10 Most Reviewed Stories

Forward to Time Past by Unbridled Brunette

Rated: NC-17 • 3089 Reviews Liked Past Featured Story
Summary: PhotobucketThe victim of a spell gone awry, Buffy finds herself trapped in Victorian London, where she meets a man surprisingly familiar to her.

Origins: Revelations by Niamh

Rated: NC-17 • 2682 Reviews Liked
Summary: This is a continuation of Origins, and picks up shortly after the end of the first book. What happens to everyone now that Willow is gone from Revello Drive and Angel knows? Winner, Best Spike Hero, Lost in Spike Awards, Round 5; Judge's Choice Winner, Lost in Spike Awards, Round 5; Runner-up, Best WIP, Blood Ties Awards, Round 1; Runner-up, Best Claiming, Lost in Spike Awards, Round 7, Winner, Best Written, Lost In Spike Awards, Round 7, Judge's Choice Award, Lost in Spike Awards, Round 7; Runner-up, Best Spike Characterization, Spuffy Awards, Round 8; Winner, Best Crossover, Love's Last Glimpse Award, Round 11. And one for me -- Runner-up, Best Author, Love's Last Glimpse Awards, Round 11. Winner: Best Original Use of a supporting character for Dawn, Round One, Fang Fetish Awards. Judge's Choice Winner for Round One, Fang Fetish Awards

Been Here Too Few Years by Addie Logan

Rated: NC-17 • 2356 Reviews Liked
Summary: After the death of her first love, Buffy Summers swore to never give her heart to another. But with the addition of an unwelcome houseguest into her life, Buffy begins to realize she may have to rethink that vow… (All-human AU)

Tailored Encounters by Im_bloody_English

Rated: NC-17 • 1852 Reviews Liked
Summary: COMPLETED Buffy Summers is successful and content with every aspect of her life save one: her sex life. Sick of methodical vanilla sex with her current boyfriend, she still has never been able to achieve an honest first-rate orgasm in her entire life. Then one day she stumbles upon a mysterious escort service online that offers her hope of a perfect sexual experience and impulsively decides to seek out their help. What starts as a simple business transaction turns into a night of unbridled passion-filled sex with the handsome stranger the service pairs her with, leaving both of them to question if once is truly enough. Special noteThis is NOT porn without plot. Matter of fact it's loaded with plot. Please do not shy away from this theme as I think you will be pleasantly surprised as to what's really inside. Thanks. Comedy/Romance/Angst/& good Spuffy Luvin. Awards won: Round 12 of Spuffy Awards: Best Fantasy Author (readers choice), Best Fantasy Romance (judges choice), Best Fantasy "We Missed the Bed Again" (judges choice), and Judges Pick. Round 3 at Forbidden Awards: The Sensual Award. Spuffy Awards Round 13: Judges hand picked for special acknowledgment. Current Nom: Spark and Burn for Best pwp, best romance and best Spike characterization.

Healing by Pet

Rated: NC-17 • 1696 Reviews Liked
Summary: PhotobucketAbsence of Light AwardsSpike Pratt is known for being an outsider and a troublemaker. However, what people don’t know is that he has long since decided to never let anyone come too close, not wanting them to find out the truth about his tragic past. But one night he happens to stumble upon a girl in serious trouble. Will he help her? And will she be able to help him? Runner Up for Best Angst at the Cradle Of Humanity Awards round 1! Runner Up for Best Angst AU at the Absence Of Light Awards and now also Runner Up for Best Story at the Cradle Of Humanity Awards round 3

Sideways by GoldenUsagi

Rated: 18 • 1462 Reviews Liked
Alternate reality. Buffy starts as a normal college girl. But her life is slowly turned upside down beginning with the day she’s unexpectedly in danger. Hired by chance to protect her is Spike, a vampire with a reputation for doing business with anyone for enough money. She’s less than thrilled, but finds herself drawn to him even as she realizes he’s more than he seems. But humans aren’t the only ones after her, and when she’s called as the Slayer, her whole world changes. Things with Spike, who she’s discovered some realities about, are no longer as simple as they seemed. But being sent to the Hellmouth and realizing the high death rate of her calling, Buffy hires Spike as backup with the only thing she has left—Slayer blood. Winner of 20 awards!

Two Fool Things by Brat

Rated: NC-17 • 1461 Reviews Liked
Summary: William "Spike" Giles is a 39 year old famous TV actor. Buffy Summers is his 27 year old best friend. Lately, Buffy is tired of hearing about Spike's womanizing ways and sexual exploits. Then he invites her out to L.A. to visit him on vacation. . . Some truths come to light, some life changes are made and a love that will change everything is discovered. Won Round 14 at Love's Last Glimpse Awards for Judge's Choice and Nominated at Caveman v. Astronauts for Best Angst, Best UST, Best WIP, Best AU and me for Best Author

Silently Broken by Suzee

Rated: NC-17 • 1459 Reviews Liked
Summary: *11-28-06: 'Sunshine' sequel added/complete* Every night, phone in hand, Buffy Summers gives men a living soundtrack for their fantasies. He started out as just another job—but what happens when ‘Spike’ steps out of the phone and into her life as the very real William, her stepfather’s brother?

And please notice all the warnings, this is not a fluffy story--but it is Spuffy. *Nominated at the Forbidden Awards for Best Spuffy Long and the Spark and Burn Awards for Best Dark and Best Fantasy and at the Cradle of Humanity Awards for Best Story--thank you!* Runner Up for Best Spuffy at Big Bad Awards

Because He Needs Me by DreamsofSpike

Rated: 18 • 1454 Reviews Liked
Summary: Season Six, Post Entropy...After Spike's encounter with Anya in the Magic Box, Buffy's not sure if she can forgive him for the hurt that she feels -- until he shows up at her door, needing her more than he ever has before...where do a Slayer with iron walls around her thrice-broken heart, and a wounded, desperate vampire go from here? Who's really to blame -- for what's happened to Spike, and for what's happened between them? And somewhere, in the midst of it all -- can the two of them find forgiveness, and the love that they both need so desperately?

Daughter of Prophecy by Ashlee

Rated: NC-17 • 1326 Reviews
Summary: What if Buffy was never the Slayer? What if she never lived the life that she was supposed to? In fact, what if Buffy was the child of Angel and Darla? The daughter of two vampires- sent to Sunnydale, when it’s discovered that it’s safer for her to be away from the dangers her father must face everyday. Growing up away from her family, Elizabeth Angel is known as Buffy Summers. A strong warrior, who starts getting a little too close to the vampire that her father trusted enough to protect her.