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Keep Getting Better by sam52

Rated: PG • 4 Reviews Liked
Summary: Sequel to "Always With You". A year after Spike comes back to Buffy, they now have a new bundle of joy to share between them!

Keep Holding On by TammyAsh666

Rated: NC-17 • 234 Reviews Liked
Summary: Spike Rayne is the most popular guy in school. Buffy Summers is the new girl that gets under his skin. When she shows no interest in him, he's willing to do anything to get her attention. How will Spike react when he finds out something about her that he never would have expected? Will it bring them closer together, or tear them even further apart? Nominated at the Cradle of Humanity Awards.

Keep On Moving by Cass

Rated: 15 • 83 Reviews Liked
Summary: FINAL CHAPTER for now. But the sequel may yet get a sequel ;) Sequel to 'Moving On'. So Spike and Buffy have overcome all sorts of odds and now they are together and happy in Rome... But this is Spike and Buffy, after all, so how long do we really think this will last? Especially given that Spike has made himself a powerful enemy... This is still very much a Spuffy fic, but other characters (especially Dawn and Andrew) will get to play too.

Keep on Rolling by lindsay

Rated: NC-17 • 25 Reviews Liked
Summary: It’s 1979 in Sunnydale California and roller derby is at an all time popular high. The Femmes Fatales – funded by the Magic Boxing Sporting Center - are taking California by storm! When news spreads to L.A about this deadly all girls team The Senior Partners – owners of the all male roller derby team the Ungentlemen’s - issue the girls a challenge: Throw down or step down. The stakes: A 13 game tournament for the U.S.A Roller Derby Crown.

Keep The Night by Spikes_Deb

Rated: NC-17 • 27 Reviews Liked
Summary: A challenge response over at the Bloodshedverse. Season 2 - Spike's in Sunnydale and comes across the Slayer. They didn't bet on Willow messing up a spell and them not knowing who they are - and still, the attraction's there. Hot and smutty, naughty and nice!

Keeping Her Safe by CrimsonAngel

Rated: 15 • 1 Reviews Liked
Summary: Season 5. The gang is still at the gas station, on the run from glory. But Spike has a plan. Will it work?

Keeping it in the Family by Celestria

Rated: NC-17 • 10 Reviews Liked
Summary: Summary: PWP. Buffy finds out that her husband, Angel, is unfaithful. To get back at him, she sets her sights on his younger brother Spike.

Keeping Secrets by Pet

Rated: NC-17 • 563 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy and Spike used to be best friends back in high school, but Buffy soon discovered that she wanted more. Not wanting to ruin their friendship, she kept her true feelings to herself. When Spike's seemingly shallow relationship with a woman named Drusilla turned long term, Buffy couldn't handle seeing the love of her life with someone else, and walked out of his life without explaining why. Two years later, Buffy once again enters his life after hearing of a tragic accident, and finds that she’s not the only one who’s been keeping secrets all this time.

Keeping Secrets. by Spikes_slayer08

Rated: NC-17 • 131 Reviews Liked
Summary: Armed with fake I.D's 16 year old Elizabeth Buffy Summers and her best friend Cordeila Giles head out to L.A's hottest club intending on meeting up with Cordy's older, secret boyfriend Xander but when Cordy and Xander bail on Buffy she meets the man of her dreams Spike.
He is everything she has ever wanted in a guy fun, smart, sexy, and a wonderful lover only problem is he is 22 year old collage student and thinks she is the same not a 16 year old high school student.

How will Spike react when he discovers the truth? will he be able to forgive her? will he be able to put her age aside? and is her age the only secret she is keeping from him?

Keeping You by dbeaux

Rated: AO-AdultsOnly • 14 Reviews Liked
Summary: Dancing at the Bronze one night, 17 year old Buffy finds herself in the arms of a stranger…

Keeping You In Mind by Aureliana

Rated: NC-17 • 16 Reviews Liked
Summary: Set at the end of Chosen. What if Buffy couldn't move on? What if she hadn't gone to Rome? What if she'd gone, with everyone, to Wolfram and Hart to visit Angel? And stayed there long enough...

