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Dawn is Buffy and Spike's child Fics Recs

Author g0tik4_
#1 | Posted: 12 Oct 2023 08:59 
Can you recommend some good fanfictions where Dawn is not Buffy's sister but her daughter and Spike is the father? I've read the Dawning series but it's not finished and it ended in a very disappointing place. Also Buffy's prejudice and stubbornness in that series is infuriating and put me off the entire series. So maybe you could recommend something in which Buffy accepts Spike and his love for her, instead of continuing to be so demon racist? Thank you.

Author Hannora

#2 | Posted: 12 Oct 2023 21:54 
There's Light Blue by Spuffy93 part of the series Shades of Blue.
Summary: Spike, Buffy, and Harmony are talking outside the fraternity house when a strange demon appears and attacks everyone without distinction. Harmony escapes as Spike and Buffy stay to fight the demon together. They win, but then a bright blue light engulfs them. Things as they know it will change forever.

Best Wishes by Kanita
Summary: Beginning just after the events of «The Girl in Question» a benevolent vengeance demon grants an inadvertent wish made by Buffy in Rome that sends Buffy, Spike, and Xander back to the middle of «The Harsh Light of Day» where they are given a chance to change their past lives for the better.

Hope by Wonder and Ashes
Summary: Spike becomes Buffy's unlikely protector when she discovers she's pregnant with a mystical energy known only as the Key. 

I'm gonna look for more, but in the meantime you can find some recs here (if you didn't search in the forum already) :
Buffy and Spike are Dawn's Parents.
Dawn as Spike and Buffy's daughter ( Didn't see at first that it was you who posted this one.)

It's slightly different than what you're looking for, but I know Dawn, after sacrificing herself, is reborn as Spike & Buffy's in some stories if you're interested.

Author flow
#3 | Posted: 15 Oct 2023 07:31 
Niamh's Originsverse has Dawn as Spike and Buffy's daughter although I think it's part of the second story in the series, Revelations. You can find the series here on The Spuffy Realm.

In Kally77's A New Dawn on AO3 Dawn is sort of Spike's daughter and it does not really have a HEA. It's a brilliant story though:


Fic Recs Spuffy Find-A-Fic Forum / Fic Recs /
 Dawn is Buffy and Spike's child Fics Recs

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