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Post NFA, long H/C, starts in a church or cathedral FOUND!

Author Aldrich
#1 | Posted: 21 Jul 2023 01:15 
Looking for a fic (obviously, probably didn't need to say so) that's set post NFA. It ignores the comics I think.
It's very long, but starts when Angel contacts Buffy so she can come visit Spike, who is in appalling shape. (Angel was trying to help him)
I think Angel and Illyria were the only ones left from the AtS gang, and they were all kinda squatting in a church or cathedral I think? (They had Spike lying in a separate sepulcher?)
Anyway, Angel keeps going off to try and find Drusilla, to use sires blood to help Spike. (But I think W&H find her first?)
Oh, and I remember Spike had something that the initiative (I think) put in his blood that prevented him from drinking human blood. So they had to bleed him out at some point I think.....
And Xander was there. I remember Spike asking to be staked by him if he got so bad he couldn't be saved.
Can't remember how it ended, but I know it was Spuffy & I hope they got a break!
Anyone know the one I'm looking for?

Author Hannora

#2 | Posted: 21 Jul 2023 09:40 

That sounds like Prayers for a Poet by Fetching Mad Scientist (The sequel is Vanishing Point.)
Summary: Buffy has been feeling haunted lately. Things only get worse when she gets a message from Angel. Post NFA.

The whole series can be found on EF too.

Hope this is the one.

Author Aldrich
#3 | Posted: 21 Jul 2023 22:35 
You are awesome, that is 100% the one I was looking for. This time I'm saving it so I don't lose it again. Thanks so much.

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 Post NFA, long H/C, starts in a church or cathedral FOUND!

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