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06/08/14 02:54 am
hey is lswan there?
06/02/14 06:51 am
Wanted to let everyone know that the original (and complete) version of The Tenant has been picked up by Taliesin Publishing and will be out August 7th (yes, in a little over 2 mths)
03/11/14 11:04 am
Happy Birthday Pari!!! Enjoy your day :)
03/04/14 09:17 pm
Time to get over and vote for Spike! Show the world that Team Spuffy rules! poll/
02/09/14 11:32 am
Added a new 'back to top' plug in on the story pages. Thought it might be useful :) Let know if there's any issues with it. Thnx
01/22/14 02:32 am
It's very simplistic, but I will be working on it to spruce it up a bit, and divide the posts better.
01/22/14 02:31 am
This shout box is only accessible by our member, and can only be used when the member is logged into their account. And it's 'free' :D
01/20/14 07:13 am
This is the new shout box, I figured why pay for a cbox when this script has one built in

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Hey all,

Sorry that the site keeps getting suspended. As I had feared downgrading some things to save money is causing issues with some resources. I am working with my host to get things sorted. Again my apologies, hopefully things will get settled soon.


--Pari on 06/29/2014 - 09:33 am 1 Comments
Cutting Costs!!
Hey all,
I wanted to let you guys know that I have been mulling around ways to cut the cost of this dedicated server and all the addons that are costing $250+ a month.

I have been discussing this with my host as well. We have sorted through addons that they feel I can do without and they have kindly offered to reduce the server price (Being loyal pays off sometimes, just ask and you might receive), and when it's all said and done it would bring us to around $180/mo, which is awesome compared to what it costs now. They also told me that I could save even more by downgrading and removing some more features and just go to a lower costing dedicated server, this would requiring moving the account, data, files, databases, everything to another smaller server. While this is an option it's one I have to think long and hard about and make a last resort type of decision because 1. The reason I upgraded was because we needed the room, resources, and most importantly 'speed', and 2. I don't care for the downtime it would take to move everything.

As of right now I am going with the $180 price and the removal of some addons which I have been assured should not effect the site negatively. I have also decided that I will remove all other accounts/websites from this server. The reason for that is you guys have made wonderful contributions to keep the server up, and others are been reaping the benefits and it's not fair and I'm over it.

So I have webhosting with another company that I had forgotten about. It was so cheap ($20-$30/yr) when I originally signed up (and had the funds) that I did a billing cycle for several years. I have the 'read-only Spuffy Realm there for when we are offline for any reason. So now I will move my other accounts/websites there and once that expires it expires, unless the members on those sites decide they care enough to help out.

As I said you guys have been so incredibly wonderful with your donations and support, you are truly the only reason we are even still here. So as of right now our server fee is about $180 due by the 24th of every month. Your contributions are always welcome and much appreciated. There are a couple of you that have set up a paypal subscription to the site I think it's $30/mo, so that leave $150 to be paid every month, which is even better. Thank you guys for the help and sticking with me for over a decade (yeah it's been that long).

--Pari on 05/04/2014 - 09:58 am 1 Comments