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Summary: Buffy and her rich and powerful husband Angel can't seem to agree on how to educate their young daughter. But they can agree on who--William Giles. A Spuffy story. *Nominated at the LLGA Awards for Best Original Character and Best Saga and at VK Awards Round 14 for Best Original Character and FFL for Best OC, Best saga and Best Drama and Spark and Burn for Best OC and Best Fantasy (Round 4) and at the Cradle of Humanity Awards for 'Insider Tip'--thank you*
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1. Introductions by Suzee [Reviews - 14] Liked (1565 words)
Don't want to forget the disclaimer: I own nothing (at least in tems of BtVS and AtS).. All characters (except for Sam) property of Joss Whedon and ME. So don't sue me :) But this is my story, so don't you steal it ;-)

A/N: I'm still writing this and I was going to wait until I finished to post any of it, but I wanted to know if anybody thought it was worth me continuing it or not. So please, please, with Spike on top review.

2. He Won't Do It by Suzee [Reviews - 9] Liked (1930 words)
I own nothing (at least in tems of BtVS and AtS).. All characters (except for Sam) property of Joss Whedon and ME. So don't sue me :) BUt this is my story, so don't you steal it ;-)

3. Interlude: Time by Suzee [Reviews - 10] Liked (1324 words)
I own nothing (at least in tems of BtVS and AtS).. All characters (except for Sam) property of Joss Whedon and ME. So don't sue me :)

4. Chapter Three: Will (S)he? by Suzee [Reviews - 11] (1704 words)
Before we get to chapter 3, a few notes: a)I've realized that I haven't put a disclaimer on here yet, you'd think after reading so many I'd know to do that, guess it just slipped my mind: All characters (except Sam and any others I come up with) are property of Joss Whedon and ME (mutant enemy). I own nothing, just play around with them a bit becuase it's so much fun. b)If anyone's interested, my personal lj is Ciley c)This is probably the one I should have put first since it pertains to the story, I'm going to have a lot of really big, really important, really stressful stuff going on between now and maybe the middle of the month so updates might be a little slow, but after that everything should clear up and I should be able to get back to normal. So if next weeks' update is a little later in the week, that's why--I'm sorry to be doing this so early in the story, but it's not something I can or should postpone. But a do have about four more stories I'm working on and a really short thing that's already done, so I'm not going away. I know that was a really long explanation, and I'm sorry, but I think it was mostly because I feel bad about doing this to everyone. Thank you everyone for the reviews (Brat, Mari, BuffyandSpikeForever, Caitie, and Mariana) and now...on to the story:

And, one more--I've made a few more changes to Chapter One, thing's that I'd thought I'd changed but obviously hadn'd, i'm sorry about that. I'll probably mention this in the next chap as well.

5. Chapter 4: Art by Suzee [Reviews - 13] (2441 words)
Sorry this is late..... And please go read my new short story If It Wasn't For Your Love, the end should be up in a few days.

6. Chapter 5: Work by Suzee [Reviews - 8] (1711 words)
the next chapter might be a little late I'm having trouble with the next few chapters (I do have 3 1/2 future chapters done, though)
And thanks to everyone for the reviews (Mariana, lynn, nikicious, BuffyandSpikeForever, Caitie, Brat, Spufette, Mari, aribelle, and Allison.) And the sequel to IIWFYl will be updated on my LJ before it will on this site if anyone's interested *will meniton this again*

7. Ice Cream by Suzee [Reviews - 7] (1605 words)
Congratulations to Nikilicious on her nomination for William's Angel ant the Lost in Spike Awards--everyone should go check out her story...and thanks to her for her help on this chapter, she's been crucial to me continuing in posting this story..so everyone should thank her (if you like this story that is) by reading WA and leaving a review--it truly is a wonderful story.

8. Chapter Seven: Into It by Suzee [Reviews - 6] (2020 words)
Since, it looks like the broke girl will still be able to post here, I shall amend my earlier note....I found out last Friday that A) I was going out of town for the long weekend and B) becuase of a family emergency type thing I'm also going out of town tomorrow morning (the 2nd) until sometime around the 21st...so if I'm not able to update that's why...but you might want to check my LJ (Suzee_05) as I might be able to sneak away to somewhere wiht internet and update.

And please, please, please make donations to the site, it's a wonderful thing Pari's doing by running this and everyone that's able should update so that we can keep this great site going.....

And once more, congrats to Nikki for her FFL nomination.

9. Chapter 8: School by Suzee [Reviews - 7] Liked (1371 words)
I had Sam start school on Thursday because that’s how I’ve always started, half day on Wednesday then full days on Thursday and Friday except usually kindergarten started on Thursday, that way you could get all of the school supplies on the weekend. I also did it that way to sort of ease her into the whole school thing. Hope that clears any questions up. Thanks to Nikilicious for the beta job....
Also, Nikilicious, Spikeshunny1, and I have a new yahoo update group:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dark_seductions_/join

I'm sorry this took so long, I'll try, try, try to updae soon.

