Legacy by Kyra Storm

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Chapter Notes: I know I don't need another WIP, but I saw this challenge and things started coming together in my mind. So I could either write it or let it keep me up at night.
In a large, dark room they sat behind long wooden tables that lined three walls. In the center sat the oldest, Matsema, the Father of most the current Families. It was his fortress they gathered in deep in the jungles of the Congo. Just looking at him it was hard to believe that this vampire had enough power to destroy everyone in this room. He sat slouched in a chair, his fangs so pronounced; it was almost hard to understand when he spoke.

They did this once every century, the Heads of the Clans gathered together for a month. They discussed possible threats and they solved Blood Feuds that developed over the past century and were becoming dangerous for their kind. They also reestablished their connections to their Sires and Grandsires, receiving some rejuvenating blood from the oldest among them.

They sat according to their age and power. The ones in the center, all well over two thousand years, in no way resembled humans, instead appearing more like shrunken gargoyles.

The ones at the end, only around one thousand years, even in their demonic visage, appeared more human; when they changed they could still pass for their mortal counterparts.

“Now on to one last topic for the day.” Matsema rasped. He gestured to the empty chair on his right. “Most of you know of the great loss we suffered recently. The House of Aurelius has been all but destroyed from within and the Slayer has killed my favored child, the Head of that House. We must decide whether to elect a new Head of that line and gift him with their power or whether to end the line now.” He sighed. “Even though it saddens me greatly, I must recommend that we just end the line, there is no one I believe who could take his place. We will vote on this at the end of the month.”

There wasn’t really a need to vote, all the older demons would vote how their Sire wanted them and none of the younger ones would dare to go against him.

Not that they didn’t plan.

Almost at the end of the table sat a female vampire. She had been around since the time of Cleopatra; in fact she was the favored maid of Cleopatra. It was her that had brought the asp to her mistress that would end her life.

Ipwet had followed under Matsema, for her entire existence. She fought and clawed her way up to become the Head of her own Family, but still it wasn’t enough. She was tired of the old ways; she was tired of hiding in the dark from a weaker species. She wanted to wipe out the humans, except for the ones they kept in farms for food.

She wanted to own this world.

But Matsema insisted that for them to survive the Balance must be maintained. It had been almost a thousand years and Ipwet was getting impatient. She knew she had to come up with a way to topple Matsema and soon.

“I also wish to vote today on a matter of punishment.” Matsema continued. “Punishment for the ones responsible for the state of the Aurelius Line, punishment for the one who killed my Childe, and punishment for the one who killed the Anointed One, the means through which my Childe was meant to return.” He looked at each vampire sitting around him. “Is there anyone who opposes that?”

Of course no one did.

“Then I sentence Buffy Summers, Vampire Slayer and William the Bloody to an immediate death. Get the word out to all of your Families and let the sentence commence right away.”

Knowing they were now dismissed, they began to rise to leave.

“Sire, wait,” Ipwet called from the back. Everyone stopped wondering why this young one was contradicting their Father.

“You have a problem with this?” Matsema growled at her.

“No Sire, I just think that your grief has made you overlook other options.”

“Such as?”

”Well, an immediate death is pretty easy for such heinous crimes. Why not make them suffer? You could have them brought here, put them in your…garden with your other pets. Make them know fear and pain before they are finally put down.” She said with a cruel smile. “Plus it will provide up with some entertainment while we are here for the next month.”

Matsema considered. “I like the way you are thinking, Ipwet.” She knew it was supposed to be a great honor that he knew the name of one so young, such as herself.

“Send the word out. They are to be captured and brought here immediately. I want them to arrive within the week.” He said.

The meeting over everyone left to go contact their Childer.

As she was leaving another vampiress caught up with her. “What was that all about?” She demanded.

Ipwet motioned her to silence and then beckoned her to follow her, several of the other younger vamps followed as well.

If they were allowed to be considered an actual faction of this Council, Ipwet would be their leader and all of them were curious as to what she was up to.

When they reached her set of rooms they waited in silence for her to begin. “With the destruction of the Aurelius line, all that power, second only to Matsema’s, would be separated out amongst us. The oldest lines would of course get the largest percentage. If instead the mantle is given to one easily controlled or sympathetic to our cause, then we are suddenly in a much better position.”

“So who are you thinking of?” The other vampiress, Rangda, asked her. Rangda was from Bali, there were stories told in legends their of her penchant for the blood of children. “Surely not William the Bloody.”

“He’s sought after and killed two Slayers, a feat no other has accomplished.”

”Simply because he sought them out, the rest of us are smart enough to stay away from Slayers.”

“He also has no love for the Old One’s, he cares nothing for their ways and traditions.”

