Buffy and Spike stood near the shore holding hands. It took a few days for him to feel well enough get up and around. His skin was still red and burning, but Buffy helped by applying thick coatings of aloe and doctor-prescribed lotion to his body.

They had stayed two weeks longer than they originally planned. Both for him to recover and to get a few more days on the island. They'd fallen in love with Molokai and its people in that time. They took lodgings in Kaunakakai at a rustic old Polynesian-style hotel. If Spike weren't suffering from his ordeal, it would have been even better. Lani and her family were very sweet and accommodating; they'd invited the couple to their home for dinner a few times. Buffy decided that she'd misjudged Lani at first. The girl was gorgeous and had showed interest in Spike, but now that she knew he wasn't available, she just wanted to be friends. Buffy was eternally grateful to her for finding Spike and making sure he got help. They had exchanged addresses and phone numbers to keep in touch.

"I love it here," Buffy said, looking out at the sea. The sun was setting on the horizon.

"Me too, pet. What do you say we come back here next year on your summer break from university? I'd like to have more time to explore."

"Sounds good." Buffy beamed at him. "It's so beautiful here. I wish we didn't have to leave."

"I know. But we gotta get back to our humdrum lives sometime." He smirked.

"I could do with a lot less excitement in the future. If that blessing didn't take, I'm putting you in a big plastic bubble to avoid further catastrophes," Buffy joked.

The day he was released from the hospital, they went to a local priest to have Spike blessed -- just in case there really was some bad juju going around. The priest also blessed their marriage and prayed for their health, happiness and well-being. They left feeling lighter and comforted.

Spike laughed. "See Spike the Amazing Bubble Boy! If I have any more unfortunate accidents I'll willingly go into the bubble, believe me."

Buffy giggled then sighed. "I guess we should get going. Our plane leaves in a few hours..."

Spike put his arm around her and kissed her temple. They watched the sunset for a few more minutes in silence.

"Let's go, luv."

They walked back to their hotel to get their luggage.

Spike was dozing on the plane as it headed back to California. Buffy was wide awake and bored, just like on the flight on the way to Maui.

She slipped her hand under the blanket and caressed his bulge through his jeans, giggling softly. Luckily, the sunburn hadn't reached his nether regions. His speedos had at least protected his ass, hips and sensitive equipment from the sun's harsh rays. His body was healing quite nicely from his ordeal, the burn had faded some, and she was actually able to touch him without him recoiling from pain.

Spike opened one eye and looked at her, and a small smile touched his healing lips. "Back at it again, are we?"

"You looked like you had a cramp... I was just massaging it for you." Buffy winked at him.

"Always lookin' out for me and my comfort..." His eyes twinkled.

"How's the cramp? Is it gone yet?" Buffy rubbed more firmly and cupped him.

Spike sharply inhaled and stifled a moan. "No, as a matter of fact, it's getting... more cramped."

"Oh, well, we can't have that. I'd better give you a more thorough massage."

Spike looked around. "Here?"

Buffy leaned into his ear and whispered, "I wish I could just stick my head under the blanket and blow you right here... That would be so naughty..." She squeezed his growing bulge, her tongue darted out to lick along the rim of his ear.

Spike groaned. "Don't talk like that... and put your t-tongue back in your mouth."

"Why? Am I turnin' you on? You like it when I talk dirty?"

"Buffy..." he warned.

She continued teasing him, whispering huskily in his ear, "I love sucking your big, thick cock. Feeling it pulse in my hot, wet mouth... Ohhhh, and when you cum, it tastes sooooo good. I want to wrap my tongue around you like a sssssnake."

"I am going to spank you good 'n hard for this..."

"Mmmm, I'd like that. I'm such a baaaaad girl," Buffy cooed. "You can spank me with your hand, I love feeling your palm slapping against my fleshy bum. Make my ass all pink and sting-y. You can spank me whilst I gobble your joint." She giggled. "Licking up and down, down and up... sucking and licking, licking and sucking until you explode in my mouth... so much salty goodness..."

"That's it," Spike growled lowly. "In the men's room, five minutes." Spike kissed her roughly then stood up, making his way to the restroom.

Buffy leaned out into the aisle to watch his ass as he walked away. She puckered her lips. He had such a sweet ass. She sat back and glanced at her watch, waiting impatiently to join him. Hopefully life would return to normal once they were back in Sunnydale. The only thing missing from their honeymoon was getting caught in a hurricane, a tidal wave or some other natural disaster. Next year's trip to Molokai would make up for the badness, though. Buffy wished she could skip ahead one year and go back now. One thing was for sure, neither of them would ever forget their honeymoon.

Buffy looked at her watch again and pouted. Only two minutes had gone by.

'Fuck it. I'm goin' in.' Buffy got up and strode purposefully to the lavatory. All her dirty talk had her all fired up and ready for lovin', too.

Like they were secret agents meeting clandestinely to exchange microfilm, Buffy rapped lightly on the door, looking nonchalant and smiling at a passing flight attendant. The door opened a crack, one of Spike's bright blue eyes peeked through.

"The ladies' room doesn't seem to be in working order." Buffy grinned. "Mind if I share with you, stranger?"

Spike smirked and dragged her into the room with him, closing the door quickly behind her. The 'Occupied' light came on again.

"Oh, Spike!" Buffy whispered as he sucked on her neck. "You sure you're up for this? I thought I could just give you a bj, we don't have to --"

"Yes, we do." Spike hoisted her up around his waist.

