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08/29/15 05:08 am
what is the best way to search for baby fics? please advise not having good search results.
08/29/15 05:02 am
is there a way to get tips on how to use the search and advance search here - I keep getting "No Results Found"
08/28/15 09:30 am
in offline.slayerworld.net
08/28/15 09:29 am
ww. sinister-attraction.org
08/27/15 05:07 pm
does anyone know how to find sinister-attraction.net trying to find a story that's not on this site but i know was on there.
08/15/15 08:12 am
The author and end note should be working now. Nmcil could you email me about the issue you are having with the categories?
08/07/15 09:02 pm
Does the "categories" work - I keep getting very strange results - like "completed stories - romance" showing "NO RESULTS"
06/19/15 05:44 pm
The chapter notes from both before and after the chapter do not appear. I could put them in the story body, but then why are there options for them when uploading? Confused.
06/13/15 05:45 pm
Well that link didn't post, just click on the login link and the 'Lost Password' link can be found Or they can contact me (preferably from the email listed on their account) and I will re
06/13/15 05:44 pm
they can reset password here: lostpassword

Penname: theslayer19 [Contact] Real name: Lauren Molnar
Member Since: 05/28/2006
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Stories by theslayer19
Homesick by theslayer19 Rated: NC-17 Liked [Reviews - 50]
Summary: After the big battle in Los Angeles, Spike regains his humanity by fulfilling the Shanshu Prophecy. In a jealous rage, Drusilla sets out to get Spike back into her dark world with the help from Jean Trevaud, a powerful warlock. Their plan fails, and in a panicked state, Jean casts them all into another dimension. Now, lost in a strange new world, the gang must go on quest for find an ancient relic which will help them get back home. With all magic and mystical beings being banished here, this dimension becomes polluted with demons and vampires from Buffy's home world. Including some old familiar faces they hadn't seen in a long time
This is a sequel to Strange Days

Homesick has been nominated at the Spuffy Awards!! Thanks!!!

I'm also nominated for 'best plot' and 'best future fic' at the Love's Last Glimpse Awards. Thanks for the nom!

Categories: General Fics Characters: None
Genres: Action, Romance Warnings: Sexual Situations, Violence
Series: None
Chapters: 22 Completed: Yes Word count: 58904
Published: 05/29/2006 Updated: 06/16/2014
Strange Days by theslayer19 Rated: NC-17 Liked [Reviews - 27]
Summary: Buffy learns of the battle in Los Angeles, among other things kept secret from her. The gang must reunite and join Angel and Spike in the fight against the Senior Partners. Buffy and Spike rekindle the fire they once had, but what they don't know is that there is something or someone hidden from them that threatens to tear them apart.

Winner of Best Post-Series Finale Fic at the SunnyD Awards

Nominated at the SunnyD Awards
Love's Last Glimpse Awards
The Lost In Spike Awards!
And the Spuffy Awards!!

Categories: General Fics Characters: None
Genres: Action, Romance Warnings: Sexual Situations, Violence
Series: None
Chapters: 21 Completed: Yes Word count: 54842
Published: 05/28/2006 Updated: 05/29/2006