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Spell gone wrong, not necessarily Something Blue

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Author Coednakedslaying
#1 | Posted: 4 Jan 2011 00:09 
I know everyone's favorite spell gone wrong is the My will be done spell in Something Blue and I LOVE fics that center on that episode. HOWEVER I was wondering if there are any good fics with other spells gone wrong. They can be any season and any subject, I'm just craving some wacky, magicky fun...

Thanks in advance!

Author Guest
#2 | Posted: 4 Jan 2011 00:19 
Tempt Me Not by Addie Logan is a great fic
Buffy takes desperate measures to try to remove the temptation from her life. But when things don't go anywhere near according to plan, she finds herself discovering what she hadn't wanted to believe was possible.
it should be on this site

Author Spikelissa

#3 | Posted: 4 Jan 2011 00:22 
What about this one:

Not necessarily a spell gone wrong, but a spell gone wrong for Spike, the Spike looking for a completely different spell and then wham...spell gone wrong that seems to go right, well for our fave couple!

Guardians of the Scythe by Athenwolfe

Author Spikelissa

#4 | Posted: 4 Jan 2011 00:45 
If you get a chance I would send an email to Holly about the story she took down...I'm sorry but the name is just not coming to me at the moment. I know it was one that a spell had Buffy remembering a life long ago and she (past self) ends up bargaining with this I want to read it, lol. And something happens and she remembers. Not sure if a spell was involved, but I think I'm remembering there was one because she starts remembering things.

I'm not sure if this is a spell gone wrong, but definitely not the results expected:

Second Youth Series by Ariel Dawn


This I found to be extremely dark but so worth the read! This is definitely a spell gone wrong and not what was expected. This definitely fits your category, but if you have a faint heart or don't like this kind of thing don't read. It's not that bad, but it is dark. You want to scream and say stop it! Oh the torture and then at times you are bawling like a baby feeling horrible for both of them, and then towards the end you are wishing for a better ending but knowing it was perfect the way it did end...

Yup that's my quick version of the story...but there is so much to it, but please read with caution.

Blood Bound by DreamsofSpike **Need to be signed in to access story**

I would like to add that this story is ironically in Season 4, but not with the Will Be Done spell. So I think this is the perfect story of a spell gone wrong, but long eventually does bring something better. (That is if you haven't read the story, it's definitely up on my list of must reads, actually all of DreamsofSpike's stories do)

Author Spikelissa

#5 | Posted: 4 Jan 2011 01:03 
Delust of Dust by dampersandspoons NC-17

Spike has returned to Sunnydale, heartbroken that Drusilla has left him. When a love spell goes horribly wrong, how will the Scoobies react when the slayer gets involved with yet another vampire? Will Giles wipe his glasses in disapproval? Will Xander not understand but be too enamored with the visuals to say anything? Is Angel going to brood about it or will he do something more? WHAT WILL HAPPEN? (Starts off with the episode "Lover's Walk" and then goes AU practically from the start.)

Author Guest
#6 | Posted: 4 Jan 2011 01:12 
There's Fixing The Factors by ImmortallySpuffy at Elysian Fields (EF). The summary is:-

Spells and Jealousy and Treachery...oh my! Set during The Yoko Factor, something has happened to make Buffy and Spike repeat the same day over and over. Will they figure out they're in this together or keep working against each other? Will they be able to fix the time loop or are they doomed to repeat the day for eternity? And just how many visits from a jealous Riley and Angel will Buffy be able to stand?

Also at EF there's Little Buffy by Zarrah, the summary is:-

A spell to bring Buffy out of her gloomy mood backfires causing a small problem for the scooby's. Takes place BEFORE Buffy and Spike have their disastrous relationship, but Willow's magic addiction is in place. Giles is still in Sunnydale acting as Buffy's watcher and Tara is surprisionly missing from the story.

At EF there's also Little Hero by AuthoressNebula, summary is:-

Post 'As You Were': While he's trying to drink himself into oblivion, Spike ends up rescuing a tiny little girl. He soons finds out he knows her very well: it's Buffy, age five. The Scoobies are instantly on the case, but soon become enchanted with the child. Shocking dark secrets are revealed, and with a new big bad in town, they realize they need big Buffy, and fast. The problem is: how do they get her back?

The sequel, Magic In a Young Girl's Heart, is also there and the summary is:-

Takes place one month after 'Little Hero'. While out patrolling one night, the gang discovers that Lil' Buffy is back! This time, they realize that they're dealing with someone who wants the Slayer tiny and helpless. They're running out of options in keeping her safe, and they're running out fast. They may need a little help with this one.

At EF there is also Tempt Me Not by Addie Logan, summary is:-

Buffy takes desperate measures to try to remove the temptation from her life. But when things don't go anywhere near according to plan, she finds herself discovering what she hadn't wanted to believe was possible. (This story is set in Season Six, but goes completely AU at the beginning of "Gone." For the purposes of this fic, I'm ignoring the Nerd Trio and the social worker completely.)

At EF (again!!) there's When She Was Younger by kittiekat, the summary is:-

Set S4. Buffy makes a wish to get back to being fifteen and unSlayery. A wish that will have dire consequences, not only for herself. What will this do to the SlayerVamp relationship, one can only wonder.

On this site there's Just a Teenage Crush... by Addie Logan, the summary is:-

After Buffy's day from hell thanks to the Geek Trio, Willow decides to "help" by making Buffy forget she ever died. And—big surprise here—this goes terribly, terribly wrong. (Less angsty alternative to season 6; goes off canon following "Life Serial.")

