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Name: SarahandJamesFanatic (Signed) · Date: 04/16/2006 - 01:39 am · For: Dead Man Walking.
great update but its killing me waiting for the spuffy reunion

Author's Response: The reunion is coming!

Name: cordykitten (Anonymous) · Date: 04/03/2006 - 09:38 pm · For: Losing a Tail.
Good... they lost track of Buffy for now and she found Dana. ... Too late, they found her again and attacked. And because of Angel now a man is dead. But at least they didn't get Dana (better for Dana). Too bad Spike was too late; he still doesn't believe that Buffy is there. Hopefully next time Buffy will really go alone. Better chances for her :) Both for Spike and Dana.

Author's Response: It was a shame Spike was toolate - he's beginning to think he's going mad!

Name: SarahandJamesFanatic (Anonymous) · Date: 04/03/2006 - 06:35 am · For: Losing a Tail.
good update

Author's Response: Thanks!

Name: cordykitten (Anonymous) · Date: 03/27/2006 - 08:00 pm · For: Shadowing.
Grrr.. Angel wants to have Buffy bugged? ~ Good that Willow for once didn't use magic (to make Buffy forget). At last Buffy let the jacket in the car.. so she probably has only the bugged stun gun ... ~ Looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Yes he does. Evil of him, huh? LOL. More up soon.

Name: SarahandJamesFanatic (Anonymous) · Date: 03/27/2006 - 12:05 am · For: Shadowing.
good update but when will they see each other again?

Author's Response: More coming soon and hopefully that will answer your questions!

Name: SarahandJamesFanatic (Signed) · Date: 03/22/2006 - 04:50 am · For: Haze.
loved it

Author's Response: Thanks.

Name: cordykitten (Anonymous) · Date: 03/21/2006 - 10:38 pm · For: Haze.
I never thought I would be glad for Lindsey to play his little game *gg* So he wants to help a bit that Buffy and Spike will meet. But Buffy noticed that something was off :)

Author's Response: LOL. Thanks for the feedback sweets!

Name: spikestheman (Anonymous) · Date: 03/21/2006 - 08:41 pm · For: Haze.
I am really into this fic...cant wait for the reunion...poor Spike...creeepy Lindsay, but at least he will bring them together, or will he pit them against each other...oh so may questions, please update soon:)

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm thrilled you're enjoying it. Questions are good, it means I'm leaving you hanging just enough. :D

Name: Amarysso (Anonymous) · Date: 03/21/2006 - 02:06 pm · For: Haze.
Ilike this story. Good that Buffy likes Angels friends and not Angel himself.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Name: Amarysso (Anonymous) · Date: 03/21/2006 - 01:59 pm · For: Straight to Business.
Harmony is on otter?! LMAO!

Author's Response: Yes, yes she is. LOL

Name: sue (Anonymous) · Date: 03/21/2006 - 01:33 pm · For: Haze.
Has the right feel for crossover and Buffy is in feisty, first-lady form. Look forward to update.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I'm glad you like it so far.

Name: cordykitten (Anonymous) · Date: 03/18/2006 - 05:27 pm · For: Straight to Business.
J. is Buffy's new boyfriend then? Wonder who it is. Oh this idiot! Angel tries to keep Buffy's visit a secret for Spike and Spike being back a secret for Buffy. I just hope that this will go wrong and they find out! ~ Till next time.

Author's Response: Yup. And you'll find out more about him soon!

Name: spikestheman (Anonymous) · Date: 03/18/2006 - 11:25 am · For: Straight to Business.
OHHHHHHHHHHH...really liking this story so far...cant wait for Spike to find out...drat that Angel, why must he always interfere...Fred or Lorne to the rescue I imagine...keep posting I love a good kick Angels arse story ( I hope you are going to kick his arse, well Spike anyway)..:)

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it. More is coming soon!

Name: SarahandJamesFanatic (Signed) · Date: 03/18/2006 - 07:14 am · For: Straight to Business.
good update

Author's Response: Thanks.

Name: effection (Signed) · Date: 03/18/2006 - 04:57 am · For: Straight to Business.
NO! nononononono! You know, i've never really ever hated Angel after all the fics i've read and I never even disliked him after watching Buffy.... but right now, i'd like to pound his big, prominent-foreheaded forehead into a stupid brick wall. gah. So... Spike'll be the big bad rebel that he is, come in at some untimely time, see Buffy, they'll make with the 'OMG I LOVE YOUS' and then she'll kick Angel where it hurts, right? Becuase that would be totally cool. Anyways... update soon! I really like it so far.

Author's Response: ROFL! I LOVE that you had such a strong reaction. I look forward to seeing what you think of future chapters. Update coming soon.

Name: cordykitten (Anonymous) · Date: 03/17/2006 - 06:04 pm · For: Apprehension.
Oh, the new one? Not the sequel? Anyway, I'm reading both ;-) ~ So Buffy is on her way to L.A. at last, even if only for the new slayer. And the school sounds good for the girls. A good cover too. Wow.. Buffy even gets her own driver. :) Mmm I wonder if Angel told Spike that Buffy is on her way over to L.A. Awe, both are wearing their scars as a reminder. Looking forward to read more; but I'll wait till you post here :)

Author's Response: No, not the sequel. Glad to hear you'll be reading them both! I hope you continue to enjoy where this fic is going!

Name: klylu (Anonymous) · Date: 03/17/2006 - 10:33 am · For: Apprehension.
hey Amy... nice to hear from you again... so soon! lol
buffy, angel, spike... everyone of the lost in thoughts... buffy's not happy with angel's choices, he hopes to get her back.... and spike wants to drown his sorrows... he doesn't know she's coming, right?
that's a really promising beginning... i do love so much your canon fics!

Author's Response: Hey! Nice to hear from you too. LOL.

So you approve of the beginning then? *grins* More going up now.

Name: SarahandJamesFanatic (Signed) · Date: 03/17/2006 - 07:10 am · For: Apprehension.
good so far

Author's Response: Thanks!

Name: Raven (Anonymous) · Date: 03/17/2006 - 01:43 am · For: Apprehension.
Wow! I really like this story so far! I love how you've kept the characters true to themselves - they're exactly like they are in the show! (Well, Buffy seems a little less bitchy, but that's all good with me!) I think you've got a great start to a great story! I can't wait to see what happens next! Please update as soon as you can!
Thanx! ~Raven~

Author's Response: Thanks! As for Buffy, give her time. LOL.

More will be up soon.

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