'Little Angel' & 'Little Devil' by buffyslaysvampires
Summary: This is what happened a few minutes before Buffy broke up with Spike in his crypt.
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Author's Notes:
Thanks go to zandra_x for betaing this story and helping me so much, because I'm not a native speaker.
‘Little Angel’ and ‘Little Devil’

Buffy lurked around the crypt once again. She knew exactly what she expected inside.
Should she? Should she, really? She had already too often taken the bait of his sex appeal. And yet she tiptoed the third time along the heavy-doored entrance now. A wonder that Spike hadn’t noticed her yet.

'Little Angel' and 'Little Devil' appeared at the same time. 'Little Angel' on the left and 'Little Devil' on the right shoulder of the young woman.
"She will not do it. She doesn’t need this " ‘Little Angel ' shook her long blond hair.
'Little Devil' threw back his head and laughed at the top of his voice.
"Oh love, what shall we bet that I can persuade her?"
‘Little Angel’ hated the way he always cocked his head to one side and looked at her with a raised eyebrow.
She thought it over for a moment. Then she smiled.
"Ok, we’ll bet. If she goes home without having entered his crypt, then you do not only have to keep away from her, but also from me for a month"
'Little Devil' laughed again.
"Oh Pet! Could it be that you are ‘fraid of me? But that’s ok for me. If I win and she enters the crypt before midnight, then you’ll bear my presence for one month. Every day, twenty-four hours!"
He clearly heard the little moan of his 'Angel'. But she would not miss this chance. Not only in this aspect she resembles the Slayer. The Slayer also couldn’t resist either when Spike provokes her. Her appearance also was like it. Large, blond hair and sparkling, green eyes. He had never seen a 'Little Angel', whose halo had fitted so little to the sinful appearance.
"It’s ok for me, I‘ll win anyway. She finally belongs to the ‘good ones’." 'Little Angel' grinned triumphantly.
"Ok, then we have a bet."
'Little Devil' appeared directly next to 'Little Angel' on the left shoulder. He noticed with complete satisfaction that she winced, but she seized his extended hand.‘Little Devil’ took her hand firmly and brought his mouth near to 'Little Angels' ear.
"I already look forward to our shared time." With an ambiguous smile he disappeared again before 'Little Angel' could reply.
She leaned forward and saw him appearing again on the right shoulder of Buffy.
"’kay, we’ll see!" she murmured under her breath and then turned to Buffy who had sat down on a gravestone undecidedly and still stared at the door behind which the 'forbidden fruit' still waited.
Buffy did not even wince when her personal ‘Little Angel' appeared on her left shoulder. It was always that way when she had to make a difficult decision.
And she didn’t need to look now, either. She knew that her 'Little Devil' just had appeared contently grinning on her right shoulder.
"No, not you. Not now. As if the decision was not already difficult without your eternal quarrelling."
Buffy moaned when her ‘Little Devil’ began to speak.
"It’s simple. Just open the door and enjoy a wonderful night in the arms of this handsome vampire"
'Little Angel' shook her head vehemently.
“Because you look just like him, she’ll never obey you!" Buffy nodded briefly stopped in confusion and shook her head negatively.
"I think, I should.." Buffy didn’t get further because ‘Little Devil' whispered her the next argument so loudly into her ear that 'Little Angel' got it too on the other side.
"But only think of the last time. How good it has felt.." ‘Little Angel’ went all red promptly and Buffy yelled out in pain when 'Little Angel' pinched her ear with force.
"Don’t listen to him. You don’t even love Spike. You abhor him." With disgust she glanced where 'Little Devil' regarded his black lacquered fingernails on the other side of Buffy's head.
"Just have a look at him!" Buffy's look also wandered to the mini- version of Spike on her right shoulder and she moaned loudly when this inimitable Spikesmile re-emerged on his face.
Her concentration immediately turned, when ‘Little Angel' kicked her neck strongly.
"Do not be merely taken in by this to-do. It simply would not be ok for you to just use him like that. And just doing it because YOU feel better afterwards." Buffy nodded and turned to go.
