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Summary: Buffy Summers and Spike Kingston are pretty unusual best friends: she’s 16 and a social nobody, he’s 26 and a regular at the diner her father owns. What happens when their feelings for each other change into something that could easily spin out of control? ***Winner of Best Fantasy Saga (Judge's Choice) and Judge's Pick at Round 10 of the Spuffy Awards.***
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1. One by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 36] Liked (1152 words)
This is my third WIP...hope you enjoy it ;) Also, I DO NOT SUPPORT RELATIONSHIPS LIKE THIS IN REAL LIFE! That's why it's FANFIC, folks. Stuff happens in fanfic that doesn't happen in the real world...so no offended moralists, please ;)

2. Two by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 22] Liked (2232 words)
HOLY CRAP, 20 reviews for the first chapter--thank you!

3. Three by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 16] Liked (1849 words)
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6. Six by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 22] Liked (2289 words)
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7. Seven by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 26] Liked (2350 words)
First of all, I'm sorry for the gap in updating =D I've been getting caught up...and thank you so, so much to everyone who reviewed the last chapter! It really made my day! Also, this fic has been nominated at the Love's Last Glimpse awards for Best Romance, WIP, and Fantasy!!! *squee* Thanks so much to whoever nominated me! You guys are the best *hugs*

8. Eight by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 25] Liked (1762 words)
I'm still absolutely floored by the response this fic is getting, guys!! All the reviews I got for the last chapter were astonishing--it's so wonderful to know that I'm affecting you guys like that =) Thanks so, so much!

9. Nine by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 52] Liked (2310 words)
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11. Eleven by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 20] Liked (1601 words)
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12. Twelve by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 46] Liked (1487 words)
Hm...you guys must not have liked my hat ;) Seriously though, what happened? I'm not one of those freaks who counts every single review I get, but I do enjoy getting them, because I'm rather unsure about this story and feedback is always of the good...so, did you guys not like the chapter? Am I going too fast? Too slow? Do you not like Doyle? Speak to me, please...you'll make this moody teenager very, very happy, which will in turn make me update more =) And I promise after this to leave you guys alone, lol. Thanks for all the reviews I did get, they made me happy!

13. Thirteen by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 27] Liked (1804 words)
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14. Fourteen by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 35] Liked (1642 words)
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15. Fifteen by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 24] Liked (2416 words)
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16. Sixteen by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 21] Liked (1858 words)
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17. Seventeen by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 43] Liked (1593 words)
More than 400 reviews for this story...thank you for all the support!

18. Eighteen by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 28] Liked (1601 words)
Thanks so much for all the support I've been getting---you guys rock my socks!

19. Nineteen by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 21] Liked (1855 words)
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20. Twenty by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 25] Liked (1644 words)
Technically, I should be reading my own fic because of the rating. This really isn't relevant, I just wanted to make a random observation ^_^

21. Twenty-One by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 28] Liked (1679 words)
Those of you who read The Chosen Half have already gotten the apology, but: sorry I've been gone for so long! There's plenty of excuses, but basically, RL reared its ugly head...sorry for the delay =( Thanks so much for the reviews for the last chapter--over 500 is an absolutely amazing number, I'm about to fall over in shock! Thank you!

22. Twenty-Two by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 29] Liked (1581 words)
Thanks so much for all the reviews! I love hearing what you guys think. This fic has been dragging on, I know, but things will be picking up from here on out.

23. Twenty-Three by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 21] Liked (1334 words)
I haven't updated in what feels like forever--apologies and cookies to anyone who's still reading this fic! Thanks so much to everyone who reviewed last time. Every bit of encouragement is read and squealed over by yours truly. =P

24. Twenty-Four by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 22] Liked (1428 words)
So, so sorry for the lag in updates! There were personal issues that kept me away from TSR for awhile. It's been cleared up now. Thanks to everyone who reviewed last chapter! You guys are wonderful. Also, I've been nominated! at both the Spuffy Awards and the Love's Last Glimpse awards. Thank you to whoever nominated me--it's immensely flattering! I'm up for quite a few at both sites...so feel free to head over to the Spuffy Awards and vote. =P

25. Twenty-Five by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 23] Liked (1532 words)
I am absolutely floored by the amount of support this fic has gotten. Thank you guys so, so much.

26. Twenty-Six by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 20] Liked (1563 words)
Once again, thank you so much for all the reviews! Bridging the Gap has been named Fic of the Month over at Suzee's website Still Thinking--thank you so much!

27. Twenty-Seven by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 21] Liked (2081 words)
I love you guys. Seriously. The WB's show Supernatural has just about eaten my brain, as those of you who read my LJ know, but still, you guys rock my socks. Just wanted to toss that out there.

28. Twenty-Eight by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 39] Liked (1211 words)
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29. Twenty-Nine by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 17] Liked (1320 words)
Thanks to everyone for the lovely feedback. ♥

30. Thirty by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 13] Liked (1343 words)
The support is, as always, greatly appreciated. ♥

31. Thirty-One by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 25] Liked (1778 words)

32. Thirty-Two by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 18] Liked (1097 words)
*appears out of nowhere* I'm not dead! Yet, at any rate. I have, however, finished writing this damn thing, so expect frequent updates till the end. The reviews ya'll left were lovely--and yes, I'm a horrible person. Thank you!

33. Thirty-Three by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 18] Liked (1201 words)
Once again, thank you for the reviews. I know some of you don't agree with how I'm doing this--here's hoping this chapter clears it up a bit.

34. Thirty-Four by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 14] Liked (1830 words)

35. Thirty-Five by Panta_Rei [Reviews - 28] Liked (1319 words)
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