Also on this site there is Once Upon A Time by mel, summary is:-

Spike unknowingly interferes with a warlock's spell casting, which angers the sorceror. He places a curse on Spike which causes the vampire to lose all memory of his life after being turned. *Set somewhere in season 5 before Spike admits his feelings for Buffy. And we know what Buffy thinks of Spike.*

On this site again you can find So You Can Be Free by Thianna, summary is:-

Set during Season 6, Seeing Red -- the bathroom scene. What will Spike do to make himself feel better? He finds a spell to deal with the pain. But how will this spell affect the way a chipped vampire and a Slayer interact with each other. Goes off Canon after the bathroom scene.

At Bloodshedverse there's the Spike's Will Be Done series by TalesofSpike. The stories are:-

Spike's Will Be Done - summary: An alternative view as to what might have happened in Entropy if Buffy had given all Willow's spellcasting paraphernalia to Spike for safe-keeping instead of throwing it out. This time round, Spike has his heart set on the idea of casting the "Will Be Done" spell before he even reaches The Magic Box. What will the vampire wish for? And knowing the luck our favourite vampire seems to have, should we be surprised when things don't go quite as he planned?

The sequels are:-

True Colours

Ring of Fire

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

Angels and Demons

(the first story has the spell going wrong, the sequels deal with the aftereffects and consequences)

Also at Bloodshedverse there is Wiping The Slate Clean by ya_lublyu_tebya, summary is:-

The reversal of the Tabula Rasa spell doesn't quite go according to plan and our favourite slayer and vampire are left memoryless. Just what difference will no memory of their past make in their relationship?

At Nocturnal Light you could also try Masks and Mirrors by Pfeifferpack, the summary is:-

There's a glitch using those Ghorah eggs as a surprising result develops from Dawns attempt to bring back her mother. Those developments both thrill and horrify Spike as the scoobies and Buffy discover the man behind the mask. Can a mothers love heal and bind or should the past be left in the grave? Setting: Season 5 mid episode "Forever" going AU from there. Liberal changes made to the ritual Dawn uses for the resurrection spell.

Next, although this one is based on Willow's "Thy Will Be Done" spell the outcome is completely different than in the episode. The story (and its sequel) can be found at fanfiction . net. The details are: So Mote It Be by Ultrawoman, summary is:-

During her Will Be Done spell Willow doesn't mention Buffy and Spike getting married, instead she complains about their childish behaviour...Oops! How exactly will the gang cope with the effects?

The sequel is Childhood Trauma and the summary is:-

Almost a year after So Mote It Be (around 'Real Me' now) Dawn is sick of being treated like a kid, and wishes her sister and the Scoobies could understand how she feels. On the Hellmouth, sometimes wishes come true.

Hope you enjoy them!

Author Spikelissa

#7 | Posted: 4 Jan 2011 01:13 
I'm pimping your thread, sorry!!!!

Pinch Hitter by dreamweaver Rated: NC-17

Buffy vanishes after stopping Adam and the Powers That Be bring over another Buffy from a parallel dimension to take her place.

with the follow up of:

Revenant by dreamweaver Rated: NC-17

This is a follow-up to 'Pinch Hitter', the other side of the coin, the original young Buffy of the end of Season 4 faced with the fallout and a suddenly returned Spike.

Now I'm done until I remember more!

Author Spikelissa

#8 | Posted: 4 Jan 2011 01:22 

Author Spikelissa

#9 | Posted: 4 Jan 2011 01:33 

Author Spikelissa

#10 | Posted: 4 Jan 2011 01:40 
So You Can Be Free by Thianna

Once Upon A Time by mel

I shouldn't add 'So mote it be' because well, technically that is still using Willow's Spell but changing it. But I will add the first story anyway, I just don't think it applies to this thread. Just my opinion.

So Mote It Be by Ultrawoman

Done...I'm completely finished now...sleepy time!

Author Coednakedslaying
#11 | Posted: 4 Jan 2011 01:45 
Gee whiz! Thanks everyone for the response! These should keep me busy a while! I've read Spike's Will Be Done and LOVED it!

Author SMac
#12 | Posted: 4 Jan 2011 01:48 
The Holly story with the demon is:

Echoes by HollyDB

Summary: A slayer barters with a demon to rescue her lover, and finds herself unwittingly projected nearly three hundred years into the future with no memory of the life she left behind.
Timeline: pre-series 18th Century and Season 2, AU after Halloween

She took it down?

Author Spikelissa

#13 | Posted: 4 Jan 2011 01:51 
Thank you HUGS SMac

Yeah about a year ago I think? I completely forgot to save it before she did. She asked those to email her and I think not to pass it around because it may be used for publishing? Don't quote me on that, I'd check with Holly. I just know it's taken down.

Author SMac
#14 | Posted: 4 Jan 2011 01:51 
Another story that is no longer around as far as I know:

A Not So Gorgeous Mistake By Kari Mouke

Summary: Angel is the one to stop the first, and his reward is his humanity. Willow performs a spell unbeknownst to Buffy and Angel, erasing their memories and sending them to the happy normal world of suburbia. She meant it as a reward, but for Buffy it's a nightmare. Every time she looks into the brown eyes of her husband she yearns for blue. Spoilers: AU "Chosen".

Author Spikelissa

#15 | Posted: 4 Jan 2011 01:53 
I can email you with that one, I have a zip folder that I really need to clean up but is good to email out anyway. I'm just a perfectionist and noticed I have some things changed and one story in twice...Hmmm maybe I will do that tomorrow!

So I will say send an email to me if you'd like!

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 Spell gone wrong, not necessarily Something Blue

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