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Reviewer: y'all are funny Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 05/04/2015 - 11:13 pm Title: Teacher's Pet

freedom of speech to be pricks? makes sense. nice going admin, no wonder this place barely has any active members left.

Reviewer: you're retarded pari Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 02/07/2015 - 03:47 pm Title: Teacher's Pet

I hope you're not a parent because I would hate to be your kid, cheat on a test then be verbally beaten in the public eye. This is what you're doing. All your little "2 cents" anus lickers have chastised their kids for doing the same thing. This is childish behavior no doubt (the cheating) but THIS is how you handle it? Wow I can't believe anybody gives you donations for this place. There are better Spuffy fic archives out there and they don't have open comments for verbal bashing that you invite. I feel sorry for your kids if you have any. You're fucked up.

Reviewer: are you serious? lol Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 02/07/2015 - 08:57 am Title: Teacher's Pet

Why is this bullshit under your name? Clearly you're going out of your way to point this cheating out, this shit makes me laugh. I hope you're not married with kids. Grow up admin. So someone cheated. I know let's all have a place to congregate to jeer at a girl you don't know. Why are you even allowing people to comment on this incident? It's stupid. Aren't you the authority? Point it out is fine, allowing comments is just fucked up. I can't imagine a teacher doing this in the classroom. 

Reviewer: carrie-anne Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 02/07/2015 - 08:36 am Title: Teacher's Pet

There's also a thing called tact and regardless of what happened with the stealer this little bully tribunal makes you guys look and sound very bad. I assume you're all grown adults. It sucks when this happens but there wasn't a need to tear "the stealer" apart just because she plagiarized. I don't see anyone knocking One Direction for ripping off the Backstreet Boys. Maybe because nothing in life is always going to be original. Everything written has been in some form a copy on the other. Where she died or not I you guys could have had blood on your hands if she took her own life. You all sound like bullies including the admin.

Reviewer: deva Anonymous Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/03/2005 - 08:22 am Title: Teacher's Pet

Everyone was just giving their two cents on the matter, SpuffyFreak. That's how it works and if they love to hate, then there's nothing you nor I can do about it. Whose feelings are we trying to spare anyway? And as far as I know, there is such a thing as freedom of speech.

Reviewer: SpuffyFreak Anonymous Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/03/2005 - 05:58 am Title: Teacher's Pet

I am indeed a writer but isn't it at this point too monotonous to divulge over and over? i know im not helping matters but adding to it, im just extra confused on why people would insullt her. there is no proof that she is dead its only what i had heard. but what you said was true, end of story.. so then why does everyone feel the need to add to it?

Author's Response: You're really the only one making much ado about nothing, sweetie. This is the place to discuss the matters of Plagiarism. I'm sorry your friend got busted here. I assume she's your friend or 'you', since you speak as if we're hurting 'your' feeling. If you are a writer and plan to post here, just be aware of the rules.

Reviewer: deva Anonymous Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/03/2005 - 05:12 am Title: Teacher's Pet

She stole. End of story. Frankly, I don't care if she died or not because I never really knew her and after this? I really don't care to. I don't think she's getting anyone's sympathy either because the damage has been done. If she did die, then, she should've thought long and hard before plagiarising someone else's work. SpuffyFreak, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone here who isn't as concerned about plagiarism as we are. If you're not a writer, then, I really don't expect you to understand.

Reviewer: Addie Logan Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/03/2005 - 03:30 am Title: Teacher's Pet

Pari hasn't done anything wrong here. Plagerism occured, and she made a notice about it, the way she has before. Sadly, it can't be proven if the woman is alive or dead, and it really doesn't affect a heads up about there being plagerism. If she isn't dead, then the notice serves a purpose, and if she is, it doesn't change anything. And no, it isn't murder, but plagerism is still a big deal. When you have your words stolen, you feel violated, "just the internet" or not.

This is Pari's site, and this is how she chooses to handle plagerism. If you have a problem with that, then you can go to another site. There's no reason to jump all over her case about it.

Author's Response: No worries Addie, I'm like a duck in water, these sort of things just roll off me :) But thanks for the support, and understanding and abiding by the rule. There aren't that many I just don't know why some have such a hard time with them.

Reviewer: SpuffyFreak Anonymous Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/03/2005 - 02:36 am Title: Teacher's Pet

Pari, lay off. I have as good a right as anyone to say how I feel and I understand the rules and all that but, get off this idea for a second. she didn't kill anyone, its just the internet.

