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Love in Vein series by bittenandstaked

Author EddyxMarvoloxRiddle
#1 | Posted: 22 Jan 2015 11:44 
I just got done reading the first book on the wayback, and I saw on the ending author's note that Book Two was coming next. Does anyone have the complete series available? It's a very good story, and I got hooked on it very quickly, and to have it end abruptly seems... ridiculous, really.

Author TammyAsh666

#2 | Posted: 22 Jan 2015 11:54 
I don't believe the series was ever finished, there might have been three books if I remember correctly. Unfortunately, I don't think you're likely to find the rest anywhere, unless someone has it saved on their computer.

Author Melly
#3 | Posted: 22 Jan 2015 12:51 
I have all three books and the third one does seem to end (stop?) in a good way if I remember correctly. I'm happy to send them to anyone that's interested, just PM your request along with an email address.

I just did a quick check and Bitten did finish book three in that she gave a "final summary" that tells how it would have ended.

Author TammyAsh666

#4 | Posted: 22 Jan 2015 16:13 
Oh, right, I remember that now. It was a great series.

Author Peyton
#5 | Posted: 23 Jan 2015 09:18 
Book 3 with the summary can be found here.

You can access the other 2 books from that address. I know that Wayback links can sometimes be unstable but this one was still active as of this morning.

Author spike4theworld
#6 | Posted: 17 Oct 2020 10:25 
I know this is super old but I was looking for book 2 of Love in vein and it seems to have been removed everywhere does anyone have a copy of it I can read.

Author Skipper
#7 | Posted: 17 Oct 2020 23:07 
Book 2 is also on the Wayback machine, although I didn't check all of the individual chapter links.

Author powdranger
#8 | Posted: 4 Feb 2021 14:03 
Does anyone have a copy of War and Peace by bittenandstaked?

Author Cathreyn
#9 | Posted: 20 Sep 2021 20:15 

I haven't checked all the links but the ones I did are definitely working.

Author Pari

#10 | Posted: 22 Sep 2021 23:13 
I just read all of War and Peace, and I had all the chapters 'except' the epilogue still a very good read!

Author Cathreyn
#11 | Posted: 25 Sep 2021 23:32 
Don't say Santa didn't bring you anything for Christmas. This was on an old live journal chat. I ????

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 Love in Vein series by bittenandstaked

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