Name: jess (Anonymous) · Date: 08/22/2008 - 04:36 am · Chapter: Chapter Ten
awwwww. here i was thinking he told his dad they were gonna have sex....i like your way a lot better. thats adorable. the way you wrote the summary, i thought buffy actually DID cheat! again, your way's better. great story!!!

Name: Sta (Anonymous) · Date: 07/29/2006 - 04:03 pm · Chapter: Chapter Ten
This story seemed a bit silly to me. They were so young and there was never any conflict to the story. It had great possibilities, but none of the angst was allowed to develop so the happy ending seemed too quick and easy. The writing itself was solid, though.

Name: cordykitten (Anonymous) · Date: 05/04/2006 - 08:59 pm · Chapter: Chapter Ten
Awe :) So that was the big question: William wants to marry Buffy ~ How sweet :) I hope William is right here and not Buffy's fears for separation. Loved it :)

Name: SarahandJamesFanatic (Anonymous) · Date: 05/04/2006 - 06:49 am · Chapter: Chapter Ten
good update hope we continue the spuffyness soon in the next chapter

Name: DaniD (Anonymous) · Date: 05/04/2006 - 03:37 am · Chapter: Chapter Ten
Awww..That was a really sweet story! There I was worrying about Spike's feeling toward Buffy the whole time! lol I'll be watching for more fics coming from you!

Name: PhotographyNut (Anonymous) · Date: 05/03/2006 - 09:18 pm · Chapter: Chapter Ten
Loved the chapter! Will there be an epilogue?

Name: secretguest (Anonymous) · Date: 05/03/2006 - 08:11 pm · Chapter: Chapter Ten
Wow...what a great ending for them! Is there gonna be an epilogue? I would like to read about what happens more for them in teh future! Great chapter! UPDATE SOON PLEASE!!!!!!

Name: Alexiyanna (Signed) · Date: 05/03/2006 - 07:45 pm · Chapter: Chapter Ten
Hmm...Interesting. Im impressed.

Aww bless that was shoo shweet!! Awww. I wish i had a guy like spike...hmmm


Name: beanmommy (Anonymous) · Date: 05/03/2006 - 07:21 pm · Chapter: Chapter Ten
epilogue? great story...i don't really read shorter stories, but it worked for this one. do wish it had an epilogue or sequel though. awesome!

Name: spufette (Anonymous) · Date: 05/03/2006 - 06:38 pm · Chapter: Chapter Ten
That was nice. Not too much angst!
I hope you do write a sequel???


Name: olivia (Anonymous) · Date: 05/03/2006 - 04:28 pm · Chapter: Chapter Ten
sequel !sequel !! :)

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