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Stuck in time

Author Sydie
#1 | Posted: 17 Jul 2021 06:12 
Hello! I am trying to find a fic where everyone is frozen in time except for Spike and Buffy. They start trying to figure out what happened and end up getting closer. Them figuring out their own feelings ends up being what breaks the spell.

Thank you for any help!

Author Sami
#2 | Posted: 24 Jul 2021 11:36 
It sounds like Fixing Factors by Immortally Spuffy

Author Sydie
#3 | Posted: 26 Jul 2021 19:37 
Thank you but unfortunately not the one I'm looking for.

In the one I'm looking for there isn't any time progression so instead of living the same day over and over theyre stuck at one time. They can see their friends but not interact. Kinda like the rest of the world is on pause.

Fixing the factors is really good tho- one of the first spuffy fanfics I ever read ??

Author Chrissel
#4 | Posted: 27 Jul 2021 08:57 
This sounds familiar but I'm having trouble placing it. Do you have any other details? (If you know the answers to any of these questions, it might help.)
— Season? Pre- or Post-Gift?
— "Time doesn't progress" — So it stays the same time thru the fic? Is it day or night?
— What are the Scoobies & everyone doing while frozen? Are they in bed or going about their day?
— Is it possibly unfinished or do you remember reading all the way to the end?

As I'm talking this through I remembered what I thought it may be (but I think I'm wrong now), so last question — it isn't Dust, by KnifeEdge is it?

If not, any more detail would be great!

Author Sydie
#5 | Posted: 30 Jul 2021 21:12 
Honestly, I don't remember much, it's one of the first fics I read years ago. I think it might have been season 5 but without Glory/Dawn but I'm not 100%. Yes, time stays the same. It's daytime- possibly morning. I remember a part where Spike realizes he can actually go out into the sun- something about the rays being frozen as well. Buffy and Spike set up a little research area at her house. I believe it was finished but I can't remember how they break it or what happens after they do. I'm sorry for being so little help- thank you so much for taking the time to try to help tho!

Unfortunately, it's not Dust

Author Hannora

#6 | Posted: 12 Jul 2023 12:54 
Hi everyone,

It's probably 'Frozen in Time' by SlayrGrl (here or on

Summary: Takes place after 7.12 Potential. Buffy accidentally makes a wish to have more time to spend with Spike. The next morning she wakes up to see that the world is frozen except for the two of them. For Buffy to break the spell she will need to confront her feelings for Spike.

Found thanks to The Epic Spuffy Fic List by American Aurora.

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 Stuck in time

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