They frantically pulled each other's clothes off. Spike entered her roughly and started pounding away. He set her on top of the sink, fucking her hard.

"Ohhhh! Ahhhhhh--Ohhh--OH YES!" Buffy's voice trembled, her eyes squeezed shut.

"Bufffy--Unnnhh--My beautiful Buffy," Spike moaned.

Buffy flexed around and squeezed his cock with her developed inner muscles. She did special exercises every day to strengthen them, she loved to flex them and make his little eyes pop out. Spike started breathing harder, he threw his head back and loudly moaned. The people in the cabin could hear them, no doubt. But it didn't matter -- nothing mattered but completing the dance. Buffy sucked on his Adam's apple and pinched his nipples.

"Uhhhh--God, Buffy!"

"Cum in me, baby!" Buffy groaned. "Fuck it into me--Give it to me!"

Spike pistoned in and out of her pussy, his hands gripping her ass.

"Going to cum!" Spike exclaimed.

"Ohhh--Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh!" Buffy squealed and held onto him.

Other passengers looked around when they began to hear heavy moaning coming from the back of the plane. A few young women giggled behind their hands and whispered to each other. An older woman blushed and pretended not to hear anything, fanning herself with an in-flight magazine. A 20-year-old man grinned and sat back in his seat, wishing that he was the lucky guy who was making those sounds -- and making the girl squeal like that. The guy must be some kind of a god... It sounded like a fucking porno movie in there. The cries of pleasure reached fever pitch then slowly died away.

Spike leaned into Buffy, kissing the side of her face as their bodies rocked more and more slowly.

"Never get tired of that..." Spike whispered.

"Me either!" Buffy smiled, her eyes were closed, she tilted her head to the side to let him kiss her throat.

His lips brushed over her pulsing jugular.

"You think we're going to be arrested?" Buffy asked.

"For what?" Spike asked, unconcerned.

"For doing it in the bathroom. They had to have heard us, unless they were wearing their headphones or dead."

"I'd do hard time for this. It's worth it." Spike smirked. "Completely worth it."

"Mmmmm." Buffy kissed him. "Hard time... sounds like a porno title."

"You've been officially initiated into the Mile-High Club. You can cross that off your list now."

"List? I have no list..." Buffy said playfully.

"Don't be coy, luv. I saw your list. You're keepin' track of the places we've frolicked, and the places you want to frolic in the future."

"You bad boy. Were you going through my nightstand?"

"Just to see if you had some mints..." Spike gave her a guilty, boyish grin.

Buffy kissed him quickly then started putting her clothing back in order. Spike backed away and did the same.

"Uh-huh. Sure. You are so going to spend some time in the sex swing as punishment as soon as your burn fades."

"Doesn't sound so bad..." Spike smirked.

"You'll see, I'm gonna punish you real good."

After fixing themselves up, the newlyweds went back to their seats, holding hands. A few of the younger passengers didn't try to hide their amusement or appreciation of the performance. Buffy and Spike were greeted with a round of applause, as well as a lot of flushed faces.

They both blushed furiously and sank down into their seats, trying to hide their faces and giggling like lunatics.

"We're so bad!" Buffy whispered and laughed.

"No, luv. We're very, very good. We practically got a standing 'O'."

"Standing 'O', hehehe," Buffy giggled.

The giddy couple snuggled up together to relax and bask in the post-orgasmic bliss for the rest of the flight.

The whole gang was waiting when Spike and Buffy walked down the ramp from the plane. They all smiled happily and cheered, embracing the newlyweds.

"Man, look at you!" Xander said to Spike. "You look like you were left in the oven at 400 degrees a few hours too long."

"Thanks, mate. Always a pleasure to see you." Spike pushed him.

"Xander, be nice." Buffy's brows formed a V.

"Easy, Buff!" Xander held up his hands. "Just funnin' the big guy."

"We were all so worried about you." Willow gave Spike a light hug, not wanting to cause him any pain. The others agreed.

"I'm fine, Red." Spike kissed the top of her head. "No worries."

"Hey, let's get the bags and get out of here. I'm starving," Xander said.

"You're always hungry." Cordy rolled her eyes. "Don't come crying to me when you start porking up."

"Cordy! No sex talk in front of Giles and Joyce!" Xander looked shocked.

"Shut up! You're such a nerd." Cordy giggled.

"Let's get our luggage. Can't wait to get home and to our own bed." Spike put his arm around his wife's shoulders.

They all walked towards Baggage Claim. Giles and Joyce were holding hands discreetly.

Spike smiled and whispered to Buffy, "Looks like there've been some interesting developments since we've been away."

Buffy sighed. "Yeah, looks like our parents are up to the Devil's business, as Xander would say."

"I think it's nice, pet. I know Dad's been so lonely since Mum passed on..."

"And Mom's been alone since the divorce. I guess I would pick Giles for her if I had to... He's perfect."

"See? Everyone's happy. That's the way it ought to be." Spike kissed her lightly.

"Well, I still have a bee in my bonnet."

"About what?" he chuckled.

"They did it in our place at The Bronze. As soon as you're up to it, we're reclaiming it. You did promise we would. And maybe the balcony too for good measure..." She slid her hand into one of the back pockets of his black jeans and gave his ass a playful little squeeze.

Spike laughed. "’Course, pet. Anything your little heart desires."


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