Reviews For Just a Thing

Name: smlcspike (Signed) · Date: 06/29/2007 - 12:22 am · Chapter: Chapter Two
oh this is good.

Name: kw (Anonymous) · Date: 11/24/2006 - 06:03 pm · Chapter: Chapter Two
The UK interview part was great

Name: turnedbyspike (Signed) · Date: 10/01/2006 - 05:19 am · Chapter: Chapter Two
fun stuff! what was it they were watching? and how is it that they get the channels from the "other world"? is this really James Marsters' dream?

Name: sirc (Anonymous) · Date: 09/12/2006 - 03:28 am · Chapter: Chapter Two
Well done :D

Name: BuffyRat (Anonymous) · Date: 06/30/2006 - 01:45 am · Chapter: Chapter Two
The pair of them having a discussion about fashion. They both make some valid points. Very fun chapter.

Name: Delicia (Anonymous) · Date: 06/28/2006 - 07:46 am · Chapter: Chapter Two
Still going strong! :)

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying it-thank you for the reviews!

Name: Raspy_Luv (Anonymous) · Date: 06/21/2006 - 04:11 am · Chapter: Chapter Two
OMG! This is PRICELESS! And the SHIRT...THE shirt....LOL! I can't believe I once scoffed at this story and refused to read - what a mistake! This is wonderful so far!

Author's Response: I'm really glad you decided to read it :) and that you ended up liking it...and yeah, I kind of had to make fun of the shirt :)

Name: B_Mac (Anonymous) · Date: 06/03/2006 - 05:51 pm · Chapter: Chapter Two
Loved the bit about the shirt he wore on TRL. It did look prety stupid. Don't know what he was thinking.

Love the story. very funny.

Keep em coming.


Name: blondiebear (Anonymous) · Date: 05/27/2006 - 01:58 am · Chapter: Chapter Two
i actually got a glimpse of the shirt that you're mentioned in this chapter. when i saw it, was like "OH! That's the shirt!" lol. i kinda did want to grab JM and button up the rest of the shirt. not cuz i was bothered by his oh so nice looking chest. the shirt kind of irked me a little. anyway great job. loved it. wonder what's gonna happen when the rest of the gang gets into the mix.

Name: effection (Anonymous) · Date: 05/26/2006 - 01:18 pm · Chapter: Chapter Two
After reading this, i went onto youtube and saw the 10 min. TRL thing w/ James Marsters & David Boreanaz... haha. I loved how you made fun of his shirt here because that was the first thing i noticed and i was like .... WHAT is he wearing? So, that being said... I think I like Spike better than the actor who acts him out... if that makes sense.

Name: MidnightGirl (Anonymous) · Date: 05/26/2006 - 03:40 am · Chapter: Chapter Two
LOL... I loved the Spike/James conversation. Spike's opinion of James' clothes was hysterical. Great chapter!

Name: Jess (Anonymous) · Date: 05/25/2006 - 11:11 pm · Chapter: Chapter Two
hehe this story just makes me giggle, it's great. Cheered me up.

Name: Tuesday (Anonymous) · Date: 05/25/2006 - 09:19 pm · Chapter: Chapter Two
Great chapter. I'm really intrigued by this fic. More soon!

Name: cordykitten (Anonymous) · Date: 05/25/2006 - 07:09 pm · Chapter: Chapter Two
Hehe loved the fashion discussion *gg* this was fun. :-D I wonder if Willow and Tara can help :) Looking forward to the next one :)

Name: gotkona (Anonymous) · Date: 05/25/2006 - 07:07 pm · Chapter: Chapter Two
LOL still laughing at this and loving it.

Name: dasjessy (Anonymous) · Date: 05/25/2006 - 04:54 pm · Chapter: Chapter Two
"You look like a bloody mobster pimp"
*laughs uncontrollably*
OMG that was so funny. I can't stop giggling.
Really great and still SO true.

*huggles you real tight*

Name: Debbie (Anonymous) · Date: 05/25/2006 - 04:31 pm · Chapter: Chapter Two
Very interesting story line..not sure where it is going, but then I don't have to.......you have that wrapped up. The story has lots of possibilities, and I look forward to what is next........keep going and thanks

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