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Buffy is injected with sperm of vampire by Initiative and becomes pregnant.

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Author Spikelissa

#1 | Posted: 28 Jul 2011 14:02 
I have this posted up at LJ Seeking Spike...but thought it would do better here. I have been looking for this story for some time. I thought I would have it, so I've skimmed most of my saved stories. I thought it might be Kari Mouke's Taking the Initiative. It's not.

I think Buffy was captured by the Initiative and they were running tests on her. I think this story reminded me of Lonely in Your Nightmare by Bloodshedbaby and Weathered Series by Winter.

I know they had Buffy strapped down to a table after running so many tests on her. Maggie Walsh wanted soldiers that she could train as they grew up, I think. She knew Buffy was the Slayer.

I hope I'm not mixing this up with the two stories I mentioned. I could swear Buffy wasn't sure what was injected into her. I know it was to get her pregnant. Spike was the daddy though.

Any ideas?

Author Spikelissa

#2 | Posted: 28 Jul 2011 20:22 
I don't know if this helps any or I'm thinking of two different stories but the same concept. Buffy might have been on the run just like Lonely in Your Nightmare...see I just started re-reading that one and started to believe it was that one. Except, I swear this happened later than Season 2 and in Season 4 or later.

Maybe a connection between Spike and Buffy was already in place? I know they treated her just like a vampire...and yes this story was full of angst and parts not for those under 17. I believe...there was torture possibly implied rape or actual rape. I think that's why I thought this was Taking the Initiative because I could swear Dru might have been in this one too, but not in the same capacity she was in Taking the Initiative. That one has them all mates. Dru is mentioned in Lonely in Your Nightmare.

Has a feeling I might be combining some Kari Mouke stories LOL...I could have sworn it wasn't written by her and it did involve the mentioned above torture and possible rape.

I know not a lot to go on sounding so much like some of these stories, but I swear this was a story on it's own. I will keep searching because I think I found it on Sinister Attraction.

Author bwriter84
#3 | Posted: 31 Jan 2012 02:39 
i think i know which one you are talking about, is the baby kidnapped and buffy and spike have to mount a rescue? can't remember the name, but I'll look thru my stories and see if i have it saved

Author Spikelissa

#4 | Posted: 31 Jan 2012 05:27 
Had to read my own posting again...but yeah I think so! All I remember was Maggie was really jonesing for super babies to benefit her means for a powerful soldier. You might be right about baby gone kidnapped because I think it was part of them finding the baby too. Or quite possibly not knowing what she had inside her. The story was very much like Taking the Initiative by Kari...but not exactly like it either. There were some big differences. I swear I need a chart to remember all the stories I've

Anything you can help with, thanks!

Author Guest
#5 | Posted: 31 Jan 2012 22:11 
Could it be Dreams and Nightmares by Abbyland? Available at adultfanfiction dot net.

Author SMac
#6 | Posted: 31 Jan 2012 23:12 
No, that's a great story but in Dreams and Nightmares it's the Council at work and they don't artificially impregnate her, they drug Angel and Spike and force a brutal rape upon her. I love that story (and it is, in spite of its beginnings, a spuffy story primarily).

I recall the one being asked about but not its name or author. Frustrating...

Author Spikelissa

#7 | Posted: 1 Feb 2012 00:35 
Thanks for answering SMac

But that story was SOOOO NOOOOT it OMG. Sorry Guest. I once tried to read that fic and had the urge to fix it until I realized Angel was involved...not an Angel fan. That fic is hard to read with how its set up on Adult fanfiction, the grammar, and the explicit rape scenes, and even worse (to me) Bangel (yuck!). Creative story line, but I had an incredibly hard time reading this fic and following it at times.

Maggie was involved NOT the Council. Thanks for trying...I may never find this one or could very well be mixing some stories...but I swear I've read something like this other than Kari's, Winter's, and Bloodshedbaby's. Oh well someday!

Author coalitiongirl
#8 | Posted: 1 Feb 2012 02:36 
I remember puzzling over this one years ago in this thread- is it Another Way by Jackie Abbott?

Author Spikelissa

#9 | Posted: 1 Feb 2012 05:02 
Very close. But not evil Maggie lol. Thanks for trying!

Author Guest
#10 | Posted: 1 Feb 2012 21:12 
Could it be His Slayer by Skyz? It's on Fanfiction(dot)net. It doesn't have all of the criteria you described but if you are mixing stories, it might be it. (It's unfinished though...)

