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04/14/18 09:08 pm
I really wihs Fetching Mad Scientist would come back to do an update. :( after all these years it seems a bit impossible but...
03/31/18 02:39 am
So good to get an update, twilight child.
03/15/18 08:54 pm
Hey everyone. It's been a real long time. I've missed the fanfiction world.
03/15/18 02:02 pm
@Passion4Spike, thnx and spam reviews deleted
03/15/18 01:48 pm
ok, will do, Pari
03/11/18 06:32 pm
You can post it here in the shoutbox but I might not see it
03/11/18 06:32 pm
It's better if you guys email the spammer's username and then I can just delete all their reviews and account in one shot :) Contact me thru profile page
03/11/18 06:30 pm
I've deleted their reviews and account @Passion4Spike
03/02/18 02:21 am
PARI, help! Can you please do something about user aa and all the spam they are hitting me with?
03/02/18 02:21 am
PARI, help! Can you please do something about user aa and all the spam they are hitting me with?


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***All of the characters and places from the Buffy-verse are the property of the writers, actors and Fox. This is just my take on their work and they are in no way responsible for anything said or implied by myself.

Any characters of my creation are mine and mine alone for better or worse.

***Just a little note, I appreciate all reviews, the good and yes sadly the bad. Praise, complaints, hate it or love it just let me know. Just be honest***

The streets were where you went when you lost all hope. In the darkened alleyways surrounded by the pungent dumpsters and locked doors were an endless maze of life at its absolute worst, hell on earth. The very old to the very young wondered, without a plan or ambition beneath the pale green lights waiting for nothing but the end, waiting for the pain of living to stop. Some lived off the food tossed away in the dumpsters rotted by the sun between trash days while others sold drugs or peddled their own flesh to feed the gnawing hunger in their empty bellies or to buy a clean room for the night. Buffy sold herself nightly at the bargain rate of one hundred bucks a go or fifty for a blow.

She had come to the streets hoping to lose herself in the unwashed and disillusioned humanity around her and when that hadn’t worked she started selling herself one piece at a time. Unlike the others she hadn’t lost hope, she never had it to begin with. Her mother had been a junkie while her father had had run off before she had taken her first steps. The state stepped in when she had been eight but by then she was already jaded. While the other kids had been watching Muppets to learn their ABC’s, she had been learning how to thin down coke so her strung out mother wouldn’t OD by accident. The first foster home she landed in had showed her quite clearly where her place in this world was and it sure as hell wasn’t a place of sunlight and posies. She belonged in the shadows, in the alleys littered with used crack vials roaming the world when the decent people were tucked snugly in between their clean sheets in their perfect homes. That’s what she was, a piece of trash mucking up the view for the nice people who paid their taxes on time and so when she was sixteen she went back to where she belonged.

Turning tricks had never bothered her, it was just another way of life and it sure beat starving. She brought in enough to keep her in cheap hotels and happy meals, which she ate for the toys and not because of their nutritional content. She had a cheap plastic toy fetish, which was by far the weirdest thing in her life. Thinking about that reminded her it was time to get her ass back to work…literally. Putting a provocative sway in her hips she strolled down the sidewalk hoping to hook a john. Sure enough, as if by magic, a man appeared out of the alleyway and motioned for her to come over. “What are you looking for tonight baby?”

His eyes skimmed down her body taking in her short black leather mini shirt, that showed nearly every inch of her toned legs and her cherry red tank top that clung against her high firm breasts. “How much for a pretty little thing like you?” He asked her leering appreciatively.

She told him her price and he didn’t even try to argue. He took her hand and led her back into the alley. He shoved her roughly against the cold stone wall, which she didn’t mind but she did mind him starting without paying upfront. “Money first baby, then you can do anything you want.”

He pulled out his wallet and handed over two hundred large. “I guess that buys me just about everything.”

She slipped the bills into the tight silver bracelet she wore and gave him a smoldering smile. “I’m all yours but if you hit me in the face, I’m going to break your dick…you get me.”

“I had something else in mind,” He said slipping into his demonic face.

She heard a shout down at the other end of the alley but she had known the second he touched her what he was. Reacting on instinct, she stuck out with a right cross knocking him back several feet and finished up with a roundhouse catching him in the jaw and bringing him down. She quickly crossed over to him and put the tip of her black stiletto over his heart. “Now you see why I wanted the cash first?” She told him coldly before bringing her foot down.

