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Pieces by myrabeth

Rated: PG • 1 Reviews

The third time, I came back in pieces. I’ve put together what I could in the months since, but I don’t think I’ll ever quite finish the puzzle. I only even made it this far because I was so driven to remember the guy who burned my hand.

Indecent Proposal by harrisxander2

Rated: AO-AdultsOnly • 42 Reviews Liked
Summary: Based on the movie. Yes, that movie. Will and Buffy are the couple. Xander is the billionaire.

Dusted by theultimatespoon

Rated: PG • 0 Reviews
Summary: What if Buffy reacted differently to Willow's spell after Something Blue?

Sinful Addictions. by Palpatine

Rated: 18 • 0 Reviews

 Sinful things are by far the most addictive of all possible addictions- and by far one of the worst is an addiction to the occult, to the sort of magic that Zatanna has fallen victim to engaging in- for it is objectively evil in and of itself, ontologicaly-so, and completely at that.

Evil Boss by shithappens

Rated: AO-AdultsOnly • 47 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy Summers is having a quiet night in. Her husband Spike is on a business trip. She gets a visit from Xander Harris, her husband's boss, who tells her that her husband has been stealing from the firm. He says going to turn Spike over to the cops and ruin his career. Unless she sleeps with him.

Confidence Builder by Shipperandfanficer15

Rated: AO-AdultsOnly • 0 Reviews
Summary: *Requested by jwct123 via Email* Human AU, High School Guidance Counselor Buffy X High School Student Spike. Oneshot. "I think we should work on your confidence first, and luckily for you, I happen to know the perfect confidence builder."

Until it Kills You Both by myrabeth

Rated: PG • 6 Reviews Liked

Lovers Walk is interrupted by the arrival of the dead and the slowly dying.

Research Project: Buffy Summers'. by Palpatine

Rated: 15 • 0 Reviews

Inspired by a challenge on Elysian Fields Spuffy Archive, this tale mystical education and Elizabeth Summers ascertaining how to use blessed objects in general and one in particular: Consecrated Hosts to fight against Preternatural Monsters, one of her instructors in this is William Pratt. Don't worry, this won't involve badness, but will have to do with what might be called "preternatural biology" for lack of a better term.

You Were Made For Me by Shipperandfanficer15

Rated: 18 • 0 Reviews Liked
Summary: The bulk of the story takes place in 1880s London. A one shot inspired by the night William was turned, with a few twists of course. "You were made for me, William. You're my destiny, our souls are intertwined. You must feel the same. Please, tell me you do." Grim Reaper AU.

Certainty by myrabeth

Rated: PG • 2 Reviews Liked

Every Scooby wedding needs a demon wedding crasher, especially if the bride is a slayer.


Blood and Dust by Blackoberst

Rated: 18 • 0 Reviews
Summary: It's been two years since Spike helped Buffy make sure The Master wouldn't be resurrected, and his unlife has gone from bad to worse. Now that he's fed up with both Dru and Angelus, he comes back to Sunnydale, to the source of all his misery for a new beginning, revenge, and a bit of fun.
What he finds, though, is slightly different than what he planned.

A Tale of the Summers Sisters and Their Vampyre by sandy_s

Rated: 15 • 3 Reviews Liked
Summary: Dawn finds a mysterious text on Andrew’s phone. Post-NFA. A three-part mini-reunion story!
Special thank you to swifthorse who read the first draft and provided encouragement!

What Makes A Monster by SleepingTigress

Rated: 18 • 1 Reviews
Summary: When Spike sees Buffy captured by the Initiative, he makes the choice to go in after her.

As Always by flow

Rated: 15 • 1 Reviews Liked
Summary: When Buffy walks out of the police station in the season 6 episode Dead Things she leaves a beaten and battered Spike behind. But Buffy wouldn't be Buffy if she wouldn't come back...

You Weren't There by myrabeth

Rated: PG • 3 Reviews Liked

Buffy has a moment of clarity in the middle of what was expected to be a semi-romantic reunion.

Hellmouth Hurricane by sandy_s

Rated: 18 • 0 Reviews
Summary: A hurricane is hitting Sunnydale. This is a rarity in and of itself. Everyone evacuates, even essential workers, leaving Giles to research the potential magical origins of the storm. Buffy is stuck in her house with an unexpected houseguest a.k.a. Spike as the storm makes landfall. Written for the Elysian Fields Trapped Challenge, October 2020.

Set in early season five after “Family” and with a semi-alternate timeline, so only Buffy and Giles really know about Glory and about Dawn being the Key.

The beautiful banner is by the super talented Pixiecorn!

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Disney owns all.

Take A Chance On Me by Peta

Rated: 18 • 0 Reviews
Summary: When Spike shows up at Giles's door, revealing that he can no longer play with the other puppies, Buffy is amused. Spike's been neutered? Too funny. But then Spike reveals that Buffy might have another foe to fight, and Buffy just can't take him seriously. This new enemy is just as neutered as Spike, so what's to fear? Right?

A Slight Miscalculation by sandy_s

Rated: 15 • 1 Reviews
Summary: The Mayor stops Spike before he leaves town in Lovers Walk. He has a proposition for the vampire. Written for the Elysian Fields Big Bads Challenge 2019. This is AU, y'all.
The gorgeous banner is by the wonderful stnia!
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Disney owns the TV show.

Buffy, Spike, and the Witch of the Acheron River by sandy_s

Rated: 15 • 0 Reviews
Summary: Summary: A sort of fairy tale set in Elysian Fields. Buffy receives word that someone she knows has come to the meadows across the river. Written for the 15th anniversary of Seasonal Spuffy in Fall 2020 and for all the lovely people who make fandom a wonderful place to be.

The absolutely gorgeous and haunting banner is by stnia!

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Disney owns all.

Boatload of Manly Responsibility by Passion4Spike

Rated: NC-17 • 0 Reviews

When Buffy brings her mom and sister to Spike to protect from the hell god, Glory, he sees a chink in her armor—she needs him, she trusts him... maybe, just maybe, she doesn’t hate him as much as she claims. Will that boatload of manly responsibility the Slayer’s dropped into his lap save Spike from a life of lonely desperation?

I Don't/Do Care About You by Shipperandfanficer15

Rated: 18 • 0 Reviews
Summary: A horrifying thought struck him without his permission, the berk was gonna kill her. That wasn't the shocking, strike you down on the spot, part. No, the part that rubbed him the wrong way is that he didn't want her dead. "Caring doesn't sometimes lead to misery, it always does." Set at the end of season 2.

Cuddling With the Darkness by Slaymesoftly

Rated: 18 • 0 Reviews
Summary: What if Dracula put a curse on Spike and Buffy had to help him? What if they both liked that situation... a lot? Buffy gets a pet bat.

It's Got to be a Spell by Slaymesoftly

Rated: 18 • 0 Reviews
Summary: For the "Calling" challenge at EF. What if someone told Angel that Buffy and Spike were engaged? Set during a twisted canon version of Something Blud.

The Ghost by myrabeth

Rated: 18 • 0 Reviews

After the fall of Sunnydale, Buffy begins keeping a journal. In its pages, she records a summer of heartache and magic that leads her to an unexpected peace.

Her Denial, His Pain by Shipperandfanficer15

Rated: 18 • 0 Reviews
Summary: Buffy's a popular girl, Spike's a punk guy. They're complete opposites, constantly fighting during Sunnydale High's school hours. One of the only things they have in common's that they're secretly in love with each other. "I'm in love with you." "You're in love with pain." All human AU, Oneshot. (Disclaimer! I do not own the Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Movie, Tv Show, Comic Books, or Characters!)