Author Spikelissa

#11 | Posted: 3 Feb 2012 08:09 

Sorry for delay getting back. I started to check that story and metaphorically slapped my head...I don't really read Spuffy on unless the story is only there. Which I've read very few of them there. I skimmed what I could of this story without getting utterly lost because there was no breaks to let you know the author was moving on to a different scene. That is really annoying to me, not sure if that would annoy someone else. Interesting idea just not the story I was looking for.

The more I've thought about this the more I might have read this story on either Sinister Attraction or quite possibly a site that can only be found on the way back machine.

I thought I was confusing (especially the three I suggested) stories, but I swear it was this story that either got me to read the three listed or vice versa. I will look at all my saved Spuffy places to see if I can possibly find it...but I will do that this weekend. One more shot then I'm going to chalk it up to mixage! Thanks for looking though!

Author Niamh
#12 | Posted: 4 Feb 2012 19:46 
Kallysten's To See the Sun Again.

Link is here. . .

There's also several follow-ups to this, and I'm trying to locate them, but not having much luck at the moment.

Author Spikelissa

#13 | Posted: 4 Feb 2012 21:58 
Thanks Niamh!

I love Kallysten's work. I've got them saved...all of them. I think I did that when she said she was taking most of them down? But, I'm sure if most want to read the rest contact her. I'd love to give them, but I don't know her personally...and I'd totally feel bad giving them out. Now I understand why on another community some people have been posting on a blogger site and you can't copy and paste. You have to ask them personally which makes a lot of sense. Essentially you are taking someone's well thought out work, and they have no idea what you the person who takes it will be doing with it (besides reading it of course). Or you could be some super obsessed person who just copies it word for word by typing it so you can keep their story. Insane! I know a friend of mine in another community posts free e-books (and some low cost too) which is really neat if you are super careful with your work.

That said...sadly it's not this one either. I love this story.


Did some searching on all my hard drives and back up USB drives. I know this story exists. I wasn't a big fan of the Initiative, but this story for some reason intrigued me. First off: Maggie basically raped Buffy and impregnated her with sperm of a vampire. Which wasn't known by Buffy as Spike's even though it was. This story wasn't gentle on your heart with angst either. Vivid details and how they tortured Buffy, then Maggie got this idea to impregnate Buffy and have an army super soldier babies instead. This story was before the Initiative was known so I'm thinking about Season 4. I remember reading Lonely in Your Nightmare and thinking where have I read something similar, more Maggie related and not Military? I then read Taking the Initiative and turns out it wasn't that one because it was too threesome for me if you ask me.

I might just have to rely on the other one's because I'm just not finding this one. Maybe it was on BtVS Diaries or another site that went down. I thought it was on the other posting too. I think that other thread triggered me a bit, but I still haven't found it. It's eerily similar to Another Way, except it's not. I know Maggie is alive. This was more about Maggie building her army instead of Adam. She wanted to mold them as they grew. She wanted to make Buffy her personal own baby maker to super powered beings. I don't think she knew of Faith. This was definitely a before or during Season 4 fic. But definitely after the Willow's spell. I will do one more sweep on Sinister Attraction and my saved fics...or pray someone writes a fic close to it! I know I read it. I thought I was mixing, but some details with others aren't jiving with some very descriptive details this author gave. Almost made me think of dark in the realm of Dreamsofspike with what Maggie did to Buffy. *Shudders* Then it toned down after. I know it was said it was a wonder Buffy didn't come out of the Maggie torture a mess.

Funny thing is in every single one of the fics all listed the factor missing is evil I might take a looksie at Bloodshedverse too, just in case.

But thank you all for looking! I should have saved this one! Hopefully I can if I ever find it!

Author Niamh
#14 | Posted: 4 Feb 2012 22:44 
No, I remember the one you're talking about. I think it was on one of the old sites that disappeared. I remember reading it -- and I remember a scene with Maggie watching them do all sorts of stuff to Buffy. I just don't remember who the author was, or where I read it.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of older sites that have disappeared (except via WBM) and there were some decent stories that were written when the show was on the air that have gone and poofed into the internet. It's a shame.

Let me know if you do find it.

PS. I don't think it's on SA. It was probably on the old One Good Lay site.

Author Spikelissa

#15 | Posted: 4 Feb 2012 23:48 

Oh thank God! I thought I was going nuts making up a story! LOL But I don't think I ventured onto One Good Lay...must have been one kinky site! LOL Joking aside, I also might have got this story from BSV or even someone's personal site. I agree, it's such a shame! This was one hell of a story too!

I will definitely let you and everyone else know when and if I do find it. I will be saving that puppy even if I have to print screen it every single chapter!


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 Buffy is injected with sperm of vampire by Initiative and becomes pregnant.

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