10. Interlude: Learning by Suzee [Reviews - 13] Liked (1059 words)
Just a short little interlude, I made you all wait for so long and I got such nice reviews that I thought I should give it to you now. I wasn't too sure about how well tis worked out, but decided to post it, please let me konw what you think.

And thank you, thank you, thank you to Allison for reminding me of thisl...the song in this chap was originally in one of William's Girl's fics (In the Still of the Night) and that's where I found out about it.......meant to include that earlier, sorry

11. Chapter 9 by Suzee [Reviews - 9] Liked (1801 words)
Well now I know why I was so set on posting When You're Sleeping yesterday...I was supposed to be posting this.....I forgot, I'm sorry....Forgive me?

12. Chapter 10 by Suzee [Reviews - 9] Liked (1453 words)
Sorry this is so late, been having humongous internet problems.....and sorry in advance for the short chapter....also another note: I have a fic LJ: Suzee_05

If there are any mistakes it's cos I'm trying to get this up quick before I lose the internet again :)

13. Chapter 11: Discoveries by Suzee [Reviews - 9] Liked (1486 words)
A/N: Let’s just say that I got really good news about one of my friends this week, so I just feel like saying yay! It’s hard to write well when you’re in a kind of crummy mood, but she fixed that right up, so thanks you :)
And sorry the updates late...I tried watching the shuttle launch today.

14. Chapter 12: Cooking by Suzee [Reviews - 12] Liked (2285 words)
this update was not supposed to be so late, but I had a super busy week and then when I tried to update...I couldn't get the internet to work...so, so sorry for the update...but I have been writing: currently I have 3 sequels started and 4 new stories going plus this one...so I havent' quit writing :)

15. Chapter 13: Family by Suzee [Reviews - 9] Liked (1506 words)
A/N: Chapter 12 was becoming pretty long (for one of my chapters at least) and I knew that chapter 13 was going to be kind of short, so I’ve decided to conclude chapter 12 in the beginning of chapter 13
And thanks to Cordykitten, Mariana, Jenn, Allison, Caitie, Spuffette, Brat, fibble, Bint, and Kar for reviewing the last chapter...and Nikki for catching up ;)

16. Chapter 14 by Suzee [Reviews - 9] Liked (1893 words)
btw, writer's block sucks...but dont' worry you all have a few more chapters before my block starts

17. Chapter 15: Part One by Suzee [Reviews - 13] Liked (2352 words)
Just catching up the lost updates....and I had the reviews saved..so I'll be sticking those back up (in case it confuses anyone)

18. Chapeter 15: Part II by Suzee [Reviews - 14] Liked (2007 words)
Catching up again...this was posted originally on the 10th of August...and reposting reviews as I said for the last part of the chapter

19. Chapter 16: Field Trip Time by Suzee [Reviews - 9] Liked (2400 words)
Last catch-up posting....and this is an Authors Note from my last post...Panta_rei won't be able to post for awhile--due to parental rules...but she does have a new LJ (selene_90) if you want to say hi........and also I just posted a short story called Something Crazy...hope you like it!

20. Chapter 17: Going Out by Suzee [Reviews - 16] Liked (1329 words)
ummm...don't hate me? and sorry this has taken so long......and I've also posted a new short story "Something Crazy" about Spike rescuing Buffy...it's (gasp!) AU

21. Chapter 18: Night Out by Suzee [Reviews - 20] Liked (1319 words)
My thoughts and prayers to anyone at all affected by Hurricane Katrina...hope you and all your family are well and accounted for....

I was iffy about posting this on time because I'm a little bit behind in my writing, but since I'm going out of town for the long weekend, I decided to just post it anyway....*hoping I can write some finally this weekend--since I have to write 40-50 pages by Tueday*

To everyone interested or not, I do not at all support the "borrowing" or other people's story lines...especially with no knowledge on their part.

22. Chapter 19:The Bronze by Suzee [Reviews - 10] Liked (1466 words)
Wow! You guys absolutely blew me away with the reviews!
Do you know how much those reviews all helped? Seriously, I wrote (including sticking in my already written bits) 32 pages this week.....reviews apparently really do help me write faster.

And thanks to Nikki for beta'ing this for me.

23. Chapter 20 by Suzee [Reviews - 11] Liked (1881 words)
I'm very sick right now and my vision's nice and blurry from medicine, so please excuse any mistakes...and this is the first chapter where I'm kind of nervous about how you all are going to like it...so please, bear with me :) And thank you Nikki for beta'ing for me

24. Chapter 21 by Suzee [Reviews - 10] Liked (1379 words)
The computer that I have LC on, crashed Sunday night...I'm trying to recover things from it now and most of LC is backed up, but not all of it (this was in my email from my wonderful beta Nikki).....so please, please review so that I can have the energy to keep with all this :) and thank you to everyone who's reviewed so far.

