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buffy with short-term memory loss....

Author Guest
#1 | Posted: 20 Feb 2011 01:29 
i remember reading a fic like 50 First Dates.i don't remember if it finished...i only read four chapter so far.

Author DaniellaWidget
#2 | Posted: 29 Feb 2024 22:55 
I couldn't find a buffy one with short term but there is this one with spike with short term and based on 50 first dates.

From That Dream's Apocalypse by OffYourBird

There's 3 chapters available.

The tags for the fix says, «Themes stolen unapologetically from 50 First dates.»

Spike wakes every morning in a room he doesn't recognize, and nothing about his world is ever quite the way his mind tells him it should be. Not to mention the woman always nearby—Buffy, the Slayer, his jailer, a stranger, a lady—a beautiful image from a dream he can't remember

Cold Cases Spuffy Find-A-Fic Forum / Cold Cases /
 buffy with short-term memory loss....

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