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09/29/14 01:20 pm
What happened to More Than Spike website.
08/19/14 03:50 pm
olest_TV_Vampires Vote, Spike should be N 1
08/19/14 03:49 pm
olest_TV_Vampires Vote for Spike.
06/08/14 02:54 am
hey is lswan there?
06/02/14 06:51 am
Wanted to let everyone know that the original (and complete) version of The Tenant has been picked up by Taliesin Publishing and will be out August 7th (yes, in a little over 2 mths)
03/11/14 11:04 am
Happy Birthday Pari!!! Enjoy your day :)
03/04/14 09:17 pm
Time to get over and vote for Spike! Show the world that Team Spuffy rules! poll/
02/09/14 11:32 am
Added a new 'back to top' plug in on the story pages. Thought it might be useful :) Let know if there's any issues with it. Thnx
01/22/14 02:32 am
It's very simplistic, but I will be working on it to spruce it up a bit, and divide the posts better.
01/22/14 02:31 am
This shout box is only accessible by our member, and can only be used when the member is logged into their account. And it's 'free' :D

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Thank you for your donations
With the end of the year fast approaching (man it flew by)I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to those who have supported the site this so much.

Honestly without the donations you guys give the site would have closed down long ago. As most of you know, I have had medical issues that has made it impossible for me to pay for the hosting of this site any longer. It has just been too much with all my hospital/doctor bills. But you guys have been so incredibly generous and have pretty much paid to keep the site online.

There have been a few of you who have given so much it blows my mind, Thank you lot so very much (you know who you are ...*hugs*). Also I need to mention my awesome hosting company who have given discounts to try to help me whenever they can.

It's been over a decade guys and we are still here, and let's hope we'll get ten more (and beyond).

Thank you all so much for loving this site and wanting it to continue as much as I do :)


--Pari on 09/29/2014 - 08:37 am 0 Comments
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Hey all,

I have modded in a new feature which will be required for all new accounts registered.

It is a security question to help me with IDing an account owner. So I would advise everyone to log in and 'edit bio' and answer that security question.

In the event you forget everything on your account and need me to assist getting you back into the account, that question will help me to verify you as the account owner. Only you (account owner) and I can see it. So please answer that question when you get a chance.


--Pari on 08/19/2014 - 02:05 pm 2 Comments