"You are right. I can’t do that." ‘Little Devils’ next words held her back.
"Has he ever complained? He loves being used by you." He considered his blonde counterpart on the other shoulder and smirked.
"I haven’t complained about it , either, have I, luv? " ‘Little Angel’ blushed and Buffy glanced at her with a questioning look.
“What, you’re not going to tell me that you and him…?” She saw how her personal good conscience blushed even more and hid her face behind her hands.
"I don’t believe it!. I sit here thinking about him and trying to resist but even my conscience has become a slave to him already long ago?"
'Little Angel' writhed in embarrassment. She shot an evil look at ‘Little Devil’ and moaned loudly when she noticed that he let his sparkling eyes wandered over her body.
He formed the words 'I win' with his lips and 'Little Angel' turned away briefly remembering what he could do with these lips in other situations...
She shook the head. This time, he would not win.
"It was a bet. And it was only one time. And besides, this isn’t about me; it’s about you!" Buffy grinned in the direction of her right shoulder.
"Look! Dawn is waiting for you at home. Do you want to stay away the whole night again? And then lie to her?" When Buffy’s eyes widened with fright and she began to move, 'Little Angel' knew that she had won. She triumphantly made the Victory sign in the direction of the mini- Spike.
"C’mon, that’s not so bad. You have been gone already for a night once in a while. And think of what you win for it. Don’t you feel the best if you are together with him?" ‘Little Devil’ noticed Buffy walking slower.
"And you must admit: he is simply unbeatable in bed!"
He noticed at the same moment as Buffy began to walk faster that he had made a serious mistake. ‘Little Angel’ grinned self-assuredly and 'Little Devil’ saw his profit go to hell in a handbasket. Buffy murmured something about 'resisting the devil' and hurried up to leave the cemetery as far behind as possible.
Shit! Little devil thought it over feverishly.
"You are right! Simply deny all your feelings and lie to yourself"
Buffy suddenly stopped and 'Little Devil' fell off her shoulder and landed on the wet cemetery earth. Swearing, he got back on his feet and with a *Plopp* he re-appeared on the shoulder of his charge.
He sat down there and started morosely to clean his duster of the mud, frowning at Buffy.
He stopped in the middle of the movement and looked up when he noticed that Buffy still stood and looked at him.
"What?" He stared back angrily.
"You’re right" Buffy turned round and walked resolutely in the direction of the crypt. ‘Little Angel’ squeaked, startled.
"What are you doing? Think of Dawn; you must go home." But Buffy didn’t stop. A relieved smile had appeared on her lips.
"Now I finally know what I have to do." ‘Little Angel’ desperately looked at 'Little Devil' who was grinning contentedly and humming a melody.
"I will bring this to an end, once and for all! No more Spike, no more lies. It will end all now!"
Now it was 'Little Devil’s' turn to look desperately.
Buffy entered the crypt.
The Slayer left it a few minutes later with mixed feelings.
'Little Angel' looked at 'Little Devils' completely horrified.
"Oh God! She actually has done it. She really broke up with him. I can’t believe it!" 'Little Devil' also couldn’t quite take hold of it. But what happened had happened.
But he still had to settle an old score with his angel.
"I would well say: Farewell for a whole month. So I finally get rid of you and can have a little rest." ‘Little Angel’ was cheerful.
"What was our bet about,luv?" ‘Little Angel ' didn’t really feel good at the smirking look on his face.
"But she has gone home. And she broke up with him!" But ‘Little Devil' still smiled.
"THAT was not the bet, pet." ‘Little Angel’ wrinkled her nose in confusion.
'Little Devil' appeared directly next to 'Little Angel' on the gravestone. Together they looked at the Slayer rushing off.
'Little Devil' then leaned nearer to 'Little Angel' stroked her hair aside and pressed a kiss on her neck.
"Remember the exact wording of our bet, Luv." With satisfaction he saw the recognition in her eyes.
"She has entered the crypt before midnight. You’re mine now for a whole month."
And with a broad smile on his face and holding the hand of his also smiling angel 'Little Devil' disappeared with a soft *Plopp*.

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