Turning she prepared to face any friends he might have brought along. She saw a man with hair as dark as the short leather jacket he wore, with a face that belonged in a Renaissance painting. But even though he held a stake in one hand, she knew by the way he had moved that he wasn’t an angel. “If your looking for trouble like your friend I’ll turn you to ash just like him but if you want a tumble it’ll cost you double. So unless you walk away either way you’re going pay.”

“What’s your name?” He asked her.

“What’s your pleasure,” she countered.

“Do you know what you are?”

“Yeah pissed off and hungry, so either tell me what you want or get the hell out of my way.”

“I don’t want to hurt you, I’m a friend.”

“I don’t need a friend, least of all a vampire. But from where I‘m standing you’re the only one in danger, cuz as you can see I can take care of myself.” She told him crossing her arms over her chest. “If you want to fuck, we can fuck but if you want to fight lets get on with it because the foreplay is getting a little tiresome.”

“How much?” He asked reaching into his pocket for his wallet, slowly as not to alarm her.

“Two hundred, upfront.”

“Will five hundred buy me the entire night?”

Add that to the two hundred she had already pocketed and that was rent and then some. As johns went he was atleast young and good looking and as long as he didn’t get all bitey she didn’t have a problem with him being the undead. She walked up to him and gave him a look designed to make any man, even a undead ones, blood rush down below his waist line. When he shifted awkwardly, she held out her hand expectantly. Tucking away the entire contents of his wallet into her bracelet she wrapped her arms around him and began to devour his lips, with a stunningly erotic kiss. His arms wrapped around her instantly and she pressed every inch of her against him, as she slid her tongue against his. After a few second he pulled away, which surprised her since it was the first time it had happened in the four years she had been working in the world’s oldest profession. “Is there a problem?”

“We can’t do this.” He said taking a full step away from her finely honed and deadly accurate feminine wiles. She looked entirely to young to kiss that well, he though unable to believe how hard it had been to pull away from her enticing body. He had lost his soul with Faith and less than two years later he had been tempted to try his luck again. Only this time with a different slayer who was a complete stranger instead of the one he still thought he loved.

“Sorry lover but I have a firm no money back policy.”

“I wasn’t buying your services, just your time.”

“So your just looking for friend…whatever you’re the boss.” She said with a carefree shrug. It was no skin of hers if he didn’t want to sample the goods and since she had already been paid it was all kinds of good.

“You’re not disappointed?” He asked unable to stop himself. She kissed him like she had an undying passion for him, begging to be released and now she was fine just talking…it nicked his pride to say the least.

“You’re good looking but you’re just another body. My love only lasts till the money runs out. It’s nothing personal.”

“That sounds like an empty way to live.”

“Funny coming you, a soulless vampire.” She shot back easily, not offended in the least. He couldn’t upset her, because like she said he wasn’t anything to her.

“I have a soul.”

“I don’t.”

That emotionless announcement staggered him more than her kiss. The cold finality of her voice told him that she not only meant it but she believed it to be nothing less than the sterling truth. What he didn’t hear was regret or remorse and that weighed down on his own soul. It was like he had said…she was empty inside. She was entirely to young to be that hollow and he silently vowed to save her from this life, that she had somehow found herself trapped inside. “What’s your name?”


“Angel,” he said offering her his hand.

Guess he was an angel after all she thought to herself as she reached out and let his large hand swallow her own. “So what now Angel?”

“We go back to my place and talk, there’s food there if your hungry.”

“Sure but I probably should warn you, I’m not really looking to be saved.” She told him, plainly reading the idea in his eyes. Living on the streets taught you how to read people pretty well. She knew who wanted to harm and who was looking to help and he fell into the latter category. “When the money runs out, so do I.”

“Then I guess you just got yourself a full time job.” Angel told her, more than willing to pay whatever it cost. If nothing else it would keep her from selling herself to feed her already ethereal form. He could clearly see the thin narrow ridges of her collarbone hiding behind the curtain of her long golden hair and that just stiffened his resolve to help her any way he could. Not because she was an unknown slayer but because she was a girl that society had forgotten.

When he turned to walk away she walked beside him for a few moments and then as they neared her favorite restaurant, she broke the companionable silence, with a very simple request. “Do you mind if I grab some takeout?”

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