”So how exactly do you plan on him going from a death sentence to a Head of the second strongest Family?”

“I’m not sure yet, but I want everyone trying to think up a way. I’m tired of living under the humans. We should be the rulers of this realm.”

In his car driving back to South America, back to Drusilla, Spike was cursing. He was still annoyed with his Grandsire and that bloody Slayer.

He could respect her as a warrior, as enemies went she was pretty ok. He even admired her fighting style, but when it came to men, she was obviously dense.

Why would she keep putting herself in the position of temptation? All she was going to get was heartbreak from the Poofy One.

And if she unleashed Angelus again, he hoped she would be ready for the fallout, because he sure as hell wasn’t going to be around to save her this time.

‘Why the hell are you worrying about the Slayer, mate?’ Part of him was asking. ‘Serves the chit right if she gets what she keeps asking for.’

Spike reassured himself by choosing to believe he was only worried because Dru would definitely leave him for her Sire. And this time she wouldn’t even keep him around as a novelty pet.

Spike wished that just once he would come first in her mind. He took care of her, loved her, acceded her every wish. He had been faithful to her for the past century and he didn’t know what else he could do to win over her heart. No matter what he did, her precious Daddy was always the only one to her.

He wondered what it would be like to be in a relationship with someone who loved you as much as you loved them.

Thoroughly depressed now, he decided to stop at a demon bar he knew of just south of Tijuana.

A couple bottles of whiskey would chase these blues away, he thought.

He pulled in just after 2am and walked up to the bar ordering a whiskey and some blood. He noticed some of the vamps stopped what they were doing to look at him, but he figured they were just checking out the new Tom Cat in town. He grinned; he could take anyone of these Fledglings, probably even any three or four of them.

He drank is his blood and whiskey slowly as he again turned his mind back to Drusilla; he needed to come up with a plan. Maybe he would take her some young virgins to play with, she always loved the young innocent girls. He thought she took pleasure in destroying them the same way Angelus had destroyed her. He figured that along with some heavy torture sessions and she would be his again.

“Excuse me?” The bartender interrupted his thoughts.

“What?” Spike growled unhappy at having his thoughts interrupted.

“Are you William the Bloody?”

“What of it?” Spike snarled, then he felt it. He turned around and saw every vamp in the bar had gone and got all their friends. They stood around him in a circle.

“You kiddies trying to make a name for yourselves.” The thought flitted through his mind that it was a shame the Slayer weren’t here. She would have loved these odds and he actually had fun fighting on the same side as her. He prepared himself for the first strike.

Too bad he forgot about the bartended. With a loud crash he broke the bottle of whiskey over Spike’s head knocking him unconscious.

“Let’s get him on his way, boys. Some important vamps are asking to see him.” The bartender said as they started to tie him up.

Buffy wandered through one of the cemeteries, trying not to think about what Spike had said the other night. She had been trying not to think about it ever since he said it.

Why was he always so right about things? She swore he only did it to annoy her.

Plus, it so wasn’t fair, that Spike, of all vampires, seemed to be capable of undying love and devotion with or without the soul. If he could do that why couldn’t Angel?

She wondered what it was about him that allowed his demon to have such feelings and emotions. She also wondered what it was like to have someone love you that much.

The poetic justice of it all was the fact that she knew Drusilla didn’t love Spike in the same way. She knew all it would take would be for Angel to have another happy and Drusilla would come running right back into town, even if she had to stake Spike on the way.

Buffy noticed vaguely a tingling inside her. It was about time, she hadn’t come across any vamps yet tonight. Suddenly, the tingling got stronger as the number multiplied. She knew there were more of them then she would be able to handle by herself. She turned to go back the way she came, but she felt more of them coming from that direction.

Every way she tried to go, they were there, just outside her sight. Finally accepting that she was surrounded she pulled out her stake.

“Let’s get this over with guys. I have some ‘Must See TV’ I need to get home for.” She swallowed her fear when she saw how many of them came out of the mist. For a second she almost wished Spike were here. It had surprised her how much fun she had fighting with him instead of against him. They worked well together and she knew if he were here she wouldn’t be nearly so afraid right now.

They started coming at her all at once. She managed to dust three of them, but then two others grabbed her arms. She struggled in their grasp, kicking away anyone who tried to approach her from the front. Finally a large vampire came up behind her and slammed his fist down on the top of her head.

“Owie.” Buffy said before unconsciousness claimed her.

The vampires eyed her hungrily.

“Can’t we just have a little taste? Who knows when we’ll get another chance at a Slayer.” One of the bolder ones asked.

The large vampire picked up Buffy’s stake and drove it through the one who asked.

“Any one else want a little taste?” He knew better than to disobey orders like this.

“All right, lets secure her and deliver her.”

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