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Author xaphania

#1 | Posted: 9 May 2010 17:55 

Blue Horizons by kantayra [NC-17]
All her life Elizabeth has done exactly what everyone expects of her. Now in her first year of college, she discovers the vast possibilities in life. But can she escape the ghosts of her past and find the courage to explore the new paths before her...including the affections of an infuriating young sophomore named William 'Spike' Giles?

Books and Their Covers by JustTiff [NC-17] *WIP*
One night out on the town with her friends, who she hasn't exactly told about her new found poverty, Buffy finds herself abandoned and looking for the bus. She then finds herself dragged into a back alley and on her back. Fortunately, her attacker chose an alley already occupied by a rather bad-ass handsome stranger.

Unfortunately, the stranger's kind-of a jerk.

Long Way From Home by bittenandstaked [NC-17]
Buffy and Willow are students at the University of Oxford after Buffy's dad paid out a lot of money to get her there, Spike is doing a part time masters degree and is in a band with Oz. When Buffy and Spike bump into each other it puts her life on a whole new course as he encourages her to break free of her restraints and she starts to become less of a daddy's girl and more like the girl she holds deep inside.

Never Be the Same Again by ForeverMe [NC-17]
Buffy is at university in England and is dating her long term boyfriend, Riley Finn. Her life seems perfect, but things never stay that way, do they? Especially when her new friend Spike gives her something to compare Riley to...

Never Just Friends by Moxie [NC-17]
Buffy's an exchange student at an English university where Spike's doing a PhD. There's a knight in shining armour, a damsel in distress, a naughty leather top, some really bad driving, stockings, a major misunderstanding, poetry, some matchmaking, a romantic weekend (with more stockings and poetry), cosy country pubs, major angst and a big romantic finish. You need to read it really. Oh, and Xander and Willow are there too, along with crazy Dru.

What Was I Thinking? by Mrs Muir [NC-17]
Spike joins his friend, Lindsey, for spring break at Lindsey's family ranch. There he meets a little spitfire named Buffy who shows him a vacation he'll never forget.

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