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Ok, now I've got the time to let you have part in my charakter and life.
I'm a 30 year old mother of two boys (5 and 8 years old). Living next to or better in Hamburg now, I was born in a little city in Hessen. Oh no, don't say THAT sentence! I've never stolen ashtrays, ok? @-@
I'm one of those happy and lucky people who love their job. Although it's a hard job standing eight hours per day at the counter being nice to clients who don't know what to have for lunch!!! And also it's not the best paid job ever... but for me it's like my second family.
I'm freaky into the serie "Buffy the vampire slayer" mostly into this well known, blond vampire and its alter ego James Marsters *laugh*
Writing down all the stuff coming into my mind about this serie and the characters I'm also freaky into the message boards.
My greatest pleasure would be to see HIM in lifesize on stage (think it's a to big wish having him here in my home, or? :D)
I'm not a person trusting everyone without checking him/her out. I really do chose my friends carefully and for lifetime.
But that doesn't means I'm boring with others, no way, dude. I can get along with the most people I meet but they're only "I know them from somewhere" people for me.
Real friends have to be proved!
Ok, something more? I'm a scorpion... and this I mean literally!!!
I'm all black and white, there's not gray or fogg in my life. If something is not this way, so it has to be all the other way.
My charakter is... huh... think it's hard to describe. I can be a real good friend but if someone trying to trap me in or going to cheat on me I can be really mean!!! In a psycho kind of way.
I don't have any hobbies at the moment (besides the Mr. perfect body but can't dance...sorry insider to my sweet fiona)
I played a long time piano and volleyball. But after becoming a mother? No way!
I really love my childes but their father... hope to never see him again!
Ok, now I'm done! Want to know something more? Just ask! *roll up my sleeves* Go ahead, get me in trouble *eg*

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First Time First Love by buffyslaysvampires

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