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Author xaphania

#1 | Posted: 9 May 2010 17:57 

Ain't No Sunshine by Mrs Muir [NC-17]
William 'Spike' Nagle was still a rookie cop when he got the break of his career. Aiding in the rescue of fourteen-year-old kidnap victim, Buffy Anne Summers, changed not only his job status but his personal life. Four years later she's come back into his world insisting she wasn't the only victim. Together they search for the girl that everyone else says doesn't exist. In the process of discovering the truth, Buffy struggles to reclaim her life and ends up changing Spike's yet again.

Angels In The Rain by Mrs Muir [NC-17]
Buffy is a prostitute and Spike is a D.A. They meet and spend a rainy night together in Los Angeles. The encounter leaves them both changed people...
Sequel 1 - Broken Wing of an Angel
Sequel 2 - The Beating of Angel's Wings

Balancing the Scales by kantayra [NC-17]
Elizabeth Summers is a rising star in the Boston District Attorney's Office. The only thorn in her side is her ex-boyfriend, William 'Spike' Albrook, P.I. But when Spike is accused of murder, Elizabeth alone rushes to his defense and, in the process, comes to rediscover the fire she left behind in her race to the top.

Crystal by Vanilla [NC-17]
A beautiful blonde is undercover for the FBI in Los Angeles. She is working as a computer hacker for one of the country's richest, dirtiest, and most handsome businessmen, who just happens to have a few secrets of his own. Sparks fly, because don't they always?

Sanctuary by Mrs Muir [NC-17]
William Nagle III and Alexander Harris have been best friends since the first day they met at Hyperion Preparatory School. Through the years they have always been there for each other, but one of them holds a deadly secret that will affect William's future with Buffy, the woman he loves. Will Buffy be able to hold onto the man she loves or will the secret tear them apart?

All Human Spuffy Find-A-Fic Forum / All Human /
 All Human Crime/Cops/Legal

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