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Summary: High school nerd, Buffy Summers is the costumer on the school play, she really fancies the leading male and High Schools hottest guy, Spike Hamilton. There's no way he would ever fancy her back... or is there?
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Published: 06/29/2005 Updated: 06/29/2005

1. Backstage Love by Nikilicious [Reviews - 26] Liked (1730 words)
Just a short Ficlet.... This is actually a present for Ciley.. everyone should go and check out her fics, they are under the pen name suzee.. she gave me the idea for this one... If enough people like this one I may write a sequel to it.. that would be longer... please please please give me feedback.. am nervous!!!! I hope you all like it.. this is my first ficlet... its basically short fluffy bit! Anyone who is redaing WIlliam Angel it will be updated soon I promise... I am however going away soon.. so it will only be once a week instead of twice!