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AU all human- spike has a child

Author Buffy_newbie2020
#1 | Posted: 1 Nov 2023 11:16 
I'm trying to find a fic that I read a while ago but can't find it anywhere, this is what I can remember:

Buffy moves on to spikes street, and she has a cat that runs away to spikes house alot.
Spike either Dru is his kid or he's just looking after her, but Dru is ill(I think it's cancer)
So there's a few hospital scenes(somewhere in it Dru hurts herself riding a bike so she has to go the hospital)
Buffy and do end up getting together.

Author Hannora

#2 | Posted: 1 Nov 2023 20:00 
Hi, It's without a doubt, Walking in the Sand by Axell


He's what you'd call a catch: young, good-looking, cultured and rich. Women tripped over themselves to get his attention, but he long ago gave up on seeing himself as a fully functional male with wants and needs, focusing only on his guardian role. He's doesn't have time to socialize with the annoying bints anyway, always too busy taking care of Dru.
That changed one day when a blond, green-eyed landmine with a ridiculous name and her cat, with a name even more ridiculous, barreled — literally — into his life, forcing him to acknowledge that he wasn't dead and buried along with his family. From the first moment, she captivated him, making feel things he had no business feeling, especially when he's not a free man, at least, not from his perspective.

Author Buffy_newbie2020
#3 | Posted: 2 Nov 2023 02:30 
Thank you so much, I got a little confused with the details. But I can finally read it again

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 AU all human- spike has a child

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