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03/14/16 09:14 am
Hi nmcil! I had that same problem too but then i logged in and submitted a review. It went thru fine. I guess the system doesnt take guests or anonymous reviews, just those from logged in ones.
02/27/16 07:42 am
Why does the Review Option not work - no matter what I try it keeps rejecting the code
01/16/16 01:43 pm
Hi guys! How do i post challenges if i have one? Challenges/ideas for spuffy fics others might be interested to write about?
12/16/15 12:35 am
Hi guys. I completely rewrote Falling on Hard Times and I'm working on editing Wonderment, too.
12/05/15 02:26 am
Finally updated Sparks In The Water, for those who are reading. :)
11/28/15 11:58 pm
Living For Love has been Updated. Somehow I missed updating Ch 11. Ch 12 is now up as well.
10/10/15 03:13 am
Thanks for the reviews guys! Menage update this weekend.
09/13/15 12:35 pm
09/13/15 12:34 pm
When I search using 'Suammry' and just the word 'Pregnant' and I get 21 results
08/29/15 05:08 am
what is the best way to search for baby fics? please advise not having good search results.

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Removing Ads
Hello all,

Just wanted to let you know that I am going through the process of removing all ads from the site. No one really used them so they aren't making the site any extra money, so going bye bye.

I have also remove the PayPal donation widget, kind of for the same reason. You can still use the Fundrazr option in the left-side panel on the 'Default2' skin.

Basically, at this point whatever is donated, there is what is keeping us alive. If there are no donations then the site will eventually be shut down for nonpayments. Sorry but that is how it is in 2016. Thankfully there are still some of you who love the site and have made generous donations and have kept us afloat, thank you, you are awesome :)

Ok that is all, laters!

--Pari on 03/12/2016 - 04:43 pm 4 Comments
Please Donate!!
Hello All,

I wanted to ask everyone to help us to keep the site up for another year. It is becoming very difficult (virtually impossible)for me to pay the monthly fee. I would like to just pay off the service for the entire year, and then not have to worry about it until next year.

I have placed the donation widget on the left-side of the site. Please help us out and contribute whatever you can. Any help is much appreciated. I just don't want to have to stress about the site anymore. As much as I love this site it is just becoming harder an harder for me to justify paying for it when I have so many real-life bills that need to take priority. So if you guys could just help get the hosting paid for the year at the beginning of the year it would be wonderful.

The annual fee is around $2400, and so far we've raised $130. So please, please contribute whatever you can to help us out. Whatever you can.

And as always thank you all so much for all the love and the support you have shown this site over the years. Let's keep it up for another decade (and hopefully beyond)

With much love,


--Pari on 02/14/2016 - 11:16 am 7 Comments