Anonymous Date: 07/04/2007 - 12:51 am Title: Chapter 26: '1914'

so Cindy is getting married, maybe,

Reviewer: smlcspike Anonymous Date: 07/04/2007 - 12:40 am Title: Chapter 25: '1911'

So Buffy can't drive here either.