Look for some ficlets to be posted tomorrow if I'm able to get some computer time.
And I have a new site http://www.angelfire.com/poetry/suzee

25. Chapter 22: Craft Day by Suzee [Reviews - 13] Liked (1214 words)
Sorry this is late...computer crashing problems mean I still don't have a computer that's mine to use--have to borrow one long enough to post....If I can get enough of this written and get enough reviews *hint, hint* maybe I can see about posting 23 before next Wednesday...no promises though

26. Chapter 23: Birthday Party! by Suzee [Reviews - 19] Liked (1459 words)
So, I wasn't going to update 'til Wednesday, but someone has been really mean to me lately about a song fic I wrote and I know you all like LC, so to stop myself from feeling like crap and giving up on posting, you get an extra chatper :-)

27. Chapter 24: Follow Me by Suzee [Reviews - 19] Liked (1587 words)
To say I was blown away by the number of reviews Chapter 23 got, would be the understatement of the year. THANK YOU! thank you, all of you so, so, so much :-D You made my week :-)

Also in case anyone missed it, I posted Chapter 23 on Sunday..you should read that one before you read this one.

28. Chapter 25: Past is past…..or is it? by Suzee [Reviews - 14] Liked (1541 words)
I'm sorry, sorry, sorry about not updating earlier, all the stuff that's supposed to happen on Wednesday didn't and I was sick...and it all led to me forgetting....but THANK YOU so much for all of the reviews :-)

29. Chapter 26: Decision Time by Suzee [Reviews - 18] Liked (1744 words)
sorry for updating late last week, I hope you all found the chapter...just a few things:
1) Thank you so, so much for the reviews!
2) I was nominated at VK Awards (for Sam as best original character) so thank you so much whoever did that!
3) if I don't update next week, it will be because I lost power because of the scary hurricane possibly coming at Florida
4) I'm scared for both one of my friends and this hurricane now, so reviews would be very much appreciated...thank you.

30. Chapter 27: (She Looks into My Eyes and She Sees) A Man She Used to Recognize by Suzee [Reviews - 30] Liked (2023 words)
Thank you so, so, so much for the 22 reviews I got for the last chapter, it's was a nice birthday present (my birthday was the 21st)...think I can get that many again?

And this chapter is dedicated to Jojo because it's her birthday today. Happy Birthday sweetie...I hope you like that chapter.

31. Chapter 28: Reaction Time by Suzee [Reviews - 29] Liked (1331 words)
I want to thank everyone who reviewed the last chapter...and thank all of you who enjoyed it :) Thank you to Elena for beta;ing this chapter for me when Nikki couldn't...and for getting me to do NaNoWriMo--good luck to both of us with that....and I hope everyone sticks with this story!

32. Chapter 29: Explanations by Suzee [Reviews - 12] Liked (1767 words)
Thank you to Elena for beta'ing this...and to all of you for the reviews--to be even close to 30 reviews for one chapter is just amazing me...I hope you like this one just as much...

33. Chapter 30 by Suzee [Reviews - 33] Liked (1423 words)
I have a new website!! okay, I'm calmer now..I'm just happy because I got it all figured out and how to redirect ppl to it from my old site :-)
(there's also a link at the bottom of the chapter) http://www.freewebs.com/stillthinking

34. Chapter 31 by Suzee [Reviews - 20] Liked (1460 words)
yes, i know there are 29 reviews and i said 30, but I got one from my site too, so I'm saying it's 30....and I had a whole bunch of other stuff to say, but i"m in the midst of writing my NaNoWriMo book, so I can't remember.

Hope you enjoy the chapter and thank you to each and every one of you who reviewed...and I guess to those that didn't as well ;-)

35. Chapter 32: Homecoming by Suzee [Reviews - 20] Liked (1843 words)
Sorry if this is a bit late (yes I realise it's only like 10 minutes, but it feels late to me), I have a virus on my computer and it's being evil and not letting me open lots of programs...I really hope this posts right.

Thank you all of you for the super lovely reviews, I really truly do love them all....and once again there was something I was going to say, but I forgot it, sorry.

36. Chapter 32: Homecoming Part II by Suzee [Reviews - 18] Liked (1503 words)
Really hope you like it....and if not, can you save any negativity for some other time? Not to be mean myself, but I've had a crap week and not sure I could handle it today.

And thank you, thank you to Elena for saying she'd update this for me today....and

I still don't have my computer back, but I'm hoping that soon I can get some more writing done....

