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Season 5 or 6 Buffy threatens Riley in the hospital

Author Jane85
#1 | Posted: 5 May 2022 03:35 
All I remember is the scene of Buffy telling Riley to stay away from Spike while Riley is in a hospital bed. She might have lifted the bed off the ground while threatening him but I could be mixing up stories. Pretty sure its season 6. Think I read it about a year ago if that helps at all. Thanks.

Author Hannora

#2 | Posted: 10 Feb 2023 01:32 
Could it be As You Are by Serenitey?

Summary: After 'As You Were' Riley and Sam helicoptered off into the night leaving Buffy and Spike to implode. But what happens when The Doctor starts operating again, the Finns come back to Sunnydale and Dawn is the collateral damage?

Author acb6293
#3 | Posted: 14 May 2023 18:09 
hey, I know this was posted a year ago but I just saw this question. The funny thing is the story I'm currently reading just had this scene. I don't know if this is the story you're looking for but one story that has it is «Fangs, Wings, and Other Things by soulburnt. Spike leaves after he can't stop Buffy from turning herself in to the police and goes and gets his soul. The Vatican hears about this and sends people to help him on his journey.

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 Season 5 or 6 Buffy threatens Riley in the hospital

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