Author's Response: Sorry, SF, but I will never lay off on ppl too lazy or too untalented to write their own stories, so they steal others.. That isn't welcome on this site. As far as her being dead, no one knew until you posted it here...not that it matters as far as what's done on this site, because it doesn't. If she is dead it must have happened right after she got busted and deleted the story from this site *So again forgive me if I doubt* At the end of the day, a crime *As far as I'm concerned and I think many in the fanfic community would agree* was committed. Oh and I don't have to lay off, its just one of the perks of owning this site, another perk is me telling those who don't like it here to try another site, I recommend and buffy/spike central :)

Reviewer: SpuffyFreak Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 12/03/2005 - 01:21 am Title: Teacher's Pet

hey this is tragic. did you guys know she passed away yesterday. i just found out from her friends.

to be honest, talking about what bad things people do won't make everything they do stop from happening. i think you guys should let it rest and hopefully people who do this learn their lesson.

Author's Response: If that is true *and forgive me if I'm worng Lord, but I doubt it is* Then her family has my condolenses, but it doesnt change the fact that she did a dispicable thing, and most of us here *Who are writer's* we don't take such things lightly. If I find it here I'm gonna call you out on it and post you in this category as a Plagiarist, if someone doesn't like it then they better not do that crap here. Plain and simple.

Reviewer: Kimber Anonymous Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/02/2005 - 02:14 pm Title: Teacher's Pet

I have a it possible we are dealing with the same people using other names to post these stolen stories?

Reviewer: Shippy Anonymous Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/02/2005 - 12:49 pm Title: Teacher's Pet

What gets me is that she dared say Justin was her boyfriend's name!

Reviewer: rockerbaby Anonymous Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/02/2005 - 04:26 am Title: Teacher's Pet

Wow, ripping off an N'Stink fanfic... what a world. It's amazing how people are SOOOO stupid to think that they won't get caught even when they see how many others get caught.

Reviewer: Tara Anonymous Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/01/2005 - 01:49 pm Title: Teacher's Pet

I almost commented on how poorly it was written, but decided maybe I was being to picky since other reviewers seemed to like it. Either way, glad it is gone!

Reviewer: Elizabeth Anne Summers Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/01/2005 - 10:14 am Title: Teacher's Pet

Gawd, and you'd think if you were going to steal a story you'd steal a good story.... LoL

Reviewer: TammyAsh666 Anonymous Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/01/2005 - 06:57 am Title: Teacher's Pet

I just remembered that she had Justin in the fiction, I can't believe she didn't even take that out. I was wondering who that was and now it makes sense. God, how stupid can some people get?

Reviewer: bloodshedbaby Anonymous Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/01/2005 - 04:28 am Title: Teacher's Pet

Pari, she submitted it to the bloodshedverse and I denied it (because duh, it's AU, I don't archive AU) but if you need a copy of the original fic she submitted, I'll send it to you. Oh , I'll just see if I can post it here. She submitted it to BSC and it was denied . (It was another mod who denied it, not me)
Here's what she sent to the BSV.
Author: Mariah
Title: Teacher's Pet: Adonis
Category: Alternative Universe
Genres: Angst, Comedy, Porn w/Some Plot
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Extreme Language, Sexual Situations
Summary: You may think I'm crazy but hell, life's too fucking short to give a shit.
Validate | Delete | Yes Letter | No Letter

I hurried into class with my friends just as the second bell rang. I hadn’t meant to be that late; I actually wanted to get in early to show off my sexy new look. I had cut my hair just past my shoulders, layered it and dyed my once blonde tresses, dark brown.

It wasn’t that I was trying to impress any of my classmates… it was more like my teacher. Mr. Marris.

God he was so sexy. I loved to just sit in his class and watch his lips move. He had this habit of licking his lips and it turned me on. I could imagine all the things he could do with that tongue of his and it made me crazy.

Since he started working in my school, at the end of junior year, he entranced me. He was a real man, not like the little boys I had time and time again encountered.

And did I mention he was good looking? He had this curly dirty blond hair and these striking ice blue eyes. There’s a saying that eyes are a doorway to the soul and his eyes are definitely that. I’ve actually sat in class, just staring at his beautiful eyes and have become entranced by them.

It’s sick but I can tell how he’s feeling by just looking at his eyes.

Mr. Marris, or Will, as I call him in my fantasies, but never in real life, 27, and fresh out of college. He stands at 6”, and you can tell he has a six-pack, even through his work clothes, which consist of a button down shirt, the optional tie and a pair of khakis.

