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Summary: Buffy takes Spike's place during "Chosen" but not without consquences...
Rated: PG
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Published: 11/10/2005 Updated: 02/18/2007

1. Chapters 1 & 2 by aej1085 [Reviews - 4] Liked (2252 words)
Chapter 2 was added because Chapter 1 was too short. Let me know what you think.

2. Phone Calls and Flashbacks by aej1085 [Reviews - 6] Liked (3197 words)
Wow thanks for the reviews I really hope I don't disappoint. I have this return up to Chapter 6 so I'll post a new chapter every few days. I'm currently working on Chapter 7 but I'm also fighting a major case of writer's block so bare with me. Thanks again to my three reviewers NEO_trinityknot, Blazing Fire, and katakata.

3. Heartbreaking Reunions by aej1085 [Reviews - 5] Liked (2372 words)