Keystone by Winsomeone

Rated: PG • 3 Reviews Liked
Summary: AU Grundy'verse.Sent to retrieve artifacts from another dimension the Slayer and her team become deeply embroiled in a twisted plot that places them in dangerous opposition to the Watcher’s Council. Fantasy/Adventure/Romance

Kidnapped! by Spikes KittyKat

Rated: AO-AdultsOnly • 99 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy has newly moved into Sunnydale and is looking to fit in. Although she has friends, she just generally feels left out and alone that is until she meets a vampire who kidnaps/saves her. What adventures will follow for the duo from this point and will they make it through?

Kill Me Later by spuffyz_3rd

Rated: NC-17 • 37 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy is having a miserable affair with a married co-worker called Angel. One day she’s had enough and gets drunk on the roof of the bank where she works. At the same time she is standing on the roof, drinking herself into oblivion so that she can jump to her death, Spike and his two lackeys, Andrew and Jonathon, rob the bank. Spike ends up on the roof with Buffy, attempts to take her as his hostage, but when she’s less than cooperative, he makes a deal with her that if she is compliant with his getaway plan, he will kill her so that she doesn’t have to end her own life. As the pair are thrown into a tumultuous partnership, they begin to fall for each other… but can Spike show Buffy the upside of life and change her negative perspective, or will he lose her forever?

Killer Attraction by Noelle

Rated: NC-17 • 12 Reviews Liked
Summary: Set in Season One's 'Witch'. Buffy tells Willow, Xander and Giles how she "started" the fire in her old school after an attack from two members of the Aurelian clan.

Killer Instinct by Karbear57

Rated: NC-17 • 70 Reviews
Summary: Summary: NC17; Adaptation of S2 Halloween: Buffy goes back and exchanges her Victorian dress for something a bit different, response to Bloodshedverse Challenge #42; Warning: Character Death, Sexual Sit., Bloodplay, etc.

Killing Loneliness by serenity

Rated: NC-17 • 43 Reviews Liked
Summary: A man with a dark past in search of his future, a woman on a mission with no time to spare. When their paths cross, lives will be changed forever.

Killing Me Softly by moxie

Rated: NC-17 • 6 Reviews Liked
Summary: Short season six Buffy POV. Buffy and Spike, they want, they need, they love, they hate but they can’t stay away from each other. completed

Kindred Spirits by LadyYashka

Rated: PG • 5 Reviews Liked
Summary: Getting stranded in a bar isn't always a bad thing. This story is a crossover and contians vague spoilers for both seasons of Supernatural.

King of Hearts by Charlie

Rated: NC-17 • 27 Reviews Liked
Summary: Inspired by "King Ralph". Spike is a rock singer at a London club when one day two men show up, telling him he is the rightful heir to the throne of England. As Spike is struggling with the daily routine of a king, a beautiful housemaid at Buckingham Palace catches his eye...

Kiss From A Rose by GoldenBuffy

Rated: 15 • 7 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy visits Spike after his escape from Glory, posed as Buffy-Bot.

Kiss of Blood by Tess

Rated: 15 • 17 Reviews Liked
Summary: AU after almost all of Seeing Red. You'll see where I went AU. Tara senses something off with Buffy, and looks into it.

Kiss the Cook by CutieSaiyajin

Rated: PG • 18 Reviews Liked
Summary: Spike wants a kiss from his girl, but Buffy won't oblige him. Funny little one-shot, featuring Spike, Buffy, and Dawn.

Kisses and Cupcakes by Vanilla

Rated: NC-17 • 75 Reviews Liked
Summary: Days after the tragedy that was her seventeenth birthday, Buffy sits alone on her porch. An unexpected visitor becomes her partner in misery, and together they come to understand how thin the line is between love and hate.

Kissing Mr. Brightside by silly_bint

Rated: NC-17 • 25 Reviews Liked
Summary: AU. Buffy Summers is the classic fallen women, dragged into a life of prostitution by the loathful Angelus. William Pratt is a bumbling young man chasing after the wrong girl. What happens when they meet? Was it only a kiss or is there more to their relationship than just the usual serving of sex? * There will be definate kink in this story as well as a touch of angst. *