He is an Adonis. The perfect man. But I was far from the perfect girl at first. I was a little chunky when I met him, and I didn’t really care about myself. My hair was long and often pulled up in a messy ponytail.

I mean don’t get the wrong idea, I wasn’t a loser, it’s just I really didn’t care about myself. But that summer, I had lost a total of 25lbs and firmed my body out. I knew that I had to change myself to get him.

He probably wanted a more mature looking woman. That’s exactly what I was going to give him.

I guess it’s sort of why I cut my hair too. I mean I just want to get him. Though, I know it’s kind of crazy. It’s worth a shot. He’s my obsession and I know I’ll regret it forever if I don’t try.

As I sat down at my desk, I smoothed my already very short pleated gray skirt. I go to a catholic school, so it’s easy to draw more attention. Although I wasn’t sure if maybe it would remind him that I was a student.

It didn’t matter though. All that mattered was that I was going to try.

Will wasn’t paying attention; instead he had his back to us as he busily wrote notes on the board.

He was my English teacher, and I adore English, even more so since he teaches the class. I mean sure, I was doubled up on English just because I wanted to be in his class. I was taking a separate AP English course and his class of Shakespearian Literature.

When Will finally turned around, he caught a glimpse of me and stopped, trying not to obviously stare at me. His breath almost caught in his throat as he began to speak.

“Okay… class… uhm…Take out your copy of Hamlet, uh… and turn to, uh, Act 2.” He was stumbling through his words and I was grinning on the inside. But I had to have poise and not show anything.

But I did adore the feeling of control I had over him.

I took out my book and opened it up, but not before raising my hand and smiling ever so sweetly at him.


“Mr. Marris, can I go to the bathroom?”

“Go ahead…” He said, watching me with a half smile. I brushed against him lightly as I passed by him.

“Sorry…” I smiled at him and headed out of the door toward the bathroom.

I headed down the hallway, giggling to myself. Will had finally noticed me.

I mean sure, Will knew who I was. I was little Elizabeth Summers. I was the short, blonde girl, who was kind of smart. I was the girl with her hair always pulled back and with the baggy uniform pants and sweatshirt.

But now, I had my new look. I had his attention, but what was going to happen? Would he want me just as much as I want him? Would he make me his?

Or would I still be a little girl in his eyes?

I headed into the bathroom and saw my best friend Brooke putting on lip-gloss in front of the mirror.

“Hey babe.” I called to her and walked behind her.

“Jesus Christ, Buff you scared me.” She turned to look at me, and her mouth dropped. “WHOA!”

“I thought I could use a little change.” I said and turned around, letting her get a good look at me. “Do you like it?”

“Buffy, fuck, you look hot.” Brooke turned and hugged me tightly. “Is this to impress a certain someone?”

Brooke knew of my crush on Mr. Marris and laughed about it. She thought he was cute as well but she was a bit more realistic. He was approximately 9 years older than us, but it didn’t matter to me.

I mean, just like the late Aaliyah once said, Age ain’t nothin’ but a number.

All right, so maybe I was a little obsessed with Mr. Marris. That was okay. I mean everyone has their obsessions. He’s just mine.

“Yeah it is…” I said with a giggle. “It’s working. His mouth dropped to the floor when he saw me.”

“For real?” Brooke grinned. “Maybe you’ll fuck him today.” She laughed a little, only joking, but damn, if Brooke only knew how on target she was.

Reviewer: Kimber Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/01/2005 - 04:11 am Title: Teacher's Pet

Hell she even deleted the reviews she didn't like....

Reviewer: Kimber Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/01/2005 - 04:09 am Title: Teacher's Pet

WOW, I'm glad there are those out there watching this.....and she had the nerve to say Justin was her boyfriend......sneakly little devil ...will they never learn.

Reviewer: TammyAsh666 Anonymous Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/01/2005 - 02:32 am Title: Teacher's Pet

I didn't even know there was an 'N Sync fiction site. She probably figured that it was easy to copy something from that and just change some names. And that no one would notice. That's just really pathetic. To be honest, when I read the fiction in here I didn't even like it all that much. And now that I find out she copied it, I really don't like it. These people have serious issues, all I can really say about it.

Reviewer: dusty273 Anonymous Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/01/2005 - 02:27 am Title: Teacher's Pet

How awful, it's copied practically word by word. I really don't understand what these people are trying to accomplish by plagiarizing someone else's work. There's no merit in copying and pasting.

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