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Help Find A Fic, Spuffy but has Angel(us) and Dru. Managed to save tiny snippets of fic

Author DaniellaWidget
#1 | Posted: 4 Feb 2024 21:46 
So I had this saved in my Samsung notes to put into a word document and somehow all my notes got deleted and I can't remember the fic or who wrote it. I did manage to save bits of the text. Nothing major helpful but hey, maybe someone here could help? Haha I think it may have possibly been by sabershadowkitten or Kari mouke? I know the fix didn't come from Archiveofyourown, ef, or tsr if that helps.

Characters names i remember seeing Harry, spike, dru, angel(us), buffy, Melinda, father o'brian

Then from a different sections of the fic

 · «Cool.  Gonna be a lot of bloodshed?» he asked.

 Buffy just turned to him with a wide, wicked smile and winked.  «See ya, Harry!» she called out over her shoulder as she walked away.

 Harry shook his head and laughed.  It was a damn shame she wasn't a horizontal three-holer.

Chapter 6
· For once Spike could feel something outside of these walls.  He could feel Buffy.  He could feel her coming for him.  The last week had been hell.  It had taken him all of the hard won control he developed over the years to suppress the demon.  Every time she would get upset, his demon would howl.  It had one purpose and one purpose only-- to get to its mate.  Spike didn't know if the girl realized it, but whatever bonding spell she was using to try and free him from the chip was damn close to a vampire's mating ceremony.  He hadn't said the words or she would be well and truly his for all eternity.  He planned on it though.  He wanted her. Already thought of her as his.  But he wanted her willing.

Author Hannora

#2 | Posted: 8 Feb 2024 08:52 
Hey DaniellaWidget,
It's Bloodying It Up by Kari Mouke

SUMMARY: Buffy lives a nice life as an assasin for hire, her slaying duties long since passed on.  One night Angel shows up with Drusilla.  They have a problem:  Spike was captured by a sex-slave ring.  They'd rescue him themselves, but they have a slight 'chip' problem just like the missing vamp.  Now, it's up to Buffy to rescue the demon she hasn't seen since her high school days.  

Find-A-Fic Spuffy Find-A-Fic Forum / Find-A-Fic /
 Help Find A Fic, Spuffy but has Angel(us) and Dru. Managed to save tiny snippets of fic

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