Thank you, last but not least in the slightest, to everyone who reviewed the last chapter --reviews really are making these crappy days I've been having, much better :)

And I'm sorry the site updates are behind, I haven't had enough computer time to do them, that should change when my poor computer comes home---whenever that is ;)

37. Chapter 33 by Suzee [Reviews - 21] Liked (1882 words)
Thanks for all the reviews...I really do hope people are still liking the story since some of my old reviewers seem to ahve gone away :

Thank you, though, to all of the new people reviewing....,
Oh and the VK winners are announced tomorrow (hey, it's my only nomination at all I'm allowed to know the dates)...anyway, I want to congratulate everyone who's going to win :-)

And I've reformatted my comptuer so now I'm just working on findig all my fic files and getting some new writing done :)

38. Chapter 34 by Suzee [Reviews - 13] Liked (1722 words)
Two things:

1) LC is up for fic of the week on Spuffy Archives (Under the fic of the week poll at SpuffyFantasy.net). Not telling you to vote for me, but it's the first time I've been up for something like that and after I didn't win at VK, I just htought I'd share with everyone since it's put me iin a good mood.

2) I have a Christmas ficlet that will be posted tomorrow if I get lots of reviews ;) Either way, Happy Holidays (whichever you celebrate) to everyone and I'll see you next week.

oh, and I'm trying to have a new fic done so that as soon as this one's finished being posted (which is getting closer) I'll have a new one for you...

39. Chapter 35 by Suzee [Reviews - 17] Liked (1724 words)
new people are reading this fic...do you know how happy that makes me? It really does....

Thank you so much for all of the reviews. Hope you al had happy holidays.

and don't believe me if you want, but I'm still sick (evil sinus infection really, really hurts) so any screw ups are blamed on that...

40. Chapter 36: Aftermath and explanations by Suzee [Reviews - 14] Liked (1840 words)
This story's getting so close to the end...think it's about 90% done at the moment :( It's so sad, my first big story is ending. But don't worry, I'll have a new one coming up....might even have a new short one that I've only posted on LJ so far, coming next week.

Thank you so much for all of the reviews, I can't even believe that I'm nearing 500 reviews on this story---it just blows my mind, thank you, thank you, thank you!

And I hope everyone enjoyed my ficlets '113 Times' and it's sequel 'A New Year's Countdown'. And a little note for everyone who read the last one: the ending stuff wasn't short, it's just that was the part of it I focussed on (I know I'm being vague but some might not have read it).

Please read, enjoy and review! (It'll help me get some of these new stories written!)

41. Interlude by Suzee [Reviews - 12] Liked (1131 words)
oh, an archive told me they wouldn't post LC there so any nice reviews will be extra appreciated

42. Chapter 37 by Suzee [Reviews - 12] Liked (1459 words)
There's a time jump with this chapter...don't hate me ;-)

And there's only about three more chapters left so leave me nice reviews that will inspire me and get me to finish up the next one so I can start posting it :-)

43. Chapter 38 by Suzee [Reviews - 19] Liked (1680 words)
Let's see, first: my website has a new layout....bit more sunny than my last one

ATF Chapter 2 will be up on Friday...

And I really hope I'm not losing people with this story...both the reviews and reader counter are down...I hope you're not giving up on the story...and hey, reviews help me writing the new one faster...the one that has to be finished before I post it...

But...I want to thank, thank, thank everyone who is reading and reviewing...I love you for it

44. Chapter 39 by Suzee [Reviews - 18] Liked (1749 words)
I would really like to thank every single person who's reading this--to have had three nominations for my first full length story, to be anywhere as close to 600 reviews as I am....it's just something that I really can't believe, so thank you so very, very much. I hope that I can make my next stories as good (if not better) than this one and that you'll all enjoy them as well :-) Thank you

And last week's chapter had some funny formatting going on for a while, but I do think I fixed it--so, if you read it before it was fixed, know that now it should be much easier to read.

And if anyone's interested, my new fic (which still has no title) is already on Chapter 40, so it will be a long one :)

45. Chapter 40 by Suzee [Reviews - 23] Liked (1830 words)
the last 'chapter' chapter...the next is the epilogue and then that's it...well for this fic at least

And I'm going to be shameless and ask pretty, pretty please for reviews--and not just because I'd lbe completely amazed to get to 600--but because having the 'sinus infection of doom' as I've decided to call it has put me behind on my next story (that I have to post as soon as this is done) and reviws will say, 'Hey, Suzee, people like your writing--now hurry up and finish the thing!"

Also, this chapter is dedicated to my two author girls who have gotten some just plain nasty reviews lately--you don't deserve them at all.

46. Epilogue by Suzee [Reviews - 33] Liked (2957 words)
My story's over :-( Please review it (even if I can't get to that blasted 600 mark, I'll still love them).
thank you to whoever nomiatned this story at FFL Awards

And I hope you'll read my new story 'My Boyfriend's Back' that I'm going to start posting tomorrow