Spuffy Fantasy/AU [1463]
Fics have Spike and Buffy out of canon; Spike is human, Buffy's a vamp, they're both humans..basically anything non-canon.
Spuffy Hardcore/Smut [791]
All fics that have 'very' graphic sexual scenes and language. Mainly for Adults Only!
Challenges [40]
This is where you post the challenges.
Spuffy International [66]
This is where you post fics written in a language 'other than' English.
Crossovers [51]
Cross the Buffy fandom with another.
Plagiarism [11]
Post about Plagiarism, authors who commit it and the stories.
Spuffy General/Canon [1807]
Stories pretty much of the Buffyverse; Mainly Buffy's the Slayer and Spike's a Vamp, as they are in the series.