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02/24/15 05:02 am
Chapters 15 and 16 of 'A Stranger in the Garden' have now both been posted. Please read in order!! (:
Wednesday Churchill
02/13/15 01:03 pm
Chapter 3 of Joker's Wild is up! Also Chapters 1 & 2 are updated with endings.
02/01/15 12:21 pm
Hi, Everyone, I just posted a new chapter of "The Genesis Project"
01/25/15 02:17 am
The next chapter of "A Stranger in The Garden" is now up!
Wednesday Churchill
01/22/15 08:19 pm
The end of chapters 1 & 2 of Joker's Wild are missing. Updates submitted so please stay tuned
01/15/15 05:43 pm
Try again - wards/index.php
01/15/15 05:40 pm
nmcil - not all story links are complete but this Wayback works for me wards/index.php
01/11/15 01:14 pm
anyone have any info on the old site Just Rewards. I tried using it on TWBM and could not find access.
01/10/15 09:29 am
Hey, everyone chill out. I plan to update both The Electra Complex and Menage soon.
01/08/15 03:21 pm
Hey a new story. Kinda. An old story, reworked. Love it, hate it, let me know what ya think!

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Mid-'Doomed', the subject of hypnosis comes up: can Spike do it? Buffy doesn't...

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Well Thanks to one of our awesome members we now have the old 'ad free' readspeaker back up!!

I didn't realize that the adplayer one didn't work on most mobile devices due to flash. So this member (Whom I shall not put on the spot by naming, I figure they can come forward in the comments to this if they so choose) paid the $360 fee to get the old ad free player back up.

A big huge thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to them :D

You guys are so very generous and amazing with the love you have for this archive, it sometimes astounds me :)


--Pari on 01/12/2015 - 07:10 am 0 Comments
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Hi all,

I have added a new fundraiser widget to the left-side panel of the default skin and the Flashy skin, as well as the find-a-fic forum.

Thank you to the person who immediately gave a $25 donation! The goal is to try to pay the entire year for the dedicated server, $2400. As a perk and a way to say thank you, for anyone making a $100 (or more) donation I will send you as black t-shirt with and "Flashy" logo on the front (image below).

Anything given is much appreciated. Thank you!!

Due to copyrighting infringement issues I cannot make a t-shirt of our logo. No company will do it. So the t-Shirt will just have our logo text in some font design (you can make suggestions). Sorry I did try and I was turned down my pretty much everyone to use our logo. I even tried to do it myself with an iron on and the quality was very poor.

--Pari on 01/04/2015 - 12:16 pm 3 Comments