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Vampires of the Sky

Author cocobunnies
#1 | Posted: 22 Oct 2013 01:52 
Hi, was wondering if you guys have any copy of Vampires of the Sky by Elysian? Saw it in a fic rec and is intrigued by the story. Thank you!

Author ginar369
#2 | Posted: 22 Oct 2013 12:02 
I did a google search and was directed to her website. On the site it says she took it down and turned it into an original fic so unless someone has a copy on their hard drive I don't think you'll find it anywhere. But maybe on the wayback machine?

Author Melly
#3 | Posted: 22 Oct 2013 18:01 

PM me your email address and I can send it to you in a word doc.

Author ginar369
#4 | Posted: 22 Oct 2013 19:40 
Do you have a summary for it?

Author Melly
#5 | Posted: 22 Oct 2013 19:53 
There's no summary and it's been years since I read it so here's how it begins.

"Vampires of the Sky"

Summer 1940

The two wheels built up speed as they rolled across the open expanse of bright green grass. A single, much smaller wheel trailed behind. The sound of the Merlin engine, the propellor cutting the air like a knife, slowly turned from a throaty roar to the precise constant purr of perfect engineering.

The noise of the air became a loud whisper across the wings. The wheels were a soft touch on the grass. Slowly, the smaller rear wheel lifted away.

The aircraft was moving fast now.

William Suffolk gently eased back on the stick and the Spitfire lifted softly from the grass. The plane gently floated up and away from the earth.

It became one with the air.

* * * * * *

Author cocobunnies
#6 | Posted: 22 Oct 2013 22:49 
Thanks for the help!

Will be PMing you! Been looking forward to reading it.

Author Peyton
#7 | Posted: 22 Oct 2013 23:36 
Melly I can't PM you. Is there something going on with your mail box?

Author SMac
#8 | Posted: 22 Oct 2013 23:41 
I can't PM her either. I get a message that says maximum number of messages stored. I thought it meant mine so I cleaned mine out but still got the message. So I think it may be Melly's PM is full.

Author Melly
#9 | Posted: 23 Oct 2013 12:26 
Sorry about the full mail box - I usually receive a message when I've been so lazy about cleaning it up.

Y'all try again and I promise to send the fic ASAP.

Author DaniellaWidget
#10 | Posted: 14 Feb 2024 21:50 
I know its been a few years but any chance you still have a copy you'd be willing to share? Please and thank you.

It won't let me pm you. ???????

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